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Monday, February 28, 2011

Interior Apartment Decoration

Apartment Decoration IdeaApartment Decoration Idea

Apartment decoration shows the mindset of the owner. Reflect the sense of beauty through home decoration. Depending on the area of home decoration and also budget. Overall, the trend gradually decorated apartment from time to time. The main reason is budget, as spending a lot of money just after buying an apartment can be difficult sometimes. Let some of the main points discussed for the interior decoration of our apartments:

Luxury Apartment DecorationLuxury Apartment Decoration

1) The important thing to decorate your apartment to paint walls, doors and windows. Paint the walls in general lighting, while the doors and windows are dark. It can make a good match, as furniture and other facilities can not house any color of light. Room walls are always preferred very light, because it is soothing to the eye.
2) Another basic is that the space of an apartment complex designed to fit a small table, sofa and tea for the guests. Dining space should be separate and preferably near the kitchen. Decorations may be used if the wood furniture or other materials.

Apartment Decoration ImageApartment Decoration Image

3) The doors and windows must be vigilant good looking curtain wall with paint, doors and windows match.
4) lights mounted to the wall looks classy when its good design and proper lighting play into every corner of the house. Materials used in house building is also an important factor.
5) If the apartment is small, you can space the illusion of a flat mirror for use.
6) many things in the house needs to be hidden from public display. This can save space, keeping windows and sometimes above or within the Court.

Apartment Decoration PhotoApartment Decoration Photo

Apartment Decoration PictureApartment Decoration Picture

Amazing flower pots Design by Good Studio : The Facepot

These is Beautiful flower spots design by Good Studio.These flower spots Displaying family photos in new green way. Graphic technique: continue the experiments in the synthesis of images and objects.Here Some Beautiful Collection of Facepot Chekout.


What a weekend! I painted G's room, painted a dresser, made some curtain panels, and have almost finished the cork board in our office.
My fingers are raw to the bone from sanding and painting and my back feels like a 100 year old pack mule.  G's room looks adorbs. Give me some time to zshush it up and I will take some snazzy photos for ya.
Hey dudes...have you been to pier one lately?  They have some really radical stuff for super cheap prices. I have been looking for wacky swirly frenchy chairs and I finally found them. 120 doll hairs and white to boot...so I can paint them whatever color I damn well please!

Modern Wooden House Design Ideas

This house is called Casa Codina and was created by A4estudio.The house is situated in a flat area of 1500 square meters in an emerging residential area within the city of Mendoza in Argentina.The house always runs on an intimate central courtyard, opening the main spaces to a large perimeter garden use more public and more humid conditions. The main spaces are arranged facing north in order to obtain a direct heat gain from sunlight, smaller spaces more intimate, are oriented east to its own sphere, leaving the service to the west.Here are Some Beautiful Pictures of Wooden House Design Check out.

Modern furniture design

Modern furniture design with bright colors like red lights, looks minimalist in accordance with shower room. Aesthetically beautiful and charming look of furniture made with smooth surfaces and very easy to you manufacture it. Modern furniture designs are simple and minimalist is also very good for you.

Don't Pull The Blinds Yet

It seems the world must be telling me something since I keep coming across blind ideas. Love these from Martha Stewart...Above the shade is stenciled and below is wallpaper.
Not a roller shade but I do like the simplicity of these cafe curtains.
This is actually leather. I included it because I love the use of brightly colored leather in an unexpected place.
Again, not shades but I do love how whimsical the pom pom fringe is on these sheers...
Okay and one more non shade but I can't pass up panels with stenciling along one side.
More shade ideas posted here and here.

Storage tips: my stint guest editing for Muji

A nice little thing I wrote for the monthly Mujimail... See more online

Magnum Modern Dining Table

modern dining room table

Composed of solid Beech, Maple, Oak, Cherry or Walnut, the Magnum dining room table is offered in widths from 90cm-110cm and can be adjusted in length from 130cm-250cm, made possible by an extremely easy to operate extension mechanism. This flexibility is perfect for a homeowner who enjoys entertaining but appreciates the extra circulation space when the fully extended table is not in use. This sleek and elegant design can be specified with or without a glass top.

modern dining room table

Leather Dining Chairs

modern dining room table

Leather Dining Chairs Complete The Modern Day Dining Room Table And Chairs

modern dining room table

Important ideas for Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room

modern luxury dining room

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room Furniture

Modern Dining Room

Dining Room Furniture Design Ideas

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room Home Design

Modern Dining Room

best modern dining room

Modern Dining Room

Modern Home İnterior

Modern Dining Room

modern home interior dining room

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Rooms

Modern Dining Room

They're inside too! After gushing over Pampaexport's great outdoor prods, I happened upon their great indoor furnishings.

Modern Dining Room

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Volkswagen Lifts the Top off New Golf Cabriolet Mk6

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show will mark the return of the Cabriolet nameplate to the Golf range after an almost decade-long hiatus. Based on the underpinnings of the latest generation Golf hatchback, the two-door four-seater features a soft top with an electro-hydraulic drive that can be raised or lowered in only 9.5 seconds. The process can also be performed during driving at speeds of up to 30 km/h (19 mph).  

The exterior styling is similar to the three-door Golf Mk6, with the Cabriolet featuring a unique rear section, lower profile roof line and more swept-back angle of its front windscreen frame.
Whereas previous Golf Cabriolets featured a fixed central rollbar, VW's newcomer gets a pop-up rollover protection system similar to the one found on its sister Audi model, the A3 Convertible. Minus the four-seat layout, the Cabriolet's interior is identical to that of the hatchback.
The Golf Cabriolet measures 4,215 mm in length, 1,424 mm in height and 1,779 mm in width, meaning its 208mm shorter than the Eos hardtop convertible. However, the two models share a 2,578 mm wheelbase, resulting in the same interior space for all four passengers. According to Volkswagen, with the roof down, the Cabriolet offers 250 litres of boot space.
In Europe, the convertible version of the Golf will be available with a choice of six turbocharged direct-injection engines whose power outputs range from 105HP to 210HP. These include four petrols (1.2-litre TSI 105HP, 1.4-litre TSI 122HP, 1.4-liter TSI 160HP and 2.0-liter TSI 210HP), and two diesels (1.6-liter TDI 105HP and 2.0-liter TDI 140HP).
The most fuel efficient version is the 1.6 TDI with 105 PS and BlueMotion Technology, which consumes 4.4 lt/100 km (53.5 mpg US) and emits 117 g/km of CO2.
In Germany, advance orders begin tomorrow with prices starting at €23.625.. Volkswagen did not say if or when the new Golf Cabriolet will be offered in North America.


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