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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Humpback Whale Season in Hawaii

In addition to the huge winter surf, the peak of the Humpback whale season in Hawaii is here! This is not just the moment when the whales have come to the warm waters of Hawaii to give birth in December. Now the lucky whale watchers will see the mama whales with their baby calves. I've found a wonderful photo of a humpback whale mother with her calf floating right above her on the official Hawaii Humpback whale site. Why don't you pay the site a visit to see the stunning humpback whale photo and read more about what is done to save and protect these special ocean creatures, so we and our kids will be able to enjoy watching them for many years to come. You may also find out more about what's happening during Humpback Whale Awareness Month.

Whale watching boats can be seen around all the Hawaiian Islands at all times of the day this whale season. For our Hawaii visitors, the captain of the boat can't seemingly get close enough to the whales but boats or divers are not legally allowed to approach closer than 100 yards of any humpback whale or closer than 300 yards of a humpback mother and calf. Well, there is always the question 'Does the humpback whale know that?'. To tell you the truth there are many close encounters with the gentle giants reported and whale stories told. That's what we intend to do today. Here is Keoki's own close encounter with a humpback whale mother and her baby:

"Sometimes the most astonishing things happen when you lest expect it. This experience happened to me years ago, yet I can remember it as though it was yesterday. I was working as a massage therapist at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. It was January and the whales were back from Alaska for their winter breeding season.

Myself and Jeanne, a fellow therapist, had a 2- hour break and the weather was beautiful, as it often is on the Kohala Coast, though the ocean can be a bit turbulent in winter, however today it was calm as glass and we decided to take the 2- person kayak out for a look back at the island from sea. I would say we got out about a quarter mile and had decided that was far enough. The day was absolutely gorgeous and we had seen a couple dolphins and we were about turn around and head back when we had our minds blown.

You know when something happens so fast, like instantaneously, that you just sit there and go 'WOW!' in your mind. I mean not even being able to say anything. We were just sitting there and the next instant a mother whale and her baby appeared not more than 5 meters away, although at the time it seemed much closer. My first thought was 'Holy crap! What are we going to do?', and my second was 'Just sit here and let her make the next move'.

It seemed like we sat there forever though I know it was only minutes. We just kinda stared at each other, at least that was what I was doing. How she had appeared out of the blue, I'll never know but when she decided she had seen enough of us, I swear she and her baby dove straight down causing like a vortex in the ocean threatening to take our kayak with her. It was one of the most amazing experiences!"

Did you have any close encounters with humpback whales in Hawaii? Our blog visitors would love to hear those whale stories. Mahalo and aloha, Pua and Keoki Hawaii Vacations

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Biggest Waves in Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii lovers,
Let's get right into our Hawaii Monday Photo of the week by well-known Hawaii photographer's Jennifer Crites. Hope we can attract your attention with this big shot of a huge wave on Oahu's North Shore surfer's paradise. Facing a wave of that size is even for pro Hawaiian surfers a challenge. Having watched Hawaiian surfers on the Big Island during the winter months for many years, each time time I was mesmerized. Big Island surf does not really have the pipelines like North Shore of Oahu. So, each time when I saw a surfer crushed by the big wave at the end of the ride, I seriously doubted he'd come ever up again. Big relief when he did!

Big wave in Hawaii on North Shore of Oahu

Here is what Jennifer, who also a popular Hawaii travel writer, has to say about this photo: "Showing one of the amazing shore-break waves at Waimea Bay during winter's high surf, when all the surf contests are held on the North Shore. Every year, top surfers hope the waves at Waimea will be big enough (must be at least 20-foot waves) and rideable enough to hold the Eddie Aikau Big-Wave surf contest.

It hasn't happened for awhile. I'm not sure when the last one was. The waves have been almost big enough but not quite, but if the wave size cooperates, the contest will be on with perhaps only hours notice to competitors. Eddie Aikau was an expert big-wave surfer, lifeguard at Waimea Bay, and crew member aboard an early voyage of the famous Polynesian Voyaging Canoe Hokule'a. When the canoe ran into trouble and capsized, Eddie paddled off on his surfboard to get help. The crew was rescued, but Eddie was never found. We honor Eddie with this giant of a surf contest because he risked his life for his crew members. We say in Hawaii, "Eddie Would Go," meaning he wouldn't hesitate to face danger to protect those he cared about."

Honolulu star bulletin wrote a great article about Eddie Aikau 'Twenty years ago this month, big-wave surfer and lifeguardEddie Aikau lost his life in a brave effort to save crew members of the capsized Hokule'a.' Here is more about the Big Wave on North Shore, also showing interested surfers or visitors the current height of North Shore Oahu waves! Check it out.

Well, next to the question 'Where are the best beaches in Hawaii?', another favorite question is - of course, especially asked by passionate surfers 'When is the time for the high waves in Hawaii?'. The time is here and now. The winter months are the months for the biggest waves and often most dangerous surf. It's very interesting for Hawaii residents to see how small beaches suddenly totally disappear like they have never been there. But believe me they all will be coming back into existence when the winter surf calms down in spring. Even the big popular beaches change their appearance during high and rough winter surf - the sandy part gets much narrower and tide pools and big rocks, normally out on the sand, will disappear. To cut a long story short, winter surf is different.

Here are 5 best ocean safety tips for your Hawaii vacation during winter months:

1. Biggest rule: Pay respect to the ocean!
2. Make sure to go to a beach with a lifeguard. Look for a calm beach when traveling with kids.
3. Don't stand on rocks which can be reached by water because of the risk of a sudden wave.
4. Never turn your back to the ocean and always follow Ocean Safety signs.
5. If signs are up for jelly fish Portuguese man-of-war, don't ignore them.

Have fun, but don't take chances. With that being said, enjoy this youtube video Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, from February 2007. As usual, we'd love to hear from you about your encounters with big waves in Hawaii. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hawaii Weather

When you finally made it to the Hawaiian Islands, whether it's Maui, Kauai, Big Island or Oahu, and are planning major activities for your Hawaii vacation, the most important question is 'What will the weather be like in Hawaii?'. Our Hawaii weather post, will provide you with the most comprehensive information about Hawaii weather for all Hawaiian Islands at one glance.

We will give you the weather links to the major Hawaii towns and best places on each Hawaiian island, so it's easy to find out what the weather will be like in your area where you spend your Hawaii vacation.

Maui Weather Today and Maui Weather Forecast

Visit Maui Weather Today. Glenn the 'Hawaii Weather Today' weatherman does not only provide you with the Maui weather today and Maui Weather Forecast for 6 different areas on Maui - you can choose the areas on the Maui map, including Halehakela Summit. Best part of his Maui weather forecast is that he includes the different Maui activities weather forecast for Maui Diving and Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding, Surfing and Sunbathing & Swimming on the Maui Beaches. Maps of Molokai and Lanai are included with weather forecasts on those islands.

Kahului Weather Today and Kahului Weather Forecast

Click for Kahului, Hawaii Forecast

Lahaina Weather Today and Lahaina Weather Forecast

Click for Lahaina, Hawaii Forecast

Oahu Weather Today and Oahu Weather Forecast

Visit Oahu Weather Today. Glenn the 'Hawaii Weather Today' weatherman provides you with the Oahu weather today and Hawaii weather forecast for 7 different areas on Oahu. You can choose the areas on the Oahu map including North Shore for watching surfers riding the giant waves. Best part of his Oahu weather forecast is that he includes the different Oahu activities weather forecast for Oahu Diving and Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding, Surfing and Sunbathing & Swimming on the Oahu Beaches.

Click for Honolulu, Hawaii Forecast

Hawaii Big Island Weather Today and Big Island Weather Forecast

Visit Hawaii Big Island Weather Today. Glenn the 'Hawaii Weather Today' weatherman provides the Big Island weather today and Big Island Weather Forecast for 8 different areas on the Big Island. Visitors can choose the areas on the Big Island map, including Summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa for detailed weather. His Big Island weather forecast includes the different Big Island activities weather forecast for Big Island Diving and Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding, Surfing and Sunbathing & Swimming on the Big Island Beaches.

Kona weather forecast

Click for Kailua Kona, Hawaii Forecast

Hilo weather forecast

Click for Hilo, Hawaii Forecast

Kauai Weather Today and Kauai Weather Forecast

Visit Kauai Weather Today. Glenn the 'Hawaii Weather Today' weatherman provides the Kauai Weather Today and Kauai Weather Forecast for 3 different areas on the Kauai. His Kauai Map displays areas on Kauai with Kauai weather forecast which include the different Kauai activities weather forecast for Kauai Diving and Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding, Surfing and Sunbathing & Swimming on the Kauai Beaches.

Click for Lihue, Hawaii Forecast

Click for Princeville, Hawaii Forecast

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Hawaii Books

When making up our Hawaii blog about Best Hawaii Vacation, we told our blog visitors, that our blogging goal is to provide Hawaii visitors with insider feedback about how to best prepare and spend their Hawaii vacation. Let's just do that with this post.

Nobody doubts anymore that the Internet has become for most people their first #1 choice for finding answers for their top questions when planning their Hawaii vacation:
Which Hawaii Island to visit?
When is the best weather in Hawaii?
What to do in Hawaii?
Where to stay in Hawaii - Vacation Rental or Hawaii Hotel?
Where are the best Hawaii beaches?

Of course, there is a big number of tourists to Hawaii who doesn't care so much about individual Hawaii island information. They 'just' want to spend a vacation in Hawaii and go straightforward to Hawaii Vacation Packages Travelocity, Hawaii Vacation Deals Expedia or Orbitz. Still involves searching according to the budget you are on but eliminates making too many other choices.

You next choice is probably a local travel agent who has all the Hawaii travel information at hand. You tell him your travel dates and what you want to spend for your Hawaii Vacation and he or she puts a package together for you. You won't know whether the travel agent did a good job until you are right in Hawaii enjoying your vacation or wishing you never started this trip.

For all those, who arrange their Hawaii vacation on their own, here is our suggestion...plan your trip as early as possible by reading as many Hawaii Guide books as you can. We already spend too many hours in front of computers. How about reading a book about Hawaii instead? Now imagine sitting with your Hawaii guide book in front of your fireplace in Montana...reading about tropical Paradise and your Hawaii vacation! Doesn't that sound much more relaxing and fun? And you won't get square eyes or a headache.

All the local libraries offer a nice collection of Hawaii books from Guide books to novels. When you have found the island and the book of you choice, go order it and take it as your travel companion with you when exploring the Hawaii islands. Today we'd like to share with our Hawaii blog visitors our favorite Hawaii books for planning your best Hawaii vacation:

Frommer's Hawaii 2008 by Jeanette Foster

Plan your Hawaii vacation with Frommer's Hawaii 2008Our top favorite Hawaii Guide Book is 'Frommer's Hawaii 2008' by Jeanette Foster. This book is perfect reading for all those who first want to get an idea about all the Hawaiian Islands. Jeanette offers a Hawaii vacation expert opinion with yet her own subjective aspects. Frommer's tells you about the geography and climate of each Hawaii island, accommodation reviews (from affordable vacation rentals to fancy 5-star Hawaii beach resorts), restaurants, best Hawaii activities on the island and so much more. When you read reader's reviews, you will notice that we are not the only people who love the Frommer's Hawaii 2008 book.

Hawaii Revealed Series
by Andrew Doughty

When you have once made your decision which Hawaiian Island to visit onHawaii Revealed books are great Hawaii travel companions. your Hawaii vacation, we definitely recommend the series of 'Hawaii Revealed' books for your trip planning. With all the Hawaii revealed books, take into perspective that these books reflect a personal opinion by the author when he was visiting a certain restaurant or vacation rental. Remember the only constant in life is charge. So change can happen from his last visit to your visit, for the better or worse.

The following Hawaii Guide Books are small enough to carry with you as a Hawaii travel companion for finding best beaches, affordable accommodations, spectacular hiking trails to hidden waterfalls, restaurants from casual to luxury.

Maui Revealed - The Ultimate Guidebook by Andrew Doughty

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook by Andrew Doughty

Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed by Andrew Doughty

Oahu Revealed by Andrew Doughty

We invite our readers to share their favorite Hawaii Vacation Guide Book with our blog visitors. What's your BEST Hawaii Book? Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hawaii Hula Dancers

It's Monday and our Hawaii photo is getting posted. It's a photo of Hawaiian hula dancers, which Jennifer selected for this Hawaii photo. Aren't we all mesmerized when watching a Hawaii hula performed by one of the graceful Hawaii hula dancers or hula halau (groups), whether you watch them at your Hawaii hotel or at a Hawaiian luau? Hula is a big part of Hawaii heritage and tradition. Hawaii visitors cannot resist the attraction of an ancient hula accompanied by Hawaiian music. The hula belongs to your Hawaii vacation like the palm trees and the white sand beaches. You might want to read more about 'Learn how to hula'.

Hawaii hula dancers in Waikiki at longest hula dancer lineHawaii photographer Jennifer Crites took the above photo of Hawaii hula dancers at Waikiki Beach, between Queen's Beach and the Hilton Hawaiian Village, at a very special event during the Aloha Festival in September last year. In 1996, hula dancers from Hawaii had set a new Guinness Book record for the 'Largest Hula Dance' with 3,500 dancers participating. Unfortunately, the record had dropped from the Guinness Book.

The hula dancer photo shows you the attempt to set up a new record for the longest hula dancers line. In celebration of the 55th Waikiki Ho'olaule'a, Aloha Festivals will be breaking its Guinness Book of World Records by lining up 5,500 hula dancers in 2007, dancing to Andy Cummings "Waikiki" and Kimo Alama Keaulana's "Aloha Week Hula". On my search for more information on this longest hula dancer line, I came across some more beautiful photos on the longest hula line on Waikiki Beach. I love the photos of the keiki hula dancers! Honolulu Starbulletin reports about this exciting event or read more on GoHawaii visitors site.

Maybe Jennifer can tell us whether the attempted record was successful and our Hawaii longest hula dancer line is back in the Guinness Book of Records? Stay in touch with Best Hawaii Vacation Blog to hear Jennifer's answer. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations Hula Festival
Have to share this with our Hawaii blog visitors - my favorite hula halau group is Sonny Ching hula halau! Do you have a certain hula halau in Hawaii you love best?

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oahu Vacation Trip Report 1

A trip to the north shore wouldn't be complete without a shave ice from Oahu's Matsumoto's in Haleiwa. Dear Best Hawaii Vacation Blog visitors,
We are so happy to be able to post another Hawaii Vacation Trip Report from one of our blog visitors who recently visited Oahu on their Hawaii Vacation.

Here is what Joanne and Art Sala of Marina del Rey California have to say. We are sure you will also appreciate their Oahu vacation photos!

"We urge visitors to see ALL of Oahu. While Waikiki beach always has nice sunny weather and plenty of amenities, we prefer to get away from the crowds, chain retail stores and big box hotels. Our recent vacation included a one-week stay at a studio cottage in Kailua which we found on the VRBO website. Kailua has a beautiful beach and excellent restaurants.

We highly recommend Baci Bistro. Worth the drive to eat at this fine Italian restaurant where fresh local fish and organic produce is always on the menu. Another great spot to stay and get away from the crowds is Hawaii Kai, close to world-famous Hanauma Bay for snorkeling and lots of beautiful sunny beaches nearby including Sandy Beach Park.

World-famous Hanauma Bay--thee place to snorkel on Oahu. Not to be missed.  Arrive early,leave happy.

Of course, the absolute must visit attraction of Oahu is Pearl Harbor. Every American should see the USS Arizona Memorial and accompanying museums at least once in their lifetime. I was so moved by the experience. Plan to spend an entire day there. Much to see including the USS Bowfin Submarine, the Battleship Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum. Loved this experience, but perhaps mine was colored by the fact that my father volunteered to join the Navy after Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th 1941. My father is 84 and still talks about his days as a WWII airplane mechanic who lived aboard a Liberty Ship which patrolled the waters around the New Hebrides island chain.

If you hike to the top of Diamond Head, you'll be rewarded with views of Waikiki and beyond

No trip to Oahu would be complete without a hike to the top of Diamond Head. This is a well-traveled, popular attraction and if you can put one foot in the front of the other, you can and should do it. It's about a 45-minute walk up and 20 minutes back down. The day we went we were amazed to see so many travelers of all ages and sizes making the climb--some in high heels or flip flops! I think I was more amazed by the assortment of questionable footwear than I was the people.

My advice: No hiking boots necessary, just a good pair of supportive tennis shoes with good traction on the soles will serve you well. Please leave the flip flops and high heels back at the hotel! Word of warning: there are two funky narrow staircases to climb near the top, plus a spiral staircase. If you're horribly claustrophobic or seriously fear heights, this hike may not be for you. Views from the top are phenomenal. Well worth the effort and it's a nice workout before a hearty Hawaiian lunch back in nearby Waikiki.

A monk seal is cordoned off from the public at beautiful Sandy Beach Park; great surf at this beach too.

Last but not least, we were lucky enough to be in Oahu during the winter. Waves on the North Shore were pounding around 8 to 12 feet when we visited the beaches on that side of the island. Saw lots of experienced surfers riding monster waves. The day we left town the surf at Waimea Bay was reported to be a whopping 18 to 22 feet! If only we could've seen that.

A conveniently located surf shop near Waimea Bay.

There's always next visit to Hawaii!"

Much mahalo again, Joanne and Art, for sharing your Oahu vacation with our blog visitors. We can't wait to hear more from you about your next visit to Hawaii - curious where that will be! Enjoy the islands, just as Joanne and Art did and do. There is no place like Hawaii. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Wedding ceremony on OahuMonday 'Hawaii Photo of the week' is here. What about this great Hawaii wedding photo by Jennifer Crites, Best Hawaii Vacation blog's favorite Hawaii photographer for showing you Hawaii with photos. Jennifer is a also a well-known Hawaii travel writer, whose publications appeared in many Hawaii publications and international travel magazines. We are so happy to have her on board of our Hawaii blog for taking care of the Hawaii photo assignments. So let's introduce Jennifer and her Hawaii photography a bit more today.

Your wedding will be the most special day of your life. When it’s over, once you’ve walked down the aisle - or better walked down the path to the beach, as Keoki and I did - in your special wedding dress and beautiful flower leis, thrown your bouquet, and celebrated with family and friends who may have traveled long distances all the way to Hawaii to be with you, you’ll want your precious memories of that day to be preserved in professional photographs.

That’s when you’ll appreciate Jennifer’s photographic artistry and 20-plus years of experience photographing weddings in Hawaii. She knows the prettiest wedding locations in Hawaii, how to choose the most flattering light and the best ways to capture all the romance and excitement of your Hawaii wedding just as she’s done for hundreds of couples. She can also help you find Hawaiian flower lei arrangements, music, a minister and all the other wedding essentials. With Jennifer's expertise, you'll be able to share the unique experience and memories of your Hawaii wedding with family and friends. Memories are illusive. Bring them back to life in years to come with Jennifer's special wedding photos.

Hawaii is truly the most enchanted setting for your wedding day. The variety of beautiful locations is as endless as the beauty of the Hawaiian islands...from hidden waterfalls, to secluded tropical gardens or white sand beach sunsets. Paradise surrounds you as you exchange your vows amidst a tropical setting.

We won't ever forget the moment when our minister made our family and friends form a circle with us in the middle. After we did our vows - honestly they were not even prepared - everybody joined with all the good wishes they had for us and our ever-growing love. The sun was setting on the beach and the trade winds picked up a little more. It was a mesmerizing moment, we all got caught in. It must have done its magic. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary of love!

Here are a few Hawaii wedding links we came across with our search for Hawaii weddings: Maui wedding with nice photos You can find lots of information for your Maui wedding on the site of Maui Wedding Association from wedding coordinators to catering services, photography, music, wedding flower arrangements and more. Sweet Hawaii Wedding offers unique ceremony arrangements for Oahu. Kauai Wedding Pro is a great directory for Kauai wedding needs from musicians to florists, photographers, wedding cakes etc.

Hope this helps you get started planning your Hawaii wedding. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Not to forget, Hawaii Wedding photo by Jennifer Crites shows a wedding ceremony at Waimea Falls on Oahu.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hawaii Real Estate Market 2008

Having spent your best vacation in Hawaii or on a Hawaii cruise vacation, makes a lot of people wonder what it would be like moving to Hawaii for good. It seems like the current Hawaii real estate market gets you closer to your dreams of living in Hawaii.

In September last year, we published a guest post by long time Hawaii realtor Bill Jardine about "Will falling prices in Hawaii Real Estate attract new home buyers"? As the real estate market in Hawaii and around the world is steadily changing, we thought, it's time to talk to Bill again. Read what Hawaii realtor Bill Jardine from the Big Island has to say on the current real estate market in Hawaii.

"Hawaii Real Estate Market 2008" by Bill Jardine from Big Island Buyer's Brokers

"Riding the Hawaii real estate market can be a lot like surfing. You don’t get to control the waves, but you sure can control how you are going to deal with them!

Living in Hawaii, we have an opportunity to see success and failure up close. There are those who have made great rides out of big waves as well as those who have been capsized by mere ripples. The difference between the two often seems to be their outlook on things. Those of us in the real estate agency business have been watching prices slowly fall as the natural real estate cycle recovers from the last big demand wave. Some are now crying that the market is bad, while others are calmly adjusting to reality.

The truth is that Sellers are asking too much money for their properties right now. It is really just as simple as that. When demand is high, prices rise. When demand slacks, prices fall.

Simple, simple, simple.

The problem is that there are real estate agencies willing to list properties at unrealistic prices. Think about it for a moment … If Sellers dropped prices by, say, 25%, don’t you think lots of those properties would sell? Pick any percentage you like, but the message is the same:
If Sellers adjusted prices to current demand, all properties would sell.

In the same token, if there were no real estate agencies that were willing to list properties at unrealistic prices, there wouldn’t be any over-priced listings.

There are lots of Realtors who made their reputations when selling property was easy and all they had to say to their clients was “Sure, we can try that.” They are still hoping that their lack of skill will work the way it did when rising demand would erase their short-comings.

The way to tell the difference between a good agency and a lousy one today is to offer them an over-priced listing. If they politely say “no” you are in good hands. If they say “Well, we can try that.”, you are probably dealing with someone perpetuating the problem rather than solving it. Meantime … if you want to get a property at a great price this is the time to do it. Aloha, Bill Big Island Buyer's Brokers"

Mahalo, Bill. True words spoken! Sellers in Hawaii adjust your prices and the buyers will come. Good luck for finding a nice home to buy in Hawaii. Aloha Pua Hawaii Vacations

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hawaii Cruises

Our recent posts 2008 Vacation in Hawaii and Hawaii Vacation with Kids attracted quite a number of our blog visitors. Great to notice that we were right on with those Hawaii blog themes. We expect to step in those foot trails with our today's Hawaii Photo of the week, which shows a Hawaiian cruise ship. It is Norwegian Cruise Lines' Pride of Hawaii, and it's cruising past the West Maui Mountains on the way to Kahului on a 7-day Hawaiian Islands cruise. Hawaii photographer and travel writer Jennifer Crites photographed it from NCL's 'Pride of America', which was leaving Kahului at the same time the Pride of Hawaii was arriving.

Explore Hawaii with an all-inclusive Hawaii Cruise Vacation
So, if you like our Hawaii Photo of the Week photos by Jennifer, cruise on over to her website to see more of Jennifer's fabulous Hawaii photos. If there's a special place that you love in Hawaii, you can order a print of that romantic beach, golf course, landscape or other location from Jennifer's Hawaii stock photography. Just email her for information. And if you get married on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Jennifer would love to be your designated Hawaii wedding photographer.

We chose the Hawaiian cruise ship photo today because Hawaiian cruises have become very popular as a Hawaii vacation, especially for people who are not quite certain which Hawaiian island to visit first on their trip to Hawaii. Who can resist a Hawaii all-inclusive cruise where you can see all the major Hawaiian islands and at the same time can be on a 24/7 Hawaii vacation. No need to rent a car, decide whether you want to book a hotel or reserve a vacation rental, no shopping or cooking necessary. Your meals, drinks and snacks are taken care of. No extra expenses for fancy restaurants or entertainment shows. These are all included in your price. And the views of Hawaii and its natural beauty from the deck of the cruise are unique and spectacular!

Basically, there are three types of Hawaiian cruise itineraries. First, some Hawaiian cruises start or end in Hawaii and connect to California, Ensenada or Vancouver. Other itineraries combine Hawaii cruises with French Polynesia. The most popular type of Hawaii cruise sails entirely within the Hawaiian Islands, or begins and ends in Hawaii and includes one foreign port, such as Fanning Island, in the itinerary.

What is so great with Hawaiian cruises is that you can cruise Hawaii all year-round. Hawaii cruises typically last 7 to 15 days. Travel Hawaii offers Hawaiian Island Cruise Packages for Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ships 'Pride of America', 'Pride of Aloha', and 'Pride of Hawaii'. The Norwegian Star is the only seven-day round-trip Hawaiian ship to include the four main Hawaiian islands: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.

It takes some time 'cruising' Hawaii travel sites to help you find the Hawaiian cruise of your dream. When doing our own research on this blog post subject, we've found CruiseDeals.com and Aloha Destinations supplying helpful information on options for Hawaii cruises. We hope we saved you some extra clicks and time with passing on the word. When you have once cruised the islands, you will be back soon for your real Hawaii vacation on land.

We would love to hear from our blog visitors who went on a Hawaii cruise. Which Hawaii cruise ship did you use and would you recommend it to other Hawaii visitors who plans a Hawaii cruise? Looking forward to hearing about your Hawaii cruise vacation. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hawaii Vacations with Kids

When planning your Hawaii Vacations 2008, we can't forget about those many families traveling with kids. Kids love vacation more than anything! No school, no teachers, no homework! The best place to take your kids on vacation is Hawaii. It's a place for the kids where it's always summer. Kids never get tired of the ocean, the pool, the sun and the sand on the beach.

If you have ever taken your kids to Hawaii on vacation, then you know they will not take a break from Hawaii fun, not voluntarily and not on parents' command (kids think will miss something), until their bodies give in at nighttime. I've seen it many times kids falling asleep at dinner tables or parents' laps at Hawaii hotels or restaurants. Hawaii has them in their grip from the first minute on the beach to the last minute at sunset in the Jacuzzi.

3 Best Tips for parents on Hawaii vacations with kids

1. Kids want to have fun in Hawaii

As adults we want of relax and crash on the beach in Hawaii. Go for a swim, sunbathe (get a nap), maybe play some golf or tennis but mainly relaxation is the goal for working parents. Unfortunately, that's not what your kids want. So, why not create a few hours to provide you both what you need. Most Hawaii hotels have kids program. It's amazing what those kids programs offer. Don't feel guilty. Your kids will have fun...shell hunting, turtle feeding, watching geckos and more. Privacy for you and fun for the kids. You will appreciate quality time together even more. Most Hawaii hotels also offer babysitting or child care services by the hour by experienced child care providers. Family Vacation with kids in Hawaii2. Plan fun activities on Hawaii vacation with your kids

Research ahead of your visit to Hawaii what are the best things to do in Hawaii in the area or the hotel where you stay. The Hilton at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island offers swimming with dolphins. Naturally, those activities are booked out way in advance. Whale watching is also something you want to book ahead. Find a boat which you and your kids will feel safe and comfortable. All kids love an exotic luau show, where they are allowed to stay up at night. Most of the kids are not too shy to join the hula dancers on stage for their obligatory hula 'lesson'. Don't forget your video camera. Your kids will thank you for it 20 years later.

3. Keep your kids safe in Hawaii

Not all beaches in Hawaii or at Hawaii hotels have life guards. Make sure that your non-swimmer kids have their life vests on at all times when near the water, ocean or pool. I jumped in full clothes after a 3-year old who fell in a swimming pool at a vacation house when she was leaning over to get a ball out of the water. Things happen very fast. Also always pay close attention to ocean condition signs by the water. Red flag means no kids in the water, period! Be also aware that sunscreen washes off and needs to be reapplied several times a day. Best to take the kids out of the sun when the sun is the strongest in Hawaii 11am - 2pm. Do some quiet activities with your kids. All Hawaii gift stores carry wonderful Hawaii activities books for children for coloring, drawing and reading about Hawaii's nature.

Have a wonderful time with your kids on family vacation in Hawaii. Do as much as you can with them. Call it your Hawaii adventure or excursion or whatever. It's not lost time, on the opposite, it's time you and your kids will bond more and remember for a lifetime...vacation with Mom and Dad in Hawaii! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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