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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Design IS Within Your Reach

I saw an article today in the NYT about the demise of the Design Within Reach (DTW) stores. I can't say I'm surprised. The company started by peddling relatively inexpensive non-licensed knock-off versions of iconic 20th century furniture designs; been there, done that - does anyone remember Palazzetti (who I was surprised to still find in existence on the Web)? Realizing they needed more products to sell, DTW started designing and fabricating some of their own pieces in the 20th C modern style - I give them a few points for that. But, then, they started doing knock-offs of their own designs to sell them cheaper. We all know what happens when your product is produced so cheaply that it has a shelf life of one week when in use. To add insult to injury, a hedge fund has taken over DWR, and they put "famous" designers on the board - as if they can just wave their collective hands and make it trendy again by association.

Two thoughts come to mind as I think about this. One is the old addage that an original anything is better than than a mass produced copy of something. The other is that there are hundreds if not thousands of designers out there who could produce the next Barcelona chair if given a chance. Our society is so driven by the "brand" vs. quality - even if the brand (which may have once represented quality) is now schlock.

I found this sculptor, Tom Emerson, who makes pieces of furniture from junk. I was really drawn to the pieces I saw because they had a great shape and made interesting use of the materials:

I recently saw an exhibition of Nendo at the Museum of Arts and Design. This Japanese design firm's work knows no bounds, as it should be. The sight of their plastic chair with the perfect faux bois finish shows how powerful a simple statement can be. I think their reinterpretation of a bookshelf allows the user to be equally creative. I urge you to go to their website to review more of their work: http://www.nendo.jp/en/

Two of my favorite furniture designers are Carlo Bugatti and Harvey Ellis. Bugatti's work is over-the-top; his design sense was truly a singular voice; I'd describe it as a mash-up of the Aesthetic Style and a Moorish dream. The materials he used were as unconventional as his designs. 20 years ago you could pick up his pieces for a song, but not anymore.

I think Harvey Ellis' work represents the best of the Craftsman style furniture (other than the Greene Bros.).

This is what good design should be - original, visually interesting, functional, good construction, and without an expiration date. The next time you think about adding a piece of furniture into your life, look around and find an original piece of design. You'll never be disappointed; it will enrich your life and live on for other generations to enjoy.

A Year To Be Thankful For

Happy New Year!!!! Well, technically Happy New Year's Eve!!! This past year has been amazing in so many ways. I would like to thank each and every one of you who read H&H, you make my day, every day. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2010.
I couldn't let the year end without some long over due thank yous. A big thanks for the blog awards from Donna @
and Rachel @
I am honored y'all nominated me! Also, I would like to thank the lovely ladies @
for this....it is SOOOOO cute and has a prominent place in my office (pictures to come)

Thanks also to Jesse @
for these, they are already in use on my dining room bar. I am having a problem keeping them in just one room!
And finally a client told me she saw I was nominated on the Homies. I did not even think to look! So, I know I am little late to the party but thank you for nominating me, I was blown away!!!!

I am SURE I forgot someone off this list, if I have will you please let me know? When I make my resolutions getting a little more organized will definitely be on the list.

Have a safe and happy New Year and I will see you in 2010.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess Who...

Since we are on shoes today, know where these are from?Target. Who knew? These aren't exactly your typical Target prices though, not bad but not Target. I wonder what the quality is like....

High & Low

Is it spring yet?Unfortunately not only is it not spring, but this girl has a hurt back and the doctor says I need to scale back the heels some. So I am looking at flat boots for the winter. Of course I can't stay away from Frye...

But I am open to any suggestions for "doctor approved while still good looking" boots.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Modern Bedroom Interior Design | Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bedroom Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bedroom Decoration

Modern Bedroom blue Colour

Blue Modern Bedroom

Bedroom Design Ideas- Decorating Ideas For Modern Bedroom

Whether you have just shifted to your new home or want to give a makeover to your old master bedroom,you need some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom design stand out.Having a spacious bedroom does not necessarily mean that you need to fill it up with an array of furniture.It only needs to combine all the bedroom designing elements together to create an ambience.Bedroom has to be warm and cozy to ensure good night's sleep.

Decorate in Style

If you choose to decorate your bedroom by yourself instead of hiring a professional interior designer then you need prior research work.Giving your bedroom a new look is not a tough job provided you have some creative ideas up your sleeves. You will find myriads websites ready to offer innovative interior design ideas.Traditional or contemporary,oriental or western or simply eclectic – pick your style first. Decorating by style reflects good taste and artistic sense.It will also help you proceed in a systematic way while choosing furniture,fabrics and other decorative items for your bedroom.

Color is the Key

Choose colors for your bedroom wisely as colors play a key role in creating the desired mood.If you want to make your large bedroom feel comfy and warm you need brighter shades like orange, lemon yellow or rosy pink.You can think of contrast coloring schemes as well.But for smaller rooms it is advisable that you do not go overboard with colors.Lighter and cooler shades like cream,pale blue or light purple are just fine with small bedrooms.

Furnishing Fundamental

It is needless to say that your bed is the focal point in your bedroom.It is better to divide the bedroom into different zones especially when you have a large one.It makes the entire decorating process easier.Large bedroom with wide windows require larger furniture while smaller bedrooms call for space saving furniture and low-lying beds.
High king size bed
with double mattress and fluffy pillows will perfectly fit in to a large picture.Position the bed against the wall in a way so that anyone entering the room cannot see it from outside.In this respect a well-decorated hotel room can be a good inspiration for designing a bedroom. Place a chic looking chest or cabinet at the foot of the bed to keep television on top of it.It also adds little more privacy to the sleeping area.
Choose large wardrobe and wall-mirrors for the dressing zone. Small wooden desk with table lamp and set of cushioned chairs in a corner can ideally create a cozy reading or lounging area in your bedroom. When it comes to selecting bedside tables and lamps go for round shaped ones rather than square ones if you go for traditional style.Modern bedside lamps come in varied shapes and size to choose from.

Textile Texture

Pick fabric wisely for your bedroom as it relates to comfort as well as privacy.Bedroom windows need double layers of curtains.Long and heavy drapes are to bar the sunlight and cold. Thin light-colored linen curtains ensure privacy while allowing ample sunlight during daytime.For pillow and cushion covers choose fabrics with attractive colors and fine texture. Bedroom is all about rest and comfort.Wide range of fabrics with different textures and price range are available in the market.So,look for variety of fabrics as much as possible before you select one for your bedroom.
Use your imagination and bedroom design ideas to create your own style statement.Hang intricately designed tapestries or a colorful painting with soft wall-lamps focusing on it at the head of the bed.You can not buy anything that appeal to your senses.Choose pieces of art work and tapestries depending on the mood and style of your bedroom design. Placing potted plants by the bed or window brings soothing touch of nature as well.Flowers and floral art works also add to the romantic charm of a bedroom.To be precise,a good amalgamation of your creativity and interior decorating tips given by experts is sure to create the spark in your bedroom decor.

bedroom interior design | Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design
Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Ideas

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

Your Bedroom interior design is crucial because the bedroom is the inner sanctum sanctorum of any house. A bedroom is the place you go to relax and just unwind after a long and sometimes stressful day.

Therefore, it is important then that the bedroom is designed to fulfill your needs. Not only does this room need to look good to the eyes but also must be soothing to the soul.

A bedroom design can be a challenging task because not only is the bedroom a very romantic place but in this age where stress takes its toll on many, a good night's sleep is an increasingly rare commodity.

Before you begin tearing down the walls, it makes sense to talk over the design plans with your partner, if you have one. A romantic bedroom should reflect both people's ideals.

Add some personal flavor that touch both of you at the same time. Pictures from a vacation or a picnic or from a romantic getaway can be great. Make sure that the lighting is just right for both of you.

If one of you likes to read late into the night, it may be better to install personal lighting. Soft lighting can create a good mood and some soft rugs can complement it. If you like, you can add an incense burner or potpourri to get you in the mood.

A bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. The bedroom interior design needs to take that in to account. The beds that you choose should have adequate dimensions to accommodate you easily.
The mattresses should just feel right. A lot of people are increasingly falling prey to sleep disorders, and improper beds are contributing a lot of pain directly and indirectly in their cases.

Make sure that the coverings are just right. Duvets, quilts, comforters and sheets should not be very heavy. They should also feel good to your skin.

Bedrooms are our last refuge; they are where we end up after a long day at work and play. They need to be our own and their designs need to reflect who we are.

Bedroom designs, therefore, require definite planning and a lot of thought. A bedroom interior design needs input from the bedroom occupants and a lot of creativity, so get yourself a good designer and rest assured that every dime is well spent in the long run.

The bottom line: whether you redo your bedroom interior design yourself or hire someone, make sure that the overall look and theme match you and your partners personalities. Again, it cannot be emphasized enough-there are few rooms in the home as important as the bedroom. If you like your bedroom interior design, it will go a long way to enabling you to live a happy and stress free life.

master bedroom interior design | Bedroom Interior Design

master bedroom interior design
Bedroom Interior Design

Master Bedroom Interior Design

Master Bedroom Indeas

Master Bedroom Decoration

How To Decorate Master Bedroom 5 Tips
How do you go about decorating a master bedroom? There are several key decisions that need to be made, and all are of equal importance in your bedroom interior design and decor.

First, determine how your furniture is going to be placed in the master bedroom. Is a sitting area a possibility in the space? What size bed do you have, or plan to have, and will it fit comfortably into the room? I have worked with clients who want to increase the size of their bed, but it doesn't fit well in their room. You want to have about two feet minimum on either side of the bed for easy access.

Determining the focal point of the room is key in decorating a master bedroom as well as other rooms. When you walk into the space where are your eyes drawn? It might be a beautiful view out a window or door wall, possibly the largest wall in the room, or it could be a lovely fireplace. Whatever the case, place the bed so that it is on the focal point wall or facing the focal point whenever possible.

You might consider painting the focal point wall an accent color, either a deeper shade of your selected wall color or another color in your palette. Just remember as you select these shades that the overall effect of decorating ideas for the master bedroom is soothing and calming.

Avoid overcrowding your master bedroom with furniture and clutter. If you have inherited an antique bedroom set that can barely be squeezed into your space, eliminate one of the pieces and use it in another room. Utilize the drawers in nightstands, dressers and the space in your closet keep thing out of sight. Scout around your house or do some shopping to find unique pieces that can be used as storage.

If your master bedroom suite is large enough to accommodate a sitting area, select a chair (or a pair of chairs) that are comfortable and upholstered, with soft edges and corners.

The next bedroom decor idea for the master bedroom is the color palette for the space. Most of the time you will find that neutral type colors on the walls work best, as they have a soothing presence. Note that 'white walls' were not mentioned. There are literally hundreds of shades of neutrals that will give warmth, interest and cohesiveness to the master bedroom decor and serve as a backdrop to the accent colors in the room.

The accent colors when decorating a master bedroom should include at least one, preferably two colors that appear in other rooms of your home. That way you are being consistent in your color scheme from room to room. It is perfectly fine to introduce a new color in the master bedroom makeover, as it gives the space personality and uniqueness.

Lighting is the next significant element in decorating a master bedroom. Generally you will have a combination of lighting. Task lighting includes a light next the the bed for reading; you'll have mood lighting, which could be a chandelier or ceiling fan with a dimmer switch. You may also have a lamp or two in the room for warm, moderate lighting. Try to stay away from one overhead light with a bright, glaring globe. Definitely not a mood setter!

The specifics of accessories such as bed dressings, window treatments and artwork are very personal, according to your home's style and decor when decorating a master bedroom. For example, having an array of pillows in varying shapes and sizes looks inviting and romantic, and would look great in many decor styles. However, if your style is contemporary to modern, it will look out of place.

Other master bedroom decor and makeover ideas include the use of small area rugs in the room, both for comfort and decor style. Window treatments should allow light in during the day but provide for privacy at night. Soften the windows/doorwalls with fabric, such as a valance or side panels. Bed dressings are available in every size, pattern and price point, so the decision there will depend upon the decor style you are creating. Not sure what your style is? Find out more here!

The most important concept for decorating a master bedroom is to make certain that you have the things you love surrounding you. When you walk into that room, you want to feel absolutely comfortable, safe and secure, and that includes seeing the artwork and accessories that you love. No matter where you live or how often you move, surrounding yourself with the things your love in the privacy of the master bedroom will help make the house your home.

Blog Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a young blogger, let's call her Marianne. She lived in this estate in Italy because her last name was Ferragamo.She spent her days floating through the light and airy rooms, dreaming of Italian leather.
And while she would change some things about the estate....
there was a lot to work with and she knew one day it would be LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Until she made some minor tweaks to the house to make it look more like her, she found LOVE LOVE LOVE in her closet, stocked with the likes of....
The End. Sigh.

For more of Ferruccio Ferragamo's estate visit Architectural Digest. All other images Salvatore Ferragamo.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Poipu Beach in Hawai

Poipu beach in hawai is a beautiful beach. Poʻipū in Hawaiianis a census-designated place (CDP) in Kauaʻi County on the southern side of the island of Kauaʻi in the U.S. state of Hawaiʻi. Poipu Beach is around 1,000 feet long and the most popular beach on the South Shore. Swimming here is almost always safe. This beach has extensive facilities for visitors. It provides restrooms, picnic tables, showers, a playground, walkways, and lifeguards.

Designer's Own Home- Phillip Gorrivan

I love to peek into designers homes and see how they surround themselves on a daily basis. Over Christmas I finally got to catch up on some reading and I was thrilled to see Elle Decor had Phillip Gorrivan, a favorite of mine since his fabric line for Highland Court.The sofa below is out of a fabric I have been dying to use since I first saw it, I love seeing it on a big piece. How cool are the bedroom ceilings?

Speaking of ceilings, this bedroom has a fabulous one, be sure to peek into the magazine. Goose feather pendant from Paris for a child's room? Yes please.
Love Love Love.
My love for heavy textured fabric is no secret, needless to say it was love at first sight when I saw these fabrics. Here are just a few.....

Images Elle Decor and Highland Court