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Saturday, March 24, 2007

5 Best Secrets for Your Hawaii Spa Vacation

Best Secrets for Hawaii Spa VacationThis blog post is sponsored by Healthy Living

Picture this...warm tropical breezes caressing your body while receiving a healing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage to the soothing sounds of gentle ocean waves of the Pacific Ocean. How better can it get?!

The Hawaiian Islands provide a perfect setting for healing your body, mind and spirit. Hawaii is one of those rare places in the world where the environment itself has a soothing and calming effect on vacationers. Many spa treatments in Hawaii make use of ancient & modern healing modalities. Hawaii Spa professionals help you rejuvenate, revitilize & regenerate. Take time to relax and recuperate in the serenity of exotic, tropical environment Hawaii has to offer.

Let's share our 5 best secrets with Hawaii travelers interested in a Hawaii Spa Vacation:

Secret #1
Better check websites of Hawaii Hotels and Resorts for special Spa vacation packages. In most cases you save $$$ when making the reservation for the Spa vacation package instead of paying for your room and spa service separately.

Secret #2
When in need for a massage and staying at a Hawaii resort or hotel, check the local phone book for Outcall massage therapists. It will save you $$$$$. If looking for other holistic treatments like acupuncture or naturopathic doctor, do the same.

Secret #3
You don't need to stay at a Hawaii resort or hotel in order to make use of their Spa facilities. Resorts will appreciate your call. When you know that you will come back for several spa tretaments, ask what discount you will get when buying several treatments.

Secret #4
Make your reservation for your therapeutic massage at your Hawaii hotel for the morning hours, when the therapist is fresh. Most therapists are full-time employed by the hotels in Hawaii. When you think 4pm is the best time for your massage, it's actually the 6th or 7th massage for the therapist! Not good.

Secret #5
There are more and more Hawaiian retreats available which don't only offer spa services customized to your needs and wishes but also affordable vacation rental accommodations. You just need to find them. Search for Hawaii Retreat Maui or Hawaii Retreat Kauai or the Hawaiian island you prefer.

As with all our posts on the Hawaiian Islands and your vacation in Hawaii, we include a few links to your Hawaii Spa Vacation:

Hawaii Health Guide Whether you are a visitor or resident of the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaii Health Guide is designed to help you make informed choices about resources available for personal health in Hawaii.

Kekukui Health Directory Hawaiian Healing Therapies, Spas & Retreats

A Healing Island - Five Mountain Hawaii Many ancestors, residents and visitors believe that the Island of Hawai`i is a special place of healing.

If you know of more best secrets for a Hawaii Spa Vacation, please, share with us in your comment. Mahalo and aloha, Pua
Hawaii Healing Vacation
If you missed our blog post last year about Healing Vacations in Hawaii, read it now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Interior Design Simply Means Personalizing Your Interior Environment!

Interior Design today is all about customizing your built environment with conceptual planning, aesthetic sense and technical solutions applied to achieve the desired result. It goes beyond just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space, it seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put. Between you and me, this jargon simply means dressing up your closed spaces to make them look their best. And just as you would dress for the occasion, your interiors need to be "dressed up" for a specific intended purpose or use. And that is where technical expertise really helps.

Interior Designs should reflect your needs.

Each space is unique with its own dimensions, construction, design potential and, of course, - limitations. Are you going to use that space for work or leisure, entertainment or learning, worship or healing? Can you create the ambience that you wish to convey be it power, authority, wisdom, and achievement, a sense of security, playfulness or serenity, as required by that space?

Consider the practical aspects. Is access easy, lighting adequate, acoustics soothing, and seating comfortable? And have you worked out strategies for wise storage space without forgetting special needs especially health and safety? Sounds a wee-bit difficult, isnt it? Despair not! You as user are the only one who can come up with all the right answers. Look for interior design ideas they are available aplenty. Its just this small matter of putting things together judiciously. Who knows? There could well be a Le Corbusier hiding somewhere in your persona!

More Articles visit: http://home-interior.blogspot.com/

Learn how to hula

This Hawaii blog post is proudly sponsored by IntroduceMyBlog

When visiting the Hawaiian Islands on your vacation, whether it's Maui, Oahu, Kauai or the Big Island, Hawaii visitors will encounter a hula dance. A hula show is part of any resort in Hawaii. In most cases, an individual hula dancer will be dancing at nighttime when hotel guests have dinner and enjoy the Hawaiian ambience. Many resorts or hotels in Hawaii include a hula lesson in their weekly activities or include it in their Hawaiian luau, where everybody can join the hula dancers at the end of the show. A good Maitai helps!

Just as the flower lei and the Hawaiian music have a long tradition within the Hawaiian culture, the hula is part of Hawaiian traditions despite of attempts by missionaries to eliminate it from the Hawaiian life in the last century. It has come back stronger than ever. As it takes dedication to learn how to hula, let's talk about where to can see the best hula in Hawaii and the world.

Become immersed in the powerful warrior ancient style kane hula!

Each year after Easter, Hawaii Big Island hosts the biggest hula festival with famous halaus from all the Hawaiian Islands and from all over the world at the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo Hawaii. Tickets for the hula festival are sold out way ahead of the competition. Your chance to get in without having purchased a ticket is on Wednesday. There is a free hula exhibition night at the stadium that begins at 6:30pm. Find information on Hilo vacation rentals.

For all those who were not lucky to purchase a ticket for the Hawaii hula festival, there are the TV broadcasts on all Hawaiian Islands. We would always tape it and watch it later, without the commercials. Each year, a video is produced about the entire Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. The video can be bought at Island Heritage.

OK let's hula!!! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Hula Festival

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Interior Design For Couples

Interior design for couples is one of the hottest, most popular types of design these days. In the past, men have not taken the initiative to actually be involved in the interior design of their homes, often resulting in very female orientated, elegant designs that are beautiful although not exactly appealing to the Saturday afternoon football crew. This type of design is often beautiful and can be ideal in certain situations. Although, more and more men today are interested in helping to decide what their home looks like on the inside!

Beware! Interior design for couples can put you (the designer) into a bit of a hot seat in the battle of the sexes. Here are a few tips on how to avoid disaster. First of all, always communicate with and listen to what both parties involved envision as being their dream space. Many times one party or the other will be much more dominate in the planning and conversations then the other. Take note of this and pay special attention to the quiet party by asking the questions and making sure to offer them the opportunity to express themselves. In this aspect of interior design for couples, you are the mediator. Take both sides into careful consideration before doing any planning.

During planning stages, again, be sure to include both parties in the process and if one person is noticeably quiet during the conversation, dont be shy to point things out that might be important to them. This way, you tend to buffer any arguments or resentment that may arise from your interjection of a neutral opinion or thoughts. If there are any problems, remind them both that your vision is to create a space that is pleasant and acceptable to both of them and that interior design for couples can be unpleasant but it is very easy to work within both persons boundaries in order to ensure that everyone is happy with the outcome.

If you see certain situations that you, as a designer can find ways to compromise in order to fit things into both peoples expectations this is key. Also, stress to both parties involved that a little give and a little take is vital when discussing and planning interior design for couples and that while they wont always reach the same conclusion, if they both make some trade offs it will create an environment they are both comfortable in.

If all else fails, encourage both people when making references to certain aspects of one anothers design ideas that they are good ideas that can be compatible with the others thoughts. Whenever dealing with interior design for couples, a certain he says, she says attitude is likely to arise at some point and it is your job as the designer to see that things work out smoothly and in the best interest of both people.

Color and furniture are normally the main items that are disagreed upon in interior design for couples. Suggest to the female counterpart that the leather sofa her husband is interested in can be a very classic and comfortable edition to any living space. Explain to her husband that the peach color she is looking for can actually be considered a light beige. You would be surprised what miracles a little bit of convincing can do when carried out in the right manner.

If neither party is willing to compromise, I have seen for instances when the designer actually had both of the couple write down their design needs/wants and do a point by point comparison/bargaining session that allowed each person an equal amount of yes and nos. Sound ridiculously childish? Be prepared!

Article Source: Interior Design Guide

More Articles visit: http://home-interior.blogspot.com

Monday, March 12, 2007

Where can I find Hawaiian Music

Listen to Hawaiian MusicThis post is sponsored by Hawaii Vacation Guide

OK, our big wave Maui surf video made you book your flight to Hawaii for your surf vacation. You arrive in Honolulu on Oahu or Lahaina on Maui and get welcomed by the warm gentle Hawaiian air and...yes, of course, by the gentle tunes of Hawaiian slackkey guitar music. Who can resist these sounds of Aloha?!

We talked in a post not long ago about Hawaiian Gifts to take home with you to the Mainland to keep as a sweet memory of your special Hawaii vacation. In that post, we also mentioned a few things about Hawaiian music.

First of all, we shared with those who wanted to get a taste of Hawaii by listening to Hawaiian music a great connection to a free Hawaiian music station. So you can listen, whenever you want to, provided you are sitting at your most favorite 'tool'...your computer. Here it is again

Listen to Hawaiian Music

Get a Taste of Hawaii now. Listen to Hawaiian Music.

You can order right there music which you listened to and liked!

Here are a few of our favorite Hawaiian musicians:

Keali'i Reichel Hawaiin voice of pure sweetness.
Keoloa Beamer one of Hawai'i's premier singer/songwriters, arrangers, composers and master of the Hawaiian slack key guitar.
Hapa Hawaii's Super Group won many awards including "Album of the Year" & "Contemporary Hawaiian Album of the Year.
John Keawe the award winning slack-key (Kiho`alu) guitarist, composer and recording artist.

There are more great Hawaiian musicians. Listen and enjoy Hawaii. Aloha, Pua
Not to forget...our beautiful Hawaiian post lady is Alise from WahineStyle.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii
This post is a message to the the surfers who come back to Hawaii during the winter months to catch the big waves on the north shores of Oahu and Maui. Sorry guys our last post for vacation rental vacancies on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, does not help you much to find a place to stay in Hawaii for your surfing adventure. For those surfers who consider their Big Island vacation for surfing Big Island's coasts, you got to be an insider or know at least some Big Island guys who are. Yes, the waves are high too but surfing territory is limited and one has to know it quite well. So, the north shores of Oahu and Maui are the way to go.

For the surfers who plan a first time surfing vacation in Hawaii, I decided to include a few Hawaii Surfing recommendations to prepare your surf trip:

Hawaii Surfing Guide: Hawaiian Surf Maps, Surf School, Lessons Hawaii surfing guide, with break descriptions, pictures, and tips for the various surf spots.
Surf News Network Hawaii Local Surf Report, Surf News, Surf Cam, Calendar of Events.
Get Hawaiian Surf Information Here and Surfing In Hawaii Incredible surfing in Hawaii!

Now comes the best part of this post. After checking tons of surf video clips on Surfing in Hawaii on youtube.com, I came across this one. To be honest, to really enjoy it, one has to love big waves (at least, most of us, love to watch them!). OK, surfers and non-surfers, enjoy the wild ride surfing the big waves in Lahaina on Maui.

We'd love to hear your comment about Surfing in Hawaii. Mahalo and aloha, Pua
Hawaii Top Picks

Monday, March 5, 2007

Spice Up Your Space With Lattice

Lattice can create architectural interest in an otherwise bland space. Primarily for outdoor use, lattice is becoming a popular indoor material and decorating tool. It is ideal for making quick home improvement projects, which will take no more than a day to complete in most cases. It is readily available in various styles. The slats can be shaped into interesting images and the wood itself can be filigreed. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate lattice into your decorating scheme.

1. You can position a lattice against a wall, on the ceiling or around windows to create architectural interest and make an impact in a room that lacks interest. It will create a focal point in an otherwise boring room.

2. If you want to conceal an unsightly view from a window, adding a lattice window will solve the problem. Add a simple windowsill at the bottom of the lattice to create an architectural detail. You can accessorise by placing a basket of flower on the windowsill or a pot of live plant.

3. Instead of just placing wallpapers, create a three dimensional appeal by adding a lattice to a wall. It can hide wall imperfections and uneven surface. It can also create room texture and interest. Add a molding to form a chair rail. Voila! You have now an interesting wall with details that a paint or wallpaper can't create.

4. Instead of the regular shutter designs, try using lattice as shutters. It can create that English garden feel right inside your own home.

5. If you get tired of either your kitchen or your bathroom cabinets, try removing the cabinet doors while leaving the frame intact. Replace the wood with lattice and you have a new cabinet look.

6. Use lattice as screens. If you want to divide a space in your living room or create a separate private nook for reading, a lattice screen can provide that decorating solution. You can also hang your favorite picture frames on the lattice to add zest.

7. You can use lattice shelves for storage or for displaying accessories like frames and vases.

8. Use lattice as a frame to hang your herbs and flowers. It will create a nice country look to your kitchen. It is a perfect framework for displaying your garden's bounty. For a more rustic and rough look, leave the wood unsanded.

9. To create a garden inspired bedroom, use a lattice headboard. A whitewash lattice is reminiscent of gardens from days gone by. To complete the garden inspiration, use floral prints and garden accessories.

Lattice is relatively easy to create and work with. You can make a lattice screen, shutter or window as a weekend project. Materials are readily available in your home improvement stores. This is actually a low cost solution to your decorating dilemmas.

Article Source: Interior Design Guide

More Articles visit: http://home-interior.blogspot.com

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Kohala Coast Vacation Home Hawaii

This post is sponsored by Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

Dear Big Island travelers,

Are you ready for getting your Hawaiian flower lei when arriving in sunny Hawaii? Today, we have some good news for Last Minute travelers who plan a Kohala Coast vacation for March. There are a number of Kohala Coast hosts who have vacancies.
Kohala Coast Vacation Home

Kohala Coast vacation home 3BR/3.5BA, $435/nt. (dbl.) w/pool & tennis court. Luxury Kohala Ranch vacation home, 180° ocean views

This new private estate sits on 3-1/2 acres in the prestigious Kohala Ranch on the Big Island’s Kona Coast. The island-style home offers spectacular unobstructed ocean and mountain views, and is ideally set up for family vacations, honeymoon celebration or attending a wedding on the Kohala Coast resorts.

Impressive Kohala Coast vacation home features two master suites and a private third bedroom, as well as your own private swimming pool and a USTA Championship tennis court. Guests can enjoy the world-famous Mauna Kea and Hapuna beaches just 5 minutes away, or tee up at one of 6 world-class golf courses within 15 minutes of the house.

Rates & Policies: $435/night for 1 - 2 persons, $50/night extra person, up to max of 6 people. Add 11.42% Hawaii tax, $1000 Security deposit, $195 Cleaning fee$30/day for central air-conditioning

This luxury home is still available 3/10 - 3/24 and 4/22 - 5/1/07. If you are interested, please, email us with subject ' Kohala Coast Vacation Home'.

Puako Beach Vacation Rental (mauka side) 1 bd/1ba $115/nt. (dbl.), Hawaii Big Island

Kohala Coast vacation apartment across from ocean
Comfortable, Hawaiian-style vacation apartment on the Kohala Coast is across the street from the tide pools and ocean access in the quiet community of Puako. Over the years, we have collected surfboards and other bits of old Hawaii to add charm and privacy to this cozy little place, which is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable Hawaii vacation.
Kohala Coast Vacation Condo
Rates:$115/night (5 night minimum stay). 2 Person Maximum Occupancy. 11.25% Tax to Be Added. $100 Cleaning Fee.

This very affordable, fully equipped Kohala Coast vacation rental condo across from the ocean is still available 3/15 - 4/1/07. If you are interested, please, email us with subject 'Kohala Coast Vacation Apartment Puako'.

Find more affordable Kohala Coast vacation rentals close to best Big Island beaches. Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Hawaii Flower Leis - Hawaii Lei Greetings

Wainani invites you to a Vacation in HawaiiDear Hawaii lovers,
It has been fun so far taking you on a 'Hawaii vacation' online, showing you Poipu beach on Kauai and sharing Hawaiian Gift ideas with you recently. Hawaii is not just the image of swaying palm trees, white sand beaches along the Pacific Ocean, but moreover it's the symbol of the beautiful Hawaiian flower leis. Arriving at one of the big Hawaii Airports in the warm gentle tropical breezes of the Hawaiian islands and getting 'laid' not by but with a beautiful flower lei of fragrant plumerias, tuberoses, orchids or the green leaf Maile lei, makes everyone feel loved and special. You know your Hawaii vacation is about to start!

If you don't have friends or family in Hawaii welcoming and greeting you Fresh Tropical Flowers, Hawaiian Leis and Gifts from WithOurAlohawith a flower lei, why not arrange a traditional lei greeting for your arrival at the airport on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island of Hawaii! Your friendly island greeter from Hawaii Lei Greetings will welcome you with a warm "aloha" and present you with a beautiful fresh flower lei - a symbol of aloha, welcome and love in Hawaii. Each time we have family or friends come and visit, we'd pick plumerias blossoms and make beautiful flower leis. If it's a first time visit, you want to take a photo at this wonderful occasion.

The maile lei is the traditional Hawaiian wedding lei, created by intertwining two beautiful fragrant vines but it's also a wonderful present to take home to the mainland. The Maile lei leaves stay green for a long time and even drying after a while, you can smell Hawaii for a long time!

So, get greeted with a beautiful flower lei when arriving for your Hawaii vacation and take Hawaii home with a Maile lei!
Our Hawaii hula dancer with the beautiful flower leis is Wainani, photographed by Big Island photographer Victoria McCormick whose work features Hawaii's natural beauty, unique wildlife and sea-life.