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Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Do We Need Non-Toxic Mattresses?

Organic and natural mattresses are very popular nowadays in the mattress market. Many people could not wait to get their hands on an organic or a natural bed. However, these mattresses are usually quite expensive. Some of them are even more expensive than memory foam mattresses. As you know, memory foam beds are anything but cheap.

So why should you spend a lot of money on a non-toxic mattress? What are the benefits?

It benefits our health

Because of the natural materials used to create the bed, these mattresses are better for our health. Off-gassing is one of the problems presented by mattresses with chemical composition. This happens when the common chemicals incorporated in the mattress interact with household fungi. A chemical reaction process happens. This leads to the creation and emission of toxic nerve gasses.

According to experts, toxic nerve gasses are harmful to the functions of our brain. Our brain, after being exposed to these gasses, slows down in its production of serotonin. Serotonin helps keep a good balance between our brain and body functions. This condition might even lead to death. For the sake of avoiding off-gassing, non-toxic beds should be used.

It benefits the environment

Most of the materials used in the traditional types of beds cannot be recycled. Most recycling centers all over the world do not recycle mattresses. The polyurethane foams in the bed can harm our ozone layer if these are incinerated. As a result, old mattresses are dumped in the land fill.

In this day and age, most of us are aware of the increasing deterioration of Mother Earth. We should all take part in its preservation. Start by choosing your bedding products carefully. Picking those products with more natural materials is better. These beds are renewable and recyclable.

What You Should Consider

But despite the benefits of using these mattresses, you should be wary of those fake organic or natural beds. Some companies label their products organic. But these mattresses still contain polyurethane and other chemical components. When you are choosing, make sure you know what ingredients and materials have been used to make the bed. The company should justify the organic and natural composition of the mattress.

Investing in these types of mattresses is ideal. Most of them also last long. You can use the mattress for up to 25 years. So choose wisely and experience the benefits of non-toxic mattresses.

The Beauty In Dirty Dishes

A while ago my friend Jessica wrote about the joys of a dirty kitchen after having friends over. I completely agree. When a dirty kitchen means you have spent the night in the presence of wonderful people it is a good feeling. I am so thankful to have such good company around me (and such a good neighbor who still answers my phone calls after 1,000,000 rings for a favor and still comes running over for one more).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend around some fabulous people.

Ode To Famille

I love Famille Summerbelle and all they are about. They make fabulous furnishings for children's rooms, and I am an avid follower of their blog. All of their products are presented beautifully and create a really strong image that make you want to live the life as well as buy their cushions!

Coat Tree

I really like wall stickers. I especially like the quirkiness of this one from Ferm Living. Functional as well as good looking.

Room For A Little One?

I'm constantly redesigning spaces in my mind, and at the moment I'm thinking about my daughter's bedroom. We have a box room that I imagine a lot of people would be put off by, considering its tiny proportions. Me however, I see it as a fantastic little mega-storage-creating project/challenge (for my husband)! Think built in storage, built in bed, drawers, desk, the works. Everything a little girl (and her mum) could wish for...and how easy would it be to keep tidy? I love this bedroom found in Living etc. The bed (above) is just what I have in mind.

I also adore this nursery by Will Meyer (found in Domino magazine). I love the dark wood panelling and use of the arco lamp (available from the Conran Shop). Best start saving!

Perfect for sharers. Found on desire to inspire blog.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautiful, Luxury And Sophisticated Condominium Design

Beirut Residence is an luxury apartment located in Marina Towers building, Beirut, Lebanon. It is designed by Joe Serrins Studio in simple, clean and sophisticated style.

There are a lot of unique things implemented in its interior design. For example, the craftsmanship on walls and ceiling is truly amazing. It perfectly harmonizes with the rest interior yet add cool, not overwhelming accents. The 5,000-square-foot condominium also features an amazing views of the city thanks to its high location.

The cool thing is that even though the apartment is really luxury it doesn’t feature marble, gold and velvet that are so popular among such kind of living environments.

Dorm Room Design Day

When a reader, Tenia, e-mailed me asking if I would participate in "Dorm Room Design Day" I gladly said "yes"! However life has been c-c-c-razy (I know I say that a lot but it seems to never change) and I ran out of time to do an inspiration board. So...not wanting to be a complete party pooper I did pull together some inspiration for all those heading for dorm life. Starting with color...if you can paint your dorm room I say go for a bold color choice. You are young, free and in temporary housing, go BIG while it is fun.... Instead of boring bookshelves think outside the box for storage. A funky piece or painted piece like the one below would look great....
You will need a chair and I definitely say go for pattern....
Speaking of seating these poufs are cute and perfect for extra seating when friends are around...oh and let's not forget a fun rug....
I wish statement making headboards were around when I was in college. Tall and tufted makes me smile every time...
Dorms can feel so sterile...adding a little feminity never hurt....oh and lucite works great in a small space...
Don' t be distressed by a cramped room, good things come in small packages...
A gallery wall of favorite things can make home feel a little closer...
Or go for some large art, it doesn't have to be fancy to have style....

Thank you Tenia for asking me to be a part of Dorm Room Design Day. All the images here are from Domino. For more inspiration be sure to stop by these blogs all participating in DRDD...

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cute & Free- Does It Get Any Better?

The other day I was on...and came across these....
Free to download quote cards for you to print and use as you please. Above is the 3rd installment but there are two more as well...
The sweet Erin does not stop there, be sure to check out the button on the side of her blog for more free downloads. I am printing this one off soon...
More at Perfect Sentiment

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art attack

Firstly I wanted to thank everyone for your get-well wishes - you guys are so sweet. I'm feeling much better today, and I'm sure those couple of lazy days doing absolutely nothing have helped no end. So while I've quite enjoyed kicking back, watching dvds and catching up on reading, I do find it quite frustrating not to be working on my cabinet makeover - especially when it's sitting right in front of me! That's been set aside for when I can muster the energy, so in the meantime my thoughts have turned to painting.

When it comes to my art, I probably have enough ideas to last a lifetime. This week has been great for giving me time to plan, refocus and potter around my studio - I've cleaned and tidied my desk (which was no mean feat!), finished a couple of orders, and started to pull together some bits and pieces for my next piece. I've also organised to frame this work my youngest daughter did at school recently:

I love it, and the fact that she designed the whole thing herself is pretty impressive I think. Once it's framed, I'll hang it in my studio, alongside some other masterpieces by my older two.

Right, now that I've spent most of this post bragging, I'll show you a few of the things I'll be using in some of my own works. I'm always on the lookout for really diverse bits and pieces, and my plan is to incorporate them into some mixed-media works that will soon be for sale. 

Japanese paper, wood blocks, hand-made parchment, jute twine...mmm

I'm really keen to get started, so I'll catch you all soon!

Modern Barn

Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well, somehow in the hands of John Barman it works like a charm....

From Interior Design

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday

grey kitchen traditional kitchen
grey and purple eclectic living room
Silver,Grey,White.... traditional bedroom
Grey Walls with Neutrals eclectic bedroomGrey & White Entry eclectic entry
Orange ,White & Grey Home Office eclectic home office
beach house traditional bedroom

Mix Modern and Rustic Pieces For a Stylish Feel

Good home design feels effortless. When inhabitants style rooms to reflect their personalities, rather than the latest design trends, they create thoughtful, comfortable homes. Rather than design "themed" homes, many homeowners blend modern and rustic elements.

But there's an art to eclectic design. Some Americans focus entire rooms on a single, prized possession, while others design more neutral spaces. Either way, mix-and-match types must contrast d├ęcor styles to create balanced looks.

Home decoration
Small details change the way homes feel. For example, updating door and cabinetry hardware can immediately inject a room with new style.

"Door hardware has undergone a metamorphosis from merely functional to both architectural and decorative," said Chas Seymour, general manager of Baldwin Hardware, a company that has been manufacturing hardware for more than 60 years. "In addition, we must remember that customers want to know that their home investments, hardware or otherwise, combine a commitment to quality, workmanship and style, with both classic and contemporary cues."

For a modern touch, choose "sleek" and "clean" design elements. Silver and chrome accents help create a streamlined feel. Baldwin Hardware's Minneapolis and Lakeshore collections appeal to modern tastes. The company also offers the Soho entry set, named for the New York neighborhood known for its modern design boutiques, as well as its history with cast iron architecture.

As demand continues to grow for contemporary styling in door hardware, so does demand for what's considered rustic. With that in mind, Baldwin introduced its Baldwin Bronze collection of cast bronze lock, bath and general hardware. Since earliest antiquity, bronze has been an important and revered material with a distinctive look and feel.

For more information from Baldwin Hardware, visit www.baldwinhardware.com