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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comely Popular Compact Home Designs

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Modern Kids Room Designs by Pianca

Teen room design has to be different from kids one because teenager isn’t already kid but almost adult person. Teen room must reflect his or her own style and taste but at the same time provide comfortable place for relaxing and studying. Italian company Pianca offers some modern solutions capable to satisfy any teen’s wishes and needs. All of them are furnished by lacquered minimalist furniture, which look very stylish. In spite of minimalist design these rooms have enough space to store a lot of clothes, books and other necessary for teenager things. There are many kinds of single beds with creative headboards and in different finishes available. Almost all studying desk have very simple shapes. One of the most interesting of them is a corner model, which is also space saving.[via]

Children's Rooms 2

Bedroom Interior Design

Modern bedroom” does not refer to the physical “age” of the room itself. Rather, a “modern bedroom” is one decorated in a manner that parallels modern design values. Generally, this means that for your furnishings to be considered modern bedroom furniture, they have to be indicative of a characteristically modern minimalist aesthetic. To put it simply: For a modern bedroom, less is more. To achieve a truly modern look, you will first need to de-clutter your bedroom.


Get rid of all those unnecessary trinkets and furnishings that take up space in your room. Your goal is to have a room that is very organized, and delineated by simple straight lines. To that end, you will also want to lose any round, flowery, ornate antique furniture in exchange for some sleek, streamlined, and stylish modern bedroom furniture.

Many modern bedrooms tend to go with a high contrast color scheme. This often manifests itself in lightly colored (but often monotone) walls and dark wood or black furniture. Sleek black platform beds with pure white sheets, for example, are visually stunning and dramatic. But just because these furnishings are subtly designed does not mean that their presence is subtle. In fact, modern bedroom furniture is often placed very prominently in a modern bedroom to give the d├ęcor some extra pop.

Accessories like pillows and lamps should complement your platform beds and other furnishings, but they shouldn’t overwhelm the room. Remember, for a modern bedroom, simple is better. Perhaps embellish your contemporary bed with a single red throw pillow, or put a sleek silver lamp on your nightstand. With a little creativity and a less-is-more mentality, you will be well on your way to having a sophisticated and elegant modern bedroom. For more information go here.

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Amazing luxury bedroom interior design and furniture decorating pictures

Amazing luxury bedroom interior design and furniture decorating pictures

Amazing luxury bedroom interior design and furniture decorating pictures







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Modern, Minimalist Black and White Bedroom Interior Design

Modern, Minimalist Black and White Bedroom Interior Design by Muebles Benicarlo

modern and minimalist style look at this picture and get any inspiration to create your bedroom. The other bedroom interior design, with modern and minimalist style, dominated with black and white color, It’s so simple, clean and elegant.


Inspiring And Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

Inspiring And Luxury Bedroom Interior Design




Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trans Studio, The largest indoor Amusement Park

Trans Studio Resort Makassar is an integrated tourism area in Makassar, Indonesia. Trans Studio built area of 12.7 hectares with investment of up to Rp 1 trillion. The project was inaugurated on September 9, 2009 by Mr. Vice-President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla. Facilities built in between the shopping center that includes the Trans Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, and Trans Studio, Trans hotels, and offices of Bank Mega. Trans Studio Building was built area 22,000 m² with 20 meters high which is the largest indoor amusement park in Southeast Asia.
Trans World Studio is in the area of Makassar Trans Studio Resort is located in Global Business Area Integrated Tourism and Tanjung Bunga, Makassar, South Sulawesi, or only about five miles from the center of Makassar (Field Karebosi). Trans Studio Theme Park World Makassar adopted the concept of Universal Studios in the United States. Contains simulation chambers several television programs, Trans TV, or events in Indonesia. Some of them are the Tsunami Island, eerie atmosphere affected by the tsunami and earthquakes. There is also Magic Museum containing objects such as living in a movie Night at the Museum, the Other, Rafting, Magic Corner, Lost City, Terror Twister, and Water Coaster.