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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enjoy The Tower of London

The Tower of London
by Paul Lowman and Katrell Morgan
The Tower of London is a complex located on the Thames River in London. It has a rich history dating back to 1066, when William of Normandy decided to build the White Tower after he had taken over the kingdom of England. It was built and completed by Gundulf, the bishop of Rochester, in the year 1078. The Tower has been used as a royal residence as well as for a prison. Executions were held in the central keep and outside the Tower on Tower Hill. Yeoman guards now stand outside this popular tourist attraction.

The Tower of London is a complex made up of many different sections. The Tower is surrounded by a moat on three sides and the Thames River on the fourth. The outside fortifications consist of Legge's and Brass Mount. The inner fortifications, called the Ballium Wall, have 12 towers: the Bloody Tower, the Wakefield Tower, the Bell Tower, the Lanthorn Tower, the Salt Tower , the Broad Arrow Tower, the Constable Tower, the Martin Tower, the Brick Tower, the Bowyer Tower, the Flint Tower, the Devereux Tower, and the Beauchamp Tower. The Bloody Tower was named after the murder of the English child king Edward V and his brother, Richard Plantagent, Duke of York, which occurred in this tower. The Record, or Wakefield Tower, was where the records were formerly kept, and where the royal regalia, or Crown Jewels, are currently kept. The Devereux Tower is named for its most famous prisoner, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, who was held there before his execution for treason in 1601. The Jewel Tower was named for once holding the royal regalia.

The royal apartments at the Tower of London were used as guest rooms for visits by the court, but mostly the fortress was used as a state prison. The earliest of the prisoners held there was Rannulf Flambard, Bishop of Durham. Others who were once imprisoned in the Tower are kings and princes, archbishops and abbots, queens and murderesses, traitors and saints, and freebooters and counterfeiters. The kings of Scotland and France were held there for ransom after their defeats in battle. It was used as a prison as late as World War II.

Many torture devices were made for the Tower. One was the rack, which would stretch out a person to a foot longer than his original height. There were also the scaffold and gallows, which were put up on Tower Hill in order to execute people. This apparatus was the most commonly used device for excecuting others. Most prisoners were beheaded or hanged, some were killed trying to escape, or they were murdered. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, wives of Henry VIII, were publicly executed on Tower Hill.
The Tower of London

by Paul Lowman and Katrell Morgan
Today the Tower of London is a popular tourist sight where the crown jewels are kept. They are guarded in the Jewel House in the Waterloo Block. The Tower of London also holds a museum of old armor and weaponry used by the people in the Elizabethan period. Among them are many different styles of armor from all around Europe and weaponry such as cannons and duelling pistols. A popular feature of the Tower of London is the Yeomen of the Guard, known as Beefeaters. These guards wear colorful uniforms from the Tudor period. There are about 40 of these guards who serve as officers of the Army, Royal Marines, or Royal Air Force. They are sworn into their office as Yeomen Extraordinary of The Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard, which was founded by Henry VIII in 1485. The yeomen's closing ceremony at the end of each day is a popular tourist attraction.

The Tower of London is one of the most important architectural sites in London. It is the home of the Yeoman guards, along with the crown jewels. It has a vast array of influences from the different cultures who added to this remarkable building. Now it has changed into the popular tourist sight that is a must-see because of its rich history and cultural variety.

Inspirational Chinese Interior Design Photos

Beautiful Pool House in Connecticut by Hariri & Hariri Architecture

This 1200 square feet structure was designed as a minimalist sculpture in the landscape. It is part of a 3.5 acre property in Connecticut. The architecture of this pool house is in contrast to the traditional architecture of the existing house yet the design sets up a dialogue between the two. The architecture of the pool house hovers over a 48′x20′ pool like a vessel in the water. On the North there is a spa and an outdoor/ indoor shower, and on the south there is a roofed veranda acting as an indoor/ outdoor dinning area with a large opening on the wall framing the landscape beyond. The area around the pool becomes a sunken courtyard paved in travertine with steps and walls of stone. The interior of this pool house contains a living/ entertainment room, kitchen and bar area, simple bathroom and variety of terraces and decks. It is enclosed by series of metal and glass sliding panels that would allow the structure to be transparent and open up towards outside (

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Hawaii Kona Ironman visitors information

Aloha Best Hawaii vacation blog visitors,
What's on our mind today? Let's talk Hawaii Ironman and here is why. It's a short 3 months to Hawaii's biggest event: the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Ford World Championship. The 2009 Hawaii Ironman takes place on Saturday October 10th in Kailua Kona. Kona attracts for the Big Island Ironman event thousands of visitors and athletes from all over the world. Last year's 2008 Ironman Triathlon recorded 1731 athletes at the start. What's new for this 2009 Kona Ironman?

Ironman visitors waiting at Kona Pier for start
2009 Hawaii Kona Ironman Visitors Information

1. Book your Kona accommodation early

Remember our most recent blog post about 'Will Hawaii foreclosures help your dream of living in Hawaii?' We mentioned there that one Hawaii town is hit especially hard by foreclosures. The town is Kona. The foreclosures of many Kona condos which were used in the past as vacation rentals will limit the availability of Ironman accommodations. Kona condos, especially those in Alii Dr, are in high demand because they are self-catering and offer the best training conditions for the triathletes participating in the Ironman. Visitors love this location as well because it's in walking distance to the Kona Pier, the start and finish of the Ironman.

2. Early bird Kona Ironman specials?

Your best chance of finding an 'early bird' special for your stay in Kona for this year's 2009 Hawaii Triathlon World Championship is when you book NOW. Generally, Kona vacation rental hosts charge double the rates for the Ironman week. If you are early enough with your inquiry, Kona hosts might be still willing to cut you a special deal. If you don't mind a little bit driving from Kona Captain Cook Kealakekua area to downtown Kona, your chances for an affordable vacation rental are even better.

Kona Ironman athletes biking
3. Share a Kona vacation home with friends or family

This way your Kona visit won't stretch your budget beyond your limits. In addition, you can stay at a more luxury Kona home - maybe with a pool and jacuzzi - which you can afford by sharing the rental fees. You are hanging out with your friends anyway, so why not stay at one place?! The Kona Ironman is a huge social event. Feel the excitement of the cheering crowds and become part of it.

4. Plan your Big Island activities

The Big Island offers some of the biggest Hawaii attractions, many beyond the ordinary. Don't leave the Island of Hawaii without having visited our live volcano in Hawaii Volcano National Park or snow-covered Mauna Kea Summit for a spectacular stargazing night. These are once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Make your plans for exploring the Big Island ahead of your arrival in Kona Hawaii. Your Kona vacation week is over in a wink of an eye. So get the most out of your Kona Ironman visit.

Finish line Kona Ironman photo 2005
If you have visited the Hawaii Kona Ironman in the past or have anything to share with our blog visitors about Kona or the Ironman, please, leave a comment right here. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids’ Room Decor Ideas | Home Design Ideas

Designing a room for kids is very different from designing one for adults. Children use their rooms for playing games, studying, listening to music, day-dreaming and what not! In this post, we will share a few quick tips on designing a kid’s room and also give you some inspiration to work with.

Tips for Designing a Kid’s Room

1. Talk with the child for getting his/her opinion about what their room should look like.

2. Children use the room for a variety of purposes. So it would be ideal if the room is designed to be multi-functional with play area, reading space, entertainment space, etc.

3. Keep safety a priority. If for example, the child’s room is next to stairs, make sure the stairs have railings. Keep the furniture clear of the doorway and install a night light in the room.

4. Ensure enough storage space for toys, clothing and other stuff that kids treasure. Though clutter may be a matter of opinion, try assigning a place for everything.

5. Bring in a surprise element! For example, kids love secret spaces! Try to fit one in if the room layout allows you.

Day 3 Brunswick Stereo

I am happy with the way the paint is taking to this piece. I had to do a few minor fill jobs in the wood. Everything is holding very nicely.
I still have to cut the new piece of wood for the the middle shelf.
Then I have to cut the back piece and get it painted and installed.
But I am very pleased with the way it is turning out.
How in the world am I going to be able to sell this? It is quite charming don't you think?
This is not the color it will be in the end. I will put my creamy white paint over top of this taupe color. When I sand the white down, you will see a little of this taupe color through. It will give my new paint a natural worn look. The carved details will remain a little darker as if they are stained from years of handling. It will be quite stunning.
I would love to hear your comments on this.

Modern home furnishing ideas

Modern home furnishing ideas

Monday, June 22, 2009

{ Summer Fun }

Some new things for Summer!
These blocks are each 5.5x5.5
$8.95 each finished
$7.00 in an unfinished craft kit.
Summer Blocks
Overall measurements are 5.25x21
$24.00 Finished
$18.00 Unfinished Craft Kit
Love these!
Bee Happy 2 piece Set
$16.95 Finished
$12.00 Unfinished Craft Kit

Find More at:
E-mail orders to:

Day 2 for the Brunswick Stereo

Ok, Kilz oil based primer/sealer Odorless is my best friend. Although to me it kind of smells like "stinky feet cheese" as my grand daughters call it. But seriously ladies, it is the best. I use throw away brushes and please do cover the floor. Because it tends to splatter :) You can pick up Kilz Oil Based primer almost anywhere! It is a little more than the others but by far more worth it.The only reason the middle shelf is not primered yet is because it has to be replaced.

Without primer, this poor piece would take 18 coats of paint. The details are going to be beautiful with all the paint I put on it.

Just look at the details of this beauty. Several shoppers commented on it today. I have heard anything from, "add a glass door". Or Hang fabric in the opening. I even heard one man say, "Can you put the radio back in once you have it painted?" What!!!! OMG. This thing is definitely going to be either my creamy white or even taupe. What is your take on it? Want to give me an idea of what color you would do it if you were Shabby Chic?? I do have plans to put a back in it, and I am just leaving the front open. It will be a beautiful cabinet for the bathroom to put towels in. It is a darling shape and the size is perfect for a bathroom and towels will fit so nicely inside.

I have 2 coats of this sealer on it. It will paint so nicely. I am going to let it dry for a complete 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing your ideas on color for this piece. And what would you use it for?

Tootle loo for now. It is almost quitting time.

Smooth and Clean Office Interior Design

Syzygy is an advertising agency based on Hamburg, their clients are big and famous company such as Chanel, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Fujitsu. So they need something different interior design
concept to attract their client, they must have an extra ordinary office interior. The result is a creative desk and sitting which are clean, smooth and swanky, its a beautiful and stunning office interior. The office of Syzygy Hamburg was created by Christoph Roselius and Julian Hillenkamp, the two founders of eins:eins architecten in Hamburg.

Gemma Ahern Apartment Renovation – Cost Effective Designing

Gemma Ahern’s renovated (from scratch) apartment. It’s a complete makeover with stylish furnishings and accessories that costed just a bit over $10,000. She definitely managed to impress us with the terrific work, given the budget. With quirky show pieces, varied hues, use of mix-and-match in styles and colors –- they all makes up for a very modern yet elegant style. One of the msot interesting features is the bookcase wallpaper
which gives a very casual and lounge-like look and feel.