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Friday, September 28, 2007

Will falling prices in Hawaii Real Estate attract new home buyers?

Aloha to all of you in love with Hawaii,
How many times have you dreamed of Hawaii vacation and then after coming back home dreamed of moving to the Hawaiian Islands for good! As most of you know the Hawaii Housing bubble burst with a big bang. Good times for new home buyers!

Read what long time Hawaii realtor Bill Jardine from Big Island Brokers has to say about the current Hawaii Real Estate market:

What is going on with Hawaii Real estate? Post written by Bill Jardine, Hawaii Realtor

"Let’s face it … there are an awful lot of people who would like to live in Hawaii, and a large percentage of those good folks are waiting for prices to go down!
If you figure there are over 70 million Baby Boomers that are about to retire and just one percent of them want to retire to Hawaii, that means the State of Hawaii has to produce 70,000 new units for the Boomer retirees alone! Good grief, that probably can’t be done!

As with any other commodity, Hawaii real estate pricing responds to supply and demand. Based on the Boomer retirement trend, demand is likely to go up … perhaps waay up … in another couple of years. At the same time, the anti-development crowd has been making new development ever more difficult and expensive. The result is that we are liable to see an extreme run up in Hawaii real estate prices soon. But right now ….

The trend in prices for residential real estate in Hawaii is down. Part of that is caused by folks who were dreaming big and now have to adjust their price expectations to the real world, but part is more interesting. There were a lot of speculators in the Hawaii real estate market place just two years ago, and they bet big, which means they are losing big.

For instance, there are Hawaii resort residential condominium projects that were coming on the market even as the real estate recession started to really hit home. Now you can buy resort condominiums in Hawaii at rock bottom prices and may see foreclosure prices even lower than that!

Oceanfront properties on the Big Island and other Hawiian Islands are holding their values, but there were many houses built for speculation alone, and we are seeing an avalanche of price reductions on most normal detached housing units at this time.

It is a great time to buy in Hawaii if you have good credit and can manage to own real estate without having to sell the stuff you all ready have.

Be sure to hire an exclusive buyers agent to represent you in order to get an agent who only cares about your interests. Too often a buyer will go directly to the agency that is selling the property, and in Hawaii that agent is required to report to the seller everything you mention. Full disclosure! Aloha, Bill Jardine – Big Island Buyers Brokers LLC"

We thank Bill for his great insight on the current Hawaii Real Estate market. So, if your are looking for a home to buy in Hawaii, take Bill's advice and look for a buyer's agent, who doesn't sell real estate and has nothing to sell, so there is no conflict of interest.

Good luck for finding your perfect Hawaii home or golfcourse condo for the retired couple for living in Hawaii for good. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations Real Estate

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hawaiian Gifts from Kona Coffee to Hawaiian Shirts

This blog post is proudly sponsored by Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts

Aloha Hawaii lovers,
So, you read about visiting Hawaii for the Big Island Ironman but can't go to Hawaii this year, then why not bring Hawaii to you or your loved ones! Let's get a taste of Hawaii now...with unique Hawaiian products like Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Aloha shirts, Hawaiian music, Hawaiian flowers and leis, Hawaiian art work or organic White Honey, just to name a few. Here is a small but tempting selection of special Hawaiian gifts which might offer you that right gift from Hawaii you are looking for. Enjoy the tastes & scents of Hawaii at home!

Fresh Tropical Flowers,Hawaiian Leis and Gifts from With Our AlohaHawaiian living is truly a state of mind but you don't need to be there to live Aloha. Living with Aloha is the same as the Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated and by bringing a bit of Hawaii into our homes reminds of that Aloha spirit. Listen to John Keawe, the award winning slack-key guitarist composer and recording artist, and feel the spirit of Aloha.

Before you buy Kona coffee, see first-hand how Kona coffee is Buy Kona Coffee from Hawaiifarmed and milled in Kona Hawaiii at Bay View Farm Coffees and learn why coffee drinkers prefer 100% Kona coffee.

Get 100% Kona Coffee direct from the family farm Holualoa Kona Coffee Company Kona Le'a Plantation with "As Fresh as it Gets" commitment to quality. Holualoa Kona Coffee Company is featured in "Frommer's Hawaii" as a recommended visit. Their 100% Kona coffee is considered 'one of the best Kona coffees' by the authors of 'Hawaii Big Island Revealed'. Free coffee tour and tasting!

Victoria McCormick's world-renowned photography featuring Hawaii's natural beauty,unique wildlife and sea-life make great Hawaiian gifts. Her Hawaiian fine art photography prints are displayed on all Hawaiian Islands at galleries and gift stores.

You can buy Hawaiian shirts, Aloha Shirts, Hawaiian Dresses and Hawaiian leis online at great prices at Waveshoppe.com Hawaiian traditional aloha shirts are offered by Reyn's Spooner. Ooops, I nearly forgot Crazy Shirts. Have you ever seen their Hawaiian T-shirts dyed with Rum, Kona,Coffee, Pale, Ale, Hibiscus, Money, Hemp (big favorite) or Chocolate? Try one, you will love it.

Listen to Hawaiian music now with HawaiianRainbow.com. It's free and easy to access at any time of the day your want to be in Hawaii. It's a tropical Hawaii vacation for your ears!

Aloha, Pua "Vacation in Hawaii like Donald Trump - but cheap".

Looking for more goodies from Hawaii, find more Hawaiian gifts.

Buy Hawaii Easy Stretch Video at Best Price TodayLast but not least, do something for your optimal health with this Hawaii Easy Stretch video - a body/mind relaxation video combining 30min of full body stretches and 10min of guided relaxation to the sound of gentle ocean waves. Be in your best shape with this Hawaii video! SAVE BIG with current video sale!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ever wanted to visit the Big Island Ironman for your Hawaii vacation

Visit Hawaii for the Kona Ironman 2007or even wondered what it would be like to be an athlete participating in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in Kona on the Big Island?

Read our blog post and you might want to stay with the visiting crowd as the majority of thousands of tourists does. Watch a spectacle of a life time! I must admit though being a spectator is not as rewarding and adrenaline rush pushing as the guy who finishes his first Ironman. To make it across the finish line before midnight, when the clock stops counting, is for many the accomplishment which they will tell their kids in years to come: I did it. I finished the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon!

As an athlete myself, I have the biggest respect for anybody who can say that of himself or herself. I was never challenged by the urge to try. Maybe it was my close encounter with the physical and psychological battle it takes to literally survive the day of the Ironman competition. It was at the1992 Big Island Triathlon in Kona. I had graduated from the Hawaiian massage school in Kona, passed my state licence exam and volunteered, like all my other massage therapist friends from my class, to massage the triathletes after the triathlon race.

Well, to tell you the truth, I did not know what I had volunteered for. To cut a long story short, the 1992 Hawaii Ironman was becoming my own marathon, massage marathon that was! I started massaging at 3pm, not the winner of the race - for the record, I had to check who the winner was in 1992 (Mark Allen) - but guys who were hurt and had dropped out early. Believe it or not, I had to throw the towel at midnight. With just half an hour break, I had to quit. 'Only' 9 hours of marathon massage! What made these triathlete guys and women not quit and keep going for hours and hours in the 'flash eating' sun of Hawaii or down pours of the 2006 Ironman, the challenging trade winds blowing in their faces on their way from Kona to Hawi with lots of uphill struggles and finally, when they are already exhausted to their core, to run the marathon?!

Watch the 2006 Hawaii Ironman video. Competitors have 17 hours to finish! See for yourself what it takes to be an Ironman to accomplish a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike race and 26.2-mile run in one day!

This Ironman video is about the rivalry between Mark Allen and Dave Scott. It shows Mark Allen defeating for the first time Dave Scott in the 1989 Ironman. This race was one of the most remarkable in Ironman history!

Kona visitors waiting on Alii Drive for the Ironman swimming to startNow, we got you all hyped up for a visit of the 2007 Ironman in Kona, Big Island. OK it's still almost 4 weeks to the Ironman competition on Saturday October 13. You might still get a fall flight special to Hawaii but make sure to have a room before you book. Kona hotals and Kona vacation rentals are booked. Look for vacation rentals or condos north of Kona at Waikoloa Village and south of Kona at Captain Cook and Kealakekua. Get early into Kona on the day of the Ironman competition to find a parking space and secure your spot on the Pier at Alii Drive to watch the most spectacular start of the Ironman, when thousands of athletes jump in the ocean at the same time. Get caught up in the 2007 Ironman Triathlon World Championship frenzy, an experience of a lifetime!

As usual, let us know what you think about the Hawaii Ironman, the athletes, sunny Kailua-Kona and whatever! Can't wait to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide
Don't forget your camera and read the tips for taking photos in Hawaii by renowned Hawaii photographer Jennifer Crites. She might come up with some special ones for the Ironman. My photos of Norman Stadler and Faris al Sultan on their bikes were not too impressive (more like a blur, to be honest), unfortunately...after waiting for hours in the hot sun of Hawaii!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Best Photo Tips for your Hawaii vacation by Hawaii photographer

This blog post is sponsored by Hawaii Stretch Video Sale

Hooray the photo tips from Hawaii photographer Jennifer Crites are here!

Jennifer, renowned Honolulu photographer and Hawaii travel writer, will use some great samples of her Hawaii stock photos for showing you how to take photos on your Hawaii vacation. These photo tips by an experienced Hawaii photographer will help you taking perfect photos of your Hawaii vacation to share with family and friends. Also visit our blog post interview with Jennifer how she became a Hawaii photographer. Get ready for Jennifer's Hawaii photo tips:

"1. Know your camera, and bring your instruction book with you in case you need to refer to it."

Couple on beach in HawaiiWhen I’m approached by people asking for photography advice, one of my suggestions is to use the camera’s flash to fill in facial shadows outdoors. This portrait was taken using flash to add sparkle to the couple’s faces. Most cameras, no matter how simple, have a ‘forced flash in daylight’ option, but camera owners are frequently unaware of how to make their camera do this. A lot of fun camera controls go unused because it’s easier, but not necessarily better, to leave all the settings on automatic. When taking a photo of people in the shade, automatic exposure would leave them dark against the bright, sunny background as the camera tries to balance the two extremes of light. But by using flash, I am able to balance the foreground and background light to make a pleasant, natural looking photo.

"2. Keep it simple and uncluttered: Identify a main subject for each photo."

King Kamehameha statue in front of the Hawaii State Judiciary building, downtown HonoluluIt could be a beautiful beach, an ancient Hawaiian heiau (temple), a fruit stand on the Road to Hana, or Kilauea Caldera on the Big Island. Then zoom or move in to eliminate everything that doesn’t apply to that main subject: cars, houses, telephone poles. You get the idea. My main subject in this photo is the lei-draped King Kamehameha statue in front of the Hawaii State Judiciary building in downtown Honolulu. Also some subjects beg for close-ups. At that fruit stand, move in on the ripe pineapples and let the other colorful fruits provide the background. Or shoot the proprietor’s hand as she holds a papaya. The possibilities are endless.

"3. Watch the light: Is the strong Hawaii sunlight making your subjects squint?"

Rare Silversword plant on top of Haleakala volcano on MauiPut them in the shade of a building or tree and watch eyes open up. Or put the sun behind them. Backlight is beautiful. Just remember to use fill flash to light faces. An open sky reflects light from the sun and becomes a big, soft light source for lovely face lighting. Avoid strong overhead light when the sun is high in the sky, or use fill flash to lighten those dark shadow areas. Be careful not to look directly at the sun when taking Hawaii sunset pictures; doing so can cause eye damage. Instead, partially hide the sun behind palm branches or something that breaks up the harsh directional rays. Placing the sun behind this rare silversword plant on top of Haleakala volcano on Maui, protected my eyes and gave the photo some beautiful backlighting.

"4. Look for details: "

Hawaiian man’s hand using a poi-pounderOnce you’ve taken that picture of outrigger canoes on a beach, look for photos within the photo. On one canoe I found an airbrushed portrait of a lovely woman with a plumeria flower in her hair. I also shot a closeup of the lashing, where the outrigger is attached to the boom of the canoe. While photographing Lyon Arboretum on Oahu, I found an image of a palm tree carved into a wooden bench. A closeup of this Hawaiian man’s hand using a poi-pounder to mash cooked taro into poi makes an interesting detail photo. Adding details will make your photo “story” richer.

"5. Frame-up:"

Maui’s Iao ValleyKeep your viewers’ eyes in the photo by framing your subject. Flowers, trees, an archway, rocks.....anything can be a frame as long as it’s around the edges of the photo and doesn’t take attention away from your subject. Get creative. In a photo of Mom shopping in Lahaina, have someone hold two aloha shirts closer to the camera and on either side of Mom. Voila! You have a flowery frame. In this photo taken in Maui’s Iao Valley, the stream, as well as the hills on upper right and left, all frame the Iao Needle and lead the viewer into the photo.

These are just a few tips that can help you take beautiful pictures of your Hawaii vacation. Please feel free to send in questions, and I’ll be glad to answer in future posts on Best Hawaii vacation blog. Aloha, Jennifer"

Much mahalo Jennifer for the great photo tips with the matching photos for our Hawaii vacation blog visitors and amateur photographers. We love your photos, Jennifer! Those tips will help hold the adventure of a lifetime in Hawaii with the right photo. Take advantage of Jennifer's offer to answer your Hawaii photo questions right here, on our Best Hawaii Vacation blog.

Have fun taking your best photos in Hawaii. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide Photos

Friday, September 7, 2007

Best Rate Hawaii Vacation Fall 2007

Aloha to all our Best Hawaii Vacations blog visitors, whether drop-ins or regulars,
Fall has started on the Mainland, nights get much cooler at many places and days with rain are ahead of you. What is closer than planning a Hawaii vacation for the low season months September - November?!

High season for Hawaii vacation starts in the middle of December. If you really want to mingle with the Christmas crowd, trying to get a low air fare and car rental deal + affordable Hawaii accommodation, won't come easy. Don't wait any longer. Book your Christmas stay in Hawaii now. By the way, the same applies for the Thanksgiving week 11/19- 11/26/07 for all Hawaiian Islands. If you are still contemplating which Hawaiian island to visit and what Hawaii hotel to book, you might be already out of luck with your first choice for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

However, this post is for the travelers to Hawaii who appreciate empty beaches, fast service at Hawaii restaurants, Hawaii vacation packages hotel room + air fare or vacation rental accommodations, air line specials and Hawaii car rental discounts and the all year round sunny Hawaiian weather during the upcoming fall months. Best Hawaii Vacations blog put together some Hawaii vacation package information to get you started on your Hawaii visit at Fall Discount prices. You might be lucky and still have the chance for visiting the Aloha Festivals on the Hawaiian Islands.

We found the following Hawaii Super Deals on Expedia , just to name a few:

Oahu Vacation Package:
Air Fare + 4 night hotel at Castle Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki from $427
Maui Vacation Package:
Air Fare + 4 night hotel at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa from $1017
Kauai Vacation Package:
Air Fare + 4 night hotel at Princeville Oceanfront Villas from $851
Big Island Vacation Package:
Air + 4 night hotel at Keauhou Outrigger Beach Resort from $593

Those prices for Hawaii vacation packages for Air fare + hotel stays can't get any better. However, to stay at a huge Hawaii resort or hotel is not everybody's way to spend a Hawaii vacation. So, if resort living is not for you and you prefer privacy and great amenities like a full kitchen and making some fresh Mahimahi on your BBQ, hosts of Hawaii vacation rentals are willing to cut you a deal for the coming fall months. Find Super Savings on Hawaii Vacation for Fall 2007. From the huge number of special offers, we picked 2 Hawaii vacation deals for fall 2007 for your consideration.

Best Rate Hawaii Vacation Oceanview House, Kailua Kona, Big IslandIf you want to reunite with family or have a great time with friends in Hawaii, this Hawaii vacation home in lovely Kailua-Kona of the Big Island, near best beaches on the Big Island, might just fulfill your dream of a perfect Hawaii vacation with incredible panoramic ocean views, a cool dip in the pool, just hanging with friends or family pool side or on the lanai! Visiting Lako House picture gallery makes you want to be there, right now! This is your rare chance for an incredible Hawaii vacation with friends or family at a big discount. Call the Kona Vacation Home owner today with your discount code KCW082: 808-329-6804 / 408-930-2758 and ask for your special discount from our blog. The vacation home owner has just extended his Promotion Special for the following dates: 9/17 - 21 + 9/26 - 10/5. He is awaiting your call. Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii!

For those who prefer a place just for themselves but oceanfront is a must. Come visit this 1Bd room Molokai condo Best Rate Hawaii Vacation, Molokai Oceanfront Resort Condoat the most amazing rate of $115/nt. Charming Oceanfront Molokai 1BR condo, completely renovated and upgraded with modern kitchen and lanai awaits you in a lush tropical setting and an inviting cool pool at the Molokai Shore beach resort. Enjoy stunning sunsets; the morning stillness of the ocean; 'flying' fish jumping to catch a meal; hear the waves murmur on the coral reef a mile away...Molokai condo amenities include Golf Course, Poll, Tennis, BBQ, Picnic Tables, Shuffle Board, Laundry facilities. Visit this website for more information and photos. Inquire for Molokai condo that you found this listing on our blog with discount code KCW097.

Last but not least, here are Hawaii Cruise Deals offered by Travelocity

Hawaii Cruise Deals

7-Night Cruise From Honolulu on NCL America
Swim, Surf, snorkel, climb a volcano, discover a jungle waterfall, or learn to hula at a luau -- the choices are endless on a Freestyle cruise. Rates from $679 Plus, Get a Free Bonus! View more island-hopping sailings

14-Night Celebrity Cruise From San Diego
Enjoy days at sea being pampered on board the Summit, a top-rated ship, during this exotic cruise. Rates from 1299 Plus, Get Bonus Onboard Credit! View more sailings from San Diego and Los Angeles

We hope this post on Hawaii Vacation Discounts had something for you. Any questions on your upcoming trip to Hawaii, please, leave us a comment. We are here to make your trip your Best Hawaii Vacation. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Save on Kona and Kohala Coast Vacation

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Visit Hawaii Aloha Festival Events on your Hawaii Vacation

Vist Hawaii Aloha Festival EventsThis Hawaii blog post is sponsored by Affordable Hawaii Vacation

Aloha and welcome back at our Best Hawaii Vacation blog,
With the overwhelming response on our post interview about Hawaii photos with Honolulu based Hawaii photographer and Hawaiian travel writer Jennifer Crites, we are well aware that you are waiting for Jennifer's photo tips when on Hawaii vacation. Photo tips will be coming soon!!!

Today, we feel there is one huge Hawaii event which deserves the attention of our Best Hawaii vacation blog and all the visitors to Hawaii during the months of September and October...the Aloha Festivals have started! When speaking about best Hawaii events, the Aloha Festivals take center stage, more so because it's not a one island but Hawaii statewide event. Read more about the Aloha festival on our Aloha Festival post from last year.

So be prepared, even though September are generally low season months, you might run into some increased traffic depending on what Hawaiian island you vacation and at what location. As Aloha Festivals is Hawaii's premier cultural showcase, a celebration of Hawaii's music, dance and history intended to preserve the unique island traditions, it usually attracts a big crowd of visitors. Attending Aloha Festival events in Hawaii is not just big fun but also very educational to learn more about Hawaiian culture and heritage beyond the Hawaiian hula and luau traditions. Aloha Festivals is proudly presented by the Hawaii Tourism Authority & Hawaiian Airlines. We invite you to explore Aloha Festivals. Find out more on the Aloha Festival Events of the island where you are staying.

The island of Oahu started this year's Aloha Festival on August 24th when the Aloha Festivals king, queen, prince and princess assumed their place on the royal court. There are so many more Aloha Festival events going on on the island of Oahu at the moment. Best you visit our list of Oahu Aloha Festival Events to choose which event you would like to attend on your Oahua Vacation.

Aloha Festival on the Big Island get started at the end of August at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. So if you missed this year's opening event at Volcano Art Center's with the Hula Kahiko performance atop the stone hula platform overlooking Ka'auea Caldera in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, there will be another one next year. Big Island Aloha Festival events for September are too numerous, of huge variety and at different Big Island locations like Kona, the Kohala Coast Resorts and Hotels, Hilo and Volcano. We are certain you find an event close to your Big Island vacation rental.

If you are visiting Kauai, you still have a chance to attend the Kauai Aloha Festival opening at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa on September 06, 2007 at 4 p.m. Admission is free. You can buy tickets for the luaau which follows the ceremony.

For all Hawaii vacationers who have booked their trip to Maui or Molokai, those Aloha Festival events are taking place in October. View the events ahead of your island arrival to make plans what Aloha Festival event to attend Maui Aloha Festival Events October and Molokai Aloha Festival Events October

We decided to include a few of the upcoming Aloha festival events

Aloha Festivals Opening Ceremony & Lu`au - Kaua'i
Aloha Festivals Opening Ceremony & Lu`au - Kaua'iThursday, September 06, 2007 4 p.m.Grand Hyatt Kaua'i Resort & Spa - Seaview Terrace Opening Ho`okupu Ceremony
Song, dance and luau.

Friday, September 07, 2007 7:00PMHilton Kaua'i Beach Kauai's best falsetto singers vie for a recording contract with Hula Records. Admission fee of $20.00; $15.00 with 2007 Aloha Festivals ribbon.

16th Annual Aloha Festivals Kindy Sproat Falsetto and Storytelling Contest-Hawai`i
Saturday, September 08, 2007. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel at Mauna Kea ResortIn this Hawaiian musical art form, performers throw their voices into the upper registers of the musical scale, while combining the art of Hawaiian storytelling.

Annual Aloha Festivals Poke Contest - Hawai'i
Annual Aloha Festivals Poke Contest - Hawai'iSaturday, September 08, 2007 11:00am - 2pmHapuna Beach Prince Hotel at Mauna Kea Resort Celebrate "Hawaii's Soul Food". The contest includes amateur and professional chefs to bring their best poke dishes to the competition. After the judging, the public is invited to taste the creations. Admission is $5 with a 2007 Aloha Festivals ribbon ($5

Aloha Festivals Kaua'i Ho'olaule'a at Kukui Grove Shopping Center-Kaua`i
Saturday, September 08, 2007 10:00 AM - 3:00 PMKukui Grove Shopping Center Come and enjoy a wide variety of ethnic food booths, Makahiki games, and entertainment!

Lu'au Feast - Smith's Paradise Lu'au - Kaua'i
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 5pm Gardens Open and 6pm Imu CeremonySmith's Paradise Lu'au Gardens Special appearance by Kauai's 2007 Aloha Festivals Royal Court 6pm. Admission is $70.00; $65.00 with Aloha Festivals 2007 Ribbon.

Opening Ceremonies at ‘Iolani Palace
Friday, September 14, 2007 5:00pm'Iolani Palace
This officially marks the beginning of the Aloha Festivals events on Oahu. Traditional hula and chants introduce our O'ahu Royal Court on the grounds of the beautiful 'Iolani Palace. Free admission.

5th Annual E Hula Mai Kaua-Hawai`i
Friday, September 14, 2007 5pm - 9pmOutrigger Keauhou Beach Resorts Luau Garden Hula Palua, Couples Hula Competition: This unique hula event debuts at the Big Island's "E Hula Mai Kaua" hula competition.

14th Annual Ms. Aloha Nui Pageant-Hawai`i
Saturday, September 15, 2007 7:00 PMWaikoloa Beach Marriott
Marriott hosts the 14th Annual Ms. Aloha Nui Pageant at 7PM. The official search for the "Hostess with the Mostess" a gal with graciousness, beauty and talent, is a one-of-a-kind beauty contest featuring plus-sized women of 200 pounds or more.

We hope this post on our Aloha Festival intrigued your interest in Hawaii culture and heritage and will contribute to your Best Hawaii Vacation. Mahalo for visiting. Aloha, Pua
Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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