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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Foose-Made Alfa Romeo Carabo Replica

Originally made for Alfa Romeo by Bertone, the (real) Carabo was built atop a chassis donated by Alfa's 33 Stradale. Packing a 230-horsepower V8, it debuted at the 1968 Paris Motor Show. But this isn't it.

Don't worry, this isn't some tacky, Fiero-based kit car, either. The guy behind this replica wanted to purchase the original from Bertone (so the ad says) but the design firm wasn't willing to part with the masterpiece, so he decided to say to hell with that and have his own built...by Sam Foose. For those who just got out of bed, that would be Chip Foose's father.
This Carabo is built on a De Tomaso Pantera platform and uses its Ford-supplied power train, which means under that killer fiberglass body resides a 351 Cleveland V8 hooked to a 5-speed.
Here's where it gets fun: the seller says it's purely a driving car that's "too fast to handle", makes do without radio or air conditioning, and has fixed windows. Sounds terrible in a scary-awesome way.
Just to keep it as retro-futuristic as possible, it's even got power Lambo-style doors that open with hidden switches inside and out.
Said to have cost $200,000 in 1972, this Carabo is a beautiful imitation and one which definitely lives up to the age old adage about flattery.
I just wish it were wearing the concept's original green hue and black lower cladding. A roof would be nice, too.

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