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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A nice day.

Our good friends Mark and Liza are down from Boston and of course we had to show off the house. It was a lovely day in Durham. We got to see updated progress at Petty, as well as take an impromptu look inside Natalie and Harris's to see their floor stain. We also made a quick stop in Keith and Adrian's to listen to their sound system since we're looking into speakers for the house. Our soon-to-be-neighbor, James, even insisted on a few quick games of horseshoes. Then it was off to the Sherwin Williams store to find Sara who did a fantastic job of helping us pick our exterior paint colors. She had some great ideas for interior colors and thanks to her we're basically all set. We topped everything off with a nice hike out at the Eno River State Park and awesome tacos at La Vaquita. Radness.

We've become experts at this point at showing off the house.

The retaining wall has it's layer of stucco and the continuation up the stairs is in place.

The stair railing has been redone to meet code requirements and looks very smart.

The deck of the porch has been painted.

The cabinetry and vanities have been delivered and are ready to be installed. Exciting! Well it is for us at least.

I can't wait to see the kitchen come together. Hopefully it won't be too crowded.

These cabinets are a simple shaker style and will get a nice coat of white paint once they go up.

We're looking forward to getting more practice down at the horseshoe pit.

ANOHKI GiveAway!

It's no secret I obsess over Indian block print fabric. When I found Anokhi's company I flipped out and instantly sent them an email asking if I could do a giveaway with their products. A week later I received a package filled with so much beauty I had to pinch myself!!!! 

I am so happy to do a giveaway for this completely gorgeous tablecloth and scarf!

The table cloth measures 55" x 55" square.

The scarf is 30" x 30"

You could make a pretty pillow from this scarf....or just wear it on your neck!

OK, SO if you wanna win leave me a comment. Follow me here, Tweet Me @amberinteriors or post on my Facebook. You know the drill. 

Good Luck Lovers!!!!
giveaway ends on May 3rd.


Children Room Interior Design Ideas And creative Pictures

Children Room Interiorrespector Design

Friday, April 29, 2011

Interior Design making Machines

Interior design is a multi - faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

The interior design process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into the creative process, whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to produce an interior space that fulfills the project goals

Trying to figure out how to decorate your home can be a daunting task. There are so many styles to choose from that you might like more than one! However, if you want a to give your home a more modern look, then it would only make sense that you choose a modern interior design

Think about the last time that you went to a museum. Chances are there was an art gallery in the museum that had modern art. What are some words that describe modern art? Abstract and roomy are two words that come to mind. When it comes to modern interior design, those words are applicable.

Agreements older examples of interior designs had darker colors and bold designs; modern interior design has a lot to do with simplicity. The main reason for this is that modern society stressed out, so modern interior design works on the premise of how important it is for a home to not clutter with most furniture.

Similarly, bright colors do wonders in relieving stress and improving a person mood, so another important feature of modern interior design is to carry out lighter colors such as pastels. Lighter colors also are a technique used by designers to make a smaller room appear roomier.

When it comes to furniture, abstract art has a lot to do with how rooms built. For example, since modern interior design has a lot to do with providing the owner with a stress-free environment, many homes have many windows to display their modern interior design; in fact, some homes have windows that are the size of an entire wall.

Another important of modern interior design is art as decoration. The art that you choose is up to you, but people often like to decorate their homes with impressionistic paintings of natural scenes. If your budget is limited and you cannot afford to buy original artwork, buy an art print and have it framed, or as another inexpensive alternative, buy original artwork from an unknown painter.

For more ideas on how to carry out modern interior design into the look of your home, consult design magazines, or search the internet. With the proper research, you are sure to find excellent ideas to incorporate into your home modern interior design.

Whether you are a beginner in interior design or a do-it-yourself fanatic, having your own interior design style can help you organize, brighten up and decorate a room. Learning the basic interior design styles can help you find out which could fit into a particular room, which could not.

If you want the classic or homey style, check out some traditional interior design styles. The room style may be a double of a room you have seen in a magazine or you could browse through the internet to have an idea of what traditional styles you prefer. However, if you want to update a room to make it trendier, you could decorate with the newest trends by going for the modern look.

If you feel the basic interior design styles are too simple for your taste, you could dress a room up by integrating certain influences from other countries. For instance, if you love the look of a flat apartment in Paris, then design the room with Paris style. You could also choose from other interior design styles from French, Tuscan, Swedish and other influences to create an exotic room of your choice.

Another for a successful interior design style is the colors you would choose. If you want a formal-styled room, you could go for black and white, browns, pastel colors or other formal colors. Always match your colors with the interior design style you choose.

When you finish your room project, you will see the room has improved when a theme, good color combination and the most suitable interior design style is used.

For more information on Interior Design making Machines you can visit http://www.homag-india.com/


Help Alabama

Hi again,

I have had several of you ask how you can help the tornado victims, thank you. The American Red Cross is a great place start but there are so many organizations helping out, a great list can be found here. I did want to mention that tonight there is a local telethon being hosted, Neighbors In Need, by ABC 33/40. For those who aren't local you can watch HERE.

Guest Post : 6 Home Improvements That Will Lower Your Insurance Rates

Owning a home is something most people hope to do. It gives them a sense of security. Having a structured environment to come to after a hard day at work is psychologically fulfilling. Being a responsible homeowner means making sure you're protected from possible loss due to accidents or natural disasters by carrying adequate insurance. Spending money for insurance is necessary, but there are ways to lower your premiums without endangering your family or your property. Following are a few home improvement tips that will lower your insurance rates.

Home Security System

A security system with some sort of alarm can often lead to lower insurance premiums. The best systems cost money, but they are more than likely worth the cost. A system that connects directly to a home security business that is monitored 24/7 by live human beings will save a bundle in insurance premiums. An alarm that is directly linked to local law enforcement will also lower your premiums. A simple audible alarm will undoubtedly save a few bucks in premiums, but not nearly as much as a system that alerts security personnel directly.


Something as simple as deadbolt locks installed on all exterior doors, including outbuildings, which serve as a deterrent to potential thieves, will lower your insurance premiums. A deadbolt lock is stronger than conventional locks. A typical thief will usually seek an easier property to steal from when they realize your home has deadbolt locks. Don't forget the windows when installing deadbolts. The locks won't prevent a thief from breaking the glass, but thieves generally don't like to call attention to their efforts, and will most likely move on when presented with difficult locks. While you're at it, you may want to think about installing break-resistant or shatter proof glass. Improvements such as these should lower your insurance premiums.


Another method of securing your property is to install a set of motion detecting lights. Having motion sensitive lights will discourage thieves from sneaking up on your home, and may help save on liability insurance costs by providing adequate lighting for late-night visitors. Installing solar-powered lights along walkways will also offer security for visitors and help lower liability insurance rates.

Update Infrastructure

By updating the systems that make your home function comfortably, such as the electrical, plumbing and heating systems, you can save money on insurance rates. A bonus factor is that by installing a modern, energy efficient furnace you will undoubtedly save even more money on heating costs. An up-to-date electrical system will significantly improve the safety factor of your home, and a new and improved plumbing system will probably save on your water bill, as well as lower your insurance premium.

Fire Safety

Improving your home by installing a fire alarm system will also help you save a little on your insurance bill. If the alarm rings directly into the local fire department it will greatly increase their response time, thereby providing you with greater protection from loss by fire. The same goes for a carbon monoxide detection system. Another thing you can do to lower your insurance premiums is to install a sprinkler system inside your home. Virtually anything you do that will decrease the threat of potential fire damage will ultimately save you money. Spending a little up front can save you quite a bit over the long haul.

Natural Disaster Protection

If you live in a place that is prone to some sort of natural disaster, there are steps you can take to improve the property that will lead to lower insurance premiums. Homes in geographical areas that are subject to high winds, such as tornados, hurricanes, or severe storms, can be made storm resistant by installing shutters on windows or re-roofing with wind-resistant shingles. Even small improvements that can be proven deterrents to potential damage will usually result in lower insurance rates.

Before Doing Any Home Improvements

Before investing too much money in home improvements, you should call your insurance company to make sure your efforts will pay off. Every insurance company is different. Although most offer discounts for the home improvements shown above, discount levels can vary. Get specific numbers from your current company. Then, seek out a few online insurance quotes along with information on the discounts other companies offer. Comparison shopping will supplement your home improvement efforts and help you get the best available deal.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey enjoys writing about home improvements, insurance, finance, and related topics.

Savage Salvage

Upon searching for the perfect Mother Days gift for myself I stumbled upon Savage Salvage. I love how funky her pieces are. They are all unexpected and gorgeous and paired with a summery dress, a white T-shirt, or a pair of jeans, they are great everyday outfit additions! 

OK so Steph {Savage Salvage} is letting you Pretty AID Readers get 20% off her fantastic jewels and baubles!!!!!
Just enter the discount code 
AMBER20 and your discount will be applied!

Here are some of my favorites from her collection.

Also Please go check out a little feature on my house over at 6th St Design School.


Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you for two things. First, thank you for all your calls, texts and e-mails yesterday regarding the tornados in Alabama. We are okay, the really bad tornado missed us by a few miles. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for so many others, including a really wonderful client of mine (they are physically fine which is such a blessing). Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the childcare comments and e-mails. I needed the advice, trust me! To take time out of your busy days to send me the wealth of information you did is really awesome. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and if I have not e-mailed back yet it is not because I am ignoring you, it is because the computer virus that won't quit is still having a blast in my computer.

I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

PS- Anyone have any idea what why my right sidebar is not showing up? If you click on older posts it is there but not with the newest posts....

Image found She Takes Flight via Emphasis Added

Dodge Viper ACR Looks Like Alfa Romeo’s Zagato TZ3 Stradale

We don’t know if Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne’s future plans for the upcoming, next generation of the Dodge Viper include the development of a corresponding Alfa Romeo model based on the underpinnings of the muscle car, but famed Italian coach builder Zagato has given the formula a try with its new TZ3 Stradale.
You see, Zagato’s TZ3 Stradale is an Alfa Romeo bodied sports car based on the platform and mechanical hardware of the track-conquering Dodge Viper ACR, which features the same 600HP 8.4-liter V10 engine as the standard Viper SRT-10 along with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a race-spec suspension. All parts of the TZ3 Stradale’s carbon fiber body are new with the cherry topping being the classic Kamm-tail (K-tail) layout.
The TZ3 Stradale is Zagato’s second and final tribute to the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo (1910-2010), which started in 2009 with the presentation of the 8C Competizione-based TZ3 Corsa that won the Villa D'Este Design Concept Award in 2010.
Unlike the TZ3 Corsa, which was a one-off commissioned by Alfa Romeo Zagato collector Martin Kapp, the TZ3 Stradale will be built in a limited number of 9 units with the first example having already being delivered to US Alfa Romeo and Zagato collector (and Saratoga Automobile Museum's board member) Eric King. The TZ3 Stradale No2 and No3 will be delivered in Japan and Europe.


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Swedish Office and GM Allow Antonov to Invest in Saab

It appears that Saab's hopes of survival continue to depend after all that happened on Vladimir Antonov, the Russian banker who was forced by GM to sell his initial shares in Spyker for the Saab sale to occur. Spyker today confirmed that the Swedish National Debt Office (NDO) allowed Antonov to become a major shareholder in Spyker Cars, Saab's parent company.
"This is a great day for our company and for me personally. We worked relentlessly for 11 months to achieve the desired result: restore the reputation of Vladimir Antonov, who made so many valuable contributions to Spyker since 2007 as financier and shareholder,” said Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker and chairman of Saab Automobile.
“We are convinced he will be able to make such contributions again in the near future and look forward to the decisions of the Swedish Government, General Motors and the European Investment Bank (EIB), following the recommendation of the NDO which was the result of intense scrutinising,” Muller added.
General Motors, which has redeemable preference shares in Saab, also gave the green light to Antonov.

“GM continues to be in active discussions with both Saab and the European Investment Bank and has reached a tentative agreement with Saab on a construct which could allow for Vladimir Antonov's acquisition of a shareholder interest in Saab,” the Detroit automaker said in a press statement.
The American company stressed, however, that the agreement requires “certain specific actions to be taken by Saab which have not yet been completed, as well as certain formal consents, approvals and waivers which Saab has not yet obtained.”
Antonov still needs the green light from the Swedish government and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to return as a Spyker shareholder. Saab halted production three weeks ago because it had no money to pay suppliers and announced it will sell production facilities to Antonov and lease them back in order to get cash to restart production.
However, the deal must receive the approval of the EIB, to which Saab owes €400 million.
“Spyker and Saab Automobile are negotiating equity and debt financing and/or technology licensing with various strategic partners, including various Chinese car manufacturers. No commitments have been received to date,” Saab said in a statement.


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Seat Start Production of Audi Q3 in 2012

It seems that the VW Group’s Martorell plant in Spain will not only build the new Audi Q3, but a similar version of the compact SUV for Seat as well, according to a report from British car magazine, What Car. Industry sources told the publication that the Seat IBX crossover study shown at Geneva this year will be built in the same plant with the Audi Q3, with both models to share the same platform. The production version of the IBX is expected to be introduced next year.
The IBX is Seat's second SUV concept after the Tribu shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. The Tribu was initially supposed to spawn a production model but the project was canned due to the grim economic outlook at the time.
Now a Seat SUV is closer than ever to reality, even though the production version could differ from the three-door IBX design study. The series production model could feature a more conventional five-door bodywork and internal combustion engines, as opposed to the concept's full-electric setup. The IBX study uses an electric motor to power the front wheels and a battery package that offers a driving range of 45 kilometers (28 miles).
The road-going model is expected to adopt a variety of TSI and TDI engines offering buyers the choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive. At 4.26 meters long, 1.80 meters wide and 1.62 meters tall, the IBX is very close in dimensions to the Audi Q3, which measures 4.39 meters in length, 1.83 meters in width and 1.60 meters in height.


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