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Thursday, August 31, 2006

White and neutral tone colors blend well with other decorating schemes

Neutral tones are especially practical in the world of decoration because their neutrally means they can easily be teamed up with other colors. Warm colors make a room seem smaller and more homey, a place where we can retreat to unwind. There are many techniques for increasing the expressiveness of the walls and for making your home a place where you feel at ease. Many neutral tones are associated with natural materials, stone, earth, wood, straw, sand or with artificial materials such as metal, glass, and concrete.

Here are ten household helpful hints for choosing colors and wall covering fabrics to decorate your home:

1. White and neutral tones are an ideal backdrop to make a work of art or tapestry stand out.

2. Neutral tones should be applied when a space is overloaded architecturally, or when we want something to fade into the background.

3. Neutral tones age well so they can be used where you do not redecorate, or touch up, very often; or if our intention is to specifically create an aged effect.

4. Variations on neutral tones are ideal for small rooms.

5. White and neutral tones are a great way of combining different decorative styles as they act as a neutral transition zone between one style and the other.

6. Gray metal or gray concrete, two neutral tones, are especially apt for creating modern ambience with a cutting edge feel.

7. Textured neutral tones, like limestone or temperate paint, are perfect for creating rustic effects.

8. Neutral tones fabrics, carpets, curtains, or tapestries are a great help when decorating because they go well with al the colors.

9. If you want a room steeped in neutral tones to be livelier, you can introduce a few dramatic color touches dark colors, even black, are a good solution.

10. A neutral tone is perfect for painting a wall or doors that you want to be inconspicuous.

About the author:

Roger King has been involved in home interior painting for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior painting solutions.Visit his Web site www.decorativeinteriorpainting.com to learn more about this service.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

If you have ever considered building your own kitchen cabinets and aborted the idea by convincing yourself that you have no woodworking tools, or I know nothing about wood staining and finishing, or little about cabinet making in general, then read on and believe me when I say it can be done with minimal tools.

With the rising price of lumber and plywood on the market today a set of kitchen cabinets bought pre made, or custom made is becoming an unreality for some home owners. Consider building your own and saving money.

Now it would be nice to have a complete woodworking shop all ready to just punch out a set of kitchen cabinets on demand, but that is probably not the case and here is the alternative to the solution.

You can measure and layout on paper the design of your kitchen using the existing kitchen as a example of how things are constructed then break it down into a parts list forgetting any doors, drawers, or hardware for the time being. Just concentrate on the shell.

When you have your parts list ready you can buy the materials and hire a cabinet shop to cut and mill the parts for the boxes and what your left with is assembling the boxes. This is not uncommon practice in cabinetry now days as more cabinet manufactures are farming out there work so they can produce more. The cabinet shop will package the order for each box making it easier to identify the cabinet and understand the assembly.

When your kitchen cabinets are assembled you measure the door and drawer opening and take your list to a company that specializes in building just doors and drawers.

Once the cabinets are assembled and the drawer slides installed to cabinet box and drawer it is a good idea to dry fit all parts before installing your kitchen cabinets.

At this point you need to decide what type finish and top coat you want to use on your kitchen cabinets and how it should be done. We are not going to discuss in detail how to finish your cabinets in this how to because it is a separate issue altogether, but suggest you install the cabinets and hire a professional painter to do the final step.

Another alternative to save money, labor and error factors is to buy Ready to Assemble cabinets from companies that specialize in this area. The savings may not be as great as doing it all yourself, but Ready to Assemble cabinets cost less to ship than pre made kitchen cabinets and usually provide professional assistance in design.

You can read more detailed information on Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets at our website in the Interior Home Improvement section.

About the Author:

Chet Holcomb of Home Improvement Handyman is a experienced carpenter and contractor with many years doing home repair and specializing in cabinetry and considered an expert in the field of home improvement.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Natural light sources creates mood and captures the moment

Natural light sources are an important element in bringing out the best in the color scheme. If light enters through side windows, a dark ceiling will make the room look gloomy. If the light comes in at an angle it is wise to paint the floor a pale color.

Here are ten household helpful hints for natural light sources:

1 Control the light using blinds and curtains, always adapting it to the needs of every moment.

2 Soften the contrast produced by window and the dark surrounding wall by focusing artificial light onto the latter.

3 Emphasize the beauty of an especially compelling piece of furniture by spotlighting it.

4 In work areas the specific lighting must be from the left for right-handed people and vice versa.

5 The direct light from a hanging lamp must always be below eye-level, otherwise it will blind us.

6 Use subtle general lighting so that the transition from a bright area to a dark one is not painful for the eyes.

7 Make sure that the light in a work area is compensated by the surrounding lighting so that you do not strain your eyes.

8 Use freestanding lamps and floor lamps in spaces where the furniture’s is frequently rearranged, these types of lamps offer adaptable solutions.

9 A highly reflective surface (the whiter the better) helps to multiply the light and to diffuse it all over the space.

10 In small rooms pale-colored walls give acceptable lighting. A darker ceiling breaks the monotony and provides contrast.

Bearing in mind all these factors, you should analyze the daylight in your house throughout the day and then plan the artificial lighting.

About The Author:

Roger King has been involved in home interior designs for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior design solutions. Visit his Web site www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com to learn more about this service.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Interior Lighting

I want to give you some basic guidelines for selecting key interior lighting fixtures for your home. Now these are just guidelines, they do not have to be followed exactly to the penny, if you do following these guidelines with in a smidgen or so, then you will have an interior lighting fixture that will fit properly and be the right size and proportions for the scale and dimensions of your home.

Let's start in the dinning room, dinning room chandelier or chandeliers for any particular room where an interior lighting fixture will be hanging over a table.

Interior lighting fixtures hanging over a table, if the table is round or rectangle then the rule of thumb or guidelines is that the chandelier should be a foot in from the total width of the table. For example if the width of the tables measures fifty inches in diameter than the interior lighting fixture's width should be thirty-eight inches in diameter.

For interior lighting chandeliers that are hanging over a round or square table then the rule of thumb or guideline is to have the width of the fixture eighteen inches smaller than the total width of the table. Example for round and square tables say the table is forty-eight inches in diameter than the chandelier should be thirty inches in diameter.

Now for the hanging heights for interior lighting fixtures, the guideline is that on a standard eight-foot ceiling the height of the interior lighting fixture should be hanging thirty inches above the table. In the cases where you may have a ceiling taller then a standard eight-foot ceiling, then the rule is, for every foot past eight-foot then you need to raised the interior lighting chandelier three inches per every foot past eight foot. Example if you have a ten-foot ceiling then your interior lighting chandelier should be hanging thirty-six inches above the table. Now this measurement is from the bottom of the interior lighting fixture to the table.

Next for entryways and rooms, that you have a hang interior lighting chandelier that is not mounted over a table. The rule of thumb for these other areas is that the chandelier can be in inches what the diagonal of the room is in feet. For example if a room is sixteen feet on the diagonal, the chandelier could be approximately sixteen inches in diameter.

For interior lighting fixtures mounted on a wall or a wall sconce, sometimes a wall fixture or sconce can create a sense of scale. The size of the fixture must be compatible with the wall's height, the furniture, and the volume of the space. To determine the size, test it. See for yourself, is the wall fixture the right size? Build a rough model with cardboard and masking tape as close as possible to the shape and size of the wall sconce in question. (Shoeboxes are often the size of a wall fixture.) Hold the model up to the wall or tack it up with some thumbtacks. You can not only judge the size but also decide how high to hang it. Rules of thumb for hanging, interior wall fixture or wall sconces, all wall fixtures are hung at or near eye level. Wall fixture and or wall sconces are meant to be seen. Hang them higher only if they infringe on the space needed to move around, for example, beside steps.

We have covered the basics rules for sizing some of the key interior lighting fixtures, these rules are a standard practiced by interior designers, we hope they will help you when you are selecting your interior lighting fixtures for your home.

About the Author:

Dennis Romano is a lighting store owner and writes about Interior Lighting & Lamps

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Living Room Decorating ! Read This Before You Start Out

When it comes to living room decorating there are many styles one can choose from. There are hundreds, if not thousands of options in terms of carpet alone. Maybe you want to go with hardwood, or be adventurous, and try stained concrete. Whatever the case, each element of a living room goes into the overall living room decorating plan that is set in motion when one moves into a home, or renovates his, or her living room.

The best way to implement a living room decorating concept is to research the purpose of the room. The purpose of your living room is for most a place of sanctuary, where one can kick back in the recliner, with a cold beverage, and enjoy a ball game, or movie. For others the living room can be a virtual office, in the days of wireless internet, and laptop computers, living room decorating must consider these things. Whatever the use is for your living room, try locating it before you do any living room decorating, in order to fully adorn the room with functional decorations.

A function decoration is one that serves a purpose beyond accenting a rooms looks. Some living room decorating experts utilize this on a daily basis. In fact, many interior decorators make this the fundamental premise behind all their work. A living room decorating plan that implements at least some functional elements will greatly assist those enjoying the room on a regular basis.

The most common functional elements found when living room decorating is occurring are old wood tables being used as desks, a piece of a sail boat converted into a coffee table, or even a fancy piece of art, that happens to be a clock. These are your common, run of the mill functional design elements. There are plenty of others worth a try as well.

One can utilize all types of materials to make functional design elements. For my living room I wanted an industrial look, so I went with metal as my core material. I was able to have a metal breakfast bar created for less than three thousand dollars. The bar is covered with a custom piece of glass, and adds a modern pop to any living room.

Your challenge is to find what you like to do in a living room, and try to incorporate it into your design. Once you do this, your living room will not only be beautiful, but also functional.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

About the Author:

Shrinivas Vaidya is the webmaster of http://www.livingroomdatabase.com Visit today to get more free living room decorating tips to decorate a beautiful and charming living room of your wildest dreams.

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Home Lighting Design

The lamp and lighting industry in the more resent years are showing a greater interest to interior decorating. Lighting and lamps are not just for function any more they can play a big part to the interior design of your homes lamp and lighting plan, as well as offer function too.

The lamps and lighting in your home can make huge difference to the perception of your home. Lighting chandeliers, wall sconces, vanity strips, floor lamps and table lamps etc. as you are selecting the various types of lighting fixtures for your home lighting, you want to keep in you mind that you need to carry out a main style and theme in order to have a complete total home design. You can very a little bit for interest but be consistent, the over all main theme needs to remain constant. Remember you want to enhance what is there already and in doing so it will bring renewed value, charm, grace and beauty to your home.

Many lamp and lighting manufacturers are now hooking up with designers form other industries, by teaming up, with these designers from other industries; the lighting manufacturers are bringing in new influences from the outside industries to its own industry, to the lighting industry. This is allowing these newly designed lighting styles to flow and fit together as never before with today's most popular looks for home fashions.

To name a few Murray Feiss has teamed up with Bob Mackie, he bring a new type of glamour to his lighting designs. The Minka Group has teamed up with Jessica McClintock; she brings romance and her own special flair to her lamps and lighting designs. Cristina Saralegui has mostly recently joined the team in the Ambience division of the Minka Group she brings a Latin flair with her Casa Cristina collection of table lamps and floor lamps. Hi-Lite Mfg. has teamed up with the Sara Lee Semi-Homemade, Sara Lee has concentrated on kitchen island lighting and pot racks she bring magic once again to the kitchen. Tracy Porter and Savoy House have teamed together to create the Tracy Porter Collection, Tracy is creating enchanting designs from her studio in Wisconsin. Maxim Lighting and Doug Wilson are teaming together to offer something new; many of you may know Doug Wilson from his designing on the Trading Spaces television show. These are just a few of the lighting manufacturers that have teamed up with designers from other industries, and it has proven to be a great success. Designers from outside the lighting industry bring an entirely new fresh appeal to today's home fashion and lamps and lighting fixtures.

When beginning your interior decorating project, remember start with a main theme and be consistent with that theme. Carry it on through out the entire house, if you have chosen a Tuscan theme, have that be your inspiration. Always keep that Tuscan theme you have chosen in the back of your mind at all times whenever you are making any type of selection to use anywhere in your home. Especially with your home lighting, Chandeliers, Bath and Vanity lights, Exterior Lighting and your Table Lamps and Floor Lamps etc.

Don't stop just at the lighting; carry it on into everything you select. Select your Door Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets with your main theme in mind. Again I can't stress enough be consistent it really pays off.

You don't want to start with Modern Entry Pendant Light, then use a Tuscan Chandelier in the living room and move to Craftsman Ceiling Fan in the family room and have Modern Kitchen Island Pendant. Using all the different styles makes for to much confusion and chaos. It is the consistent flow of one main theme, which brings a complete design, to your interior decorating project.

About the Author:

Dennis Romano is a lighting store owner and writes about Home Lighting and Light Fixtures.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Kohala Coast Vacation Rental Specials

Kohala Coast Vacation Rental Specials

Aloha again,
to those visitors who come back again and again to the Kohala Coast on the Big Island and to those who want to visit the Big Island for the first time.

More and more people find our comprehensive website Kohala Coast Vacation Guide and this blog Vacation on Kohala Coast of Hawaii Big Island with lots of information about Kohala Coast vacation rentals, activities, beaches, homes for sale, hotels, resorts, restaurants, wedding and so much more. If our last blog about how to plan a 7-day Kohala Coast vacation, was not only of interest for you but helpful for planning your vacation, we'd appreciate to leave a short comment for other Kohala Coast travelers.

Today, a short note for those visitors who can take off short notice and take advantage of all kinds of specials...Cancellation Specials, Last Minute Specials, Hot Deals, Low Season Specials. If you are interested in our vacation rental SPECIALS for the month of September, please, visit our new vacation rental Specials page in Kohala Coast Vacation Guide, which is easy to use (just click on the title and you will get to the owner's listing to see more details and photos about the vacation property).

Hope the introduction of our Vacation Rental Specials page reaches you just at the right time to find a nice place for your Big Island visit in September. We will continue posting specials. So check back with the Kohala Coast Vacation Guide and the Kohala Coast Blog frequently.

Don't forget, we are here for you. If you have questions or comments, please, let us know. We will listen. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Choosing floor and wall covering fabrics for all your decorating needs

The texture of fabrics varies but all of them add warmth and personality to a room. Many possibilities are available in decorating shops, making the work even easier by selling fabrics and papers in the same pattern. Traditionally it was used to cover walls but has since given way to wallpaper, which is more practical and easy to use while carrying out the same function.

Here are ten household helpful hints for choosing floor and wall covering fabrics to decorate your home:

1. Use fabrics to provide soundproofing in noisy rooms.

2. Curtains or blinds allow us to play with light.

3. Choose flooring like according to a room’s use.

4. Use tough floorings like marble, stone, or tiles where lots of people move about, especially if they have hard heels or dirty soles.

5. Use warm flooring like carpets or wood where you will walk barefoot.

6. Before choosing flooring, try and determine how it will look in the lighting of a room.

7. Take good care of your flooring to ensure it will last a long time.

8. Avoid paint in areas with heavy circulation. Tiles and marble are both washable and longer lasting.

9. When deciding on the flooring and the wall coverings remember just how much space they occupy and therefore how important they are.

10. Well-matched wall coverings and floorings can be mutually enhancing so it is best to select them at the same time.

About the author:

About The Author: Roger King has been involved in home interior designs for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior design solutions. Visit his Web site http://www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com/to learn more about this service.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Here are some useful tips to know before wallpapering a room

Wallpaper varies greatly in its material content, which helps determine how a paper looks and how it handles. Vinyl wallpaper are popular because they are durable, fairly easy to install, and easy to maintain. There are fabric-backed vinyl, paper-backed vinyl, and ones designed to look like a three dimensional surface, such as plaster, granite, or grass cloth, which are suitable for walls that aren’t perfectly smooth.

Fabric wallpaper is usually made of cotton, linen, or other natural plant fibers, such as grass-cloth, hemp, or burlap. Most textiles fray easily and are not washable. Solid paper wall coverings include hand-screened papers, foils, flocked papers with textured patterns, and murals. Both textile and paper wallpapers should be installed by professionals. Thinking beyond wallpaper covering, the possibility of stone, ceramic tile, wood, and metal is different materials that can cover walls too.

To determine how much wallpaper to buy, measure the height and width of each wall using a steel tape measure. Round up to the nearest foot. Multiply the height and width of each wall, and then add the figures together to get the rough square footage. How a room is used will help you determine what wall coverings are most suitable. Get a sample or one rolls and looks at it in the room with your other furnishings and samples to compare there different pattern and texture.

When it comes to wall-coverings choices, you may want to think outside the box, as they say, and consider new materials as well as traditional materials used in new and different ways. Think about new places to use them, such as decorative tile in the dining room or wood in the bathroom. You might choose an elegant linen or flocked paper for the living room. Either kind of paper texture will add richness to a room.

About the author:

About The Author: Roger King has been involved in home interior designs for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior design solutions, to meet their needs. Visit his Web site http://www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com/ to learn more about this service.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Choosing fabric for curtains in your home décor

There’s more to shopping for curtain fabric than seeking out the perfect print of the weave those complements the color scheme to perfection. Furnishing fabrics are not all suitable for every situation. With the wide range of weaves and weighs of cloth available, make sure the one you buy will do the job you have in mind. The two most important factors to bear in mind when looking for curtain fabric are resistance to fading and the weight of the fabric.

Light resistance curtains, being so close to windows, take a lot of punishment from sunlight. Make sure to close fabrics that are resistant to fading and rotting by the sun’s rays, particularly for rooms which get the sun throughout most of the day. Look at the weight and quality of the fabric. In general, all but the lightest curtains are worth lining, and even some of the thinner softer cloths, which drape well look very limp unless they are lined.

The after-care of made-up curtains also needs some though when choosing fabric. Unless a fabric is labeled and sold as pre-shrunk of fixed-finished, shrinkage have between five and six per cent is considered normal. Fabric needs to be flexible enough to roll around a wooden dowel. All medium-weight fabrics can be used, but look for tightly woven cottons for really reliable results. If curtains are going to need regular washing it is sensible either to pre-wash the fabric, lining and tape, or to make curtain with detachable linings.

About the author:

About The Author: Roger King has been involved in home interior designs for several years, and has been helping people find and review the best value for interior design solutions. Visit his Web site www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com to learn more about this service.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Decorating with Quilts - Room by Room

You know cuddling up with a quilt is one of life's small pleasures. A good book, a cup of hot chocolate, a roaring fire - the picture just isn't complete without a comfy quilt to wrap yourself in.

But quilts can be so much more. Including custom quilts as part of the decor is one of the easiest ways to add warmth to your home's design. In addition to the obvious benefits of color and pattern, quilted fabric accessories add genuine physical, and even emotional, comfort to the rooms in which we live.

Quilts in the Living Room

Today's homes often have cathedral ceilings in the living or great room. Such high ceilings can make the home feel spacious, but sometimes leave it feeling a little cold, too. Plus, it can be hard to find art work large enough to balance the grand walls and make the space feel welcoming.

An oversized quilt can be the answer. Its considerable size can fill in a blank wall while it color and design complements your decor. (As an added bonus, the cost of quilt will often be less than the cost of a painting of equal size.)

Quilts in the Family Room

The family room got its name because it's the room your family comes together in - it's where you gather to relax, talk about your day and shut out the world. But what if your family room windows open right into the neighbors' family room windows? Just close your quilted curtains - insulated panels and roman shades are two types of window coverings tailor-made for quilts.

Think about what else you do in the family room. You watch TV, maybe even play games. Now, imagine a cute, colorful quilt covering the table that you all collect around for Scrabble. It'll make banging your head after losing - again - so much more comfortable.

Quilts in the Dining Room

Whether you are sitting down for a quick bite, a romantic meal or a Thanksgiving feast, consider dressing your dining room table with a table runner to match the spirit of the moment. It's not only one of the best ways to add a little color and cheer, but a quilted table runner or table cloth can protect your table from hot dishes and accidental spills, too.

Quilts in the Bedroom

Nothing can be better than getting ready for a good night's sleep than by slipping under a quilted bed cover made just for you. Having brightened your room all day, it now offers comfort and warmth for the cold night ahead.

And don't forget the fun, new trend in bedroom decorating today - bed toppers. These smaller quilts, designed to coordinate with your existing comforter, can be made in various colors or themes (for example, a holiday topper). It's an easy way to update or freshen a bedroom without replacing your expensive current bedding or buying lots of comforters that you then need to find a place to store.

Quilts in the Nursery

From the minute you bring baby home, you want your precious new family member to know he or she is wrapped in love. Of course, a soft, warm quilted blankie is a given. But you can show your love with a quilted crib set designed especially for the nursery, too.

Add quilted toys to complete the picture. Fabric blocks, dolls, stuffed animals, even cloth books are safe for baby to play with and easy to clean - just toss them in the wash.

Quilts in the Bathroom

The master bath is probably the last place you'd expect a quilt, but why not? Just remember to use a plastic liner and a quilt can make one of the most sophisticated, and unique, shower curtains you've ever seen.

The ways that quilts can be incorporated in interior design don't have to end here. No matter the number or size of the rooms in your house, you can consider custom quilts as the perfect choice practically anywhere fabric is called for!

About the Author:

Author and quilt creator Deidre McLeod invites you to decorate - room by room - with custom quilts from Whimzie Quiltz and More. Have a quilt created just for you or your loved one at http://www.whimziequiltz.com. FREE initial designs; no obligation.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Find Envious Home Lighting to Match Any Decor

Over the years and through the ages, there have been many different styles that have been considered Transitional. Whenever one popular style gave way to another, there would often be homes that were in the midst of change, or transition, from the old style to the new. The same is true today when it comes to the Traditional and Contemporary styles. In fact, homes that are considered to be Transitional in today's age are normally a combination of these two popular styles.

During the post war era, the use of sleek, clean lines in interior decorating became very popular. Then and today, contemporary interiors have certain characteristics that really identifies the style which include clean lines, sculptural furnishings, art, neutral elements and bold color.

Traditionally decorated spaces, on the other hand, are comforting and filled with exquisite, classically designed furnishings and accessories. Taking inspiration from such style periods as Georgian, Tudor and Regency, Traditional décor has perhaps the homiest feel over all other types of décor. Characterized by centered and straight furniture arrangements, the Traditional style is also identified by the presence of pairs of accessories or pieces of furniture rather than just a solitary piece. When you blend these two types of decorating into a Transitional style, you open your home up to a multitude of possibilities when it comes to décor and especially when it comes to home lighting.

Choosing the proper lighting is perhaps one of the most important facets of decorating your home and creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. And the technology associated with home lighting today has made it easier than ever before to accomplish grand things in your home with just the flick of the switch. With the right light, you can make an average room look spectacular, disguise flaws and emphasize assets. Lighting can enhance color schemes and make odd rooms seem intimate and cozy. When choosing lighting for a Transitional space, you have the option of choosing lighting from either of the two styles or both of them if you prefer. Contemporary lighting fixtures feature bold color or metallic accents and a unique style. Recessed or track lighting is also very popular in Contemporary homes. Most Traditional lighting sources incorporate materials such as brass, crystal, metal, wood and art glass. Shades can be made from a wide variety of soft fabrics including linen, cloth and silk.

With Transitional lighting there is no end to the options of home lighting. Some manufacturers have even designed specific lines of home lighting that incorporates both Contemporary and Traditional styles to create a Transitional style lighting product. As you can imagine, the looks and colors associated with this lighting is widely varied and exciting to decorate with.

So, if you are looking to decorate your home in the ever-popular Transitional style, your lighting options are endless. Why not browse to see what Transitional lighting options are available today?

About the Author:

Pamela Tice is the owner of http://www.simplytablelamps.com . Her store offers a complete selection of trendy Decorative Lighting and faboulous Table Lamps.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Small Spaces? Choose a Compact Dishwasher

Less than a decade ago if you had a small kitchen there was no hope for a dishwasher and you were doomed to have dish pan hands. But Those days are gone and now you can choose a compact dishwasher that will take up just a small portion of your kitchen counter.

Whether you live in an apartment, mobile home, condo, trailer, or RV here are just a few of your options.

1. Haier Dishwasher This compact model is convenient and reliable and it will sit on your table or counter. It holds a full 4 place settings and it has a silver basket that you can remove for just a little more space. It has 3 wash cycles and it comes with the adaptor kit for your sink.

2. Haier Table Top Dishwasher This is a true space saver with easy touch pad controls and three automatic wash cycles. It even has a rinse and hold cycle which is very convenient. It's quiet and you can have it running without interfering with conversation or watching your favorite shows.

3. Danby DDW396W Danby has a reputation for building a terrific space saver dishwasher that's reliable and affordable. It is a mini size model that's been engineered to perform like its larger counterparts. You don't have to sacrifice performance for size. Danby continues to provide a product you can rely on every year.

4. Bosch SKT5102GB Offers you two temperature settings and it will hold a full four place setting. It has 5 programmed settings which include Intensive, Normal, Economy, Glasses, and Warm Pre Rinse. It also has an adjustable water softener. It has an easy to clean triple filter system and the rinse aid has a convenient refill indicator. The stainless steel interior looks great and it appears functional.

5. Zanussi It has 5 place settings and residual heat drying. It is energy efficient and has a built in heating element. It also comes with a flood protection element which is a nice touch.

6. Vesta Designed this dishwasher for small spaces. In fact it will fit anywhere including your RV yet you can easily get four place settings in it. There are three wash programs and two different temperature settings. And the super quiet operation is a real bonus. Clean up is a breeze with the stainless steel interior and easy to clean trap.

Today there is no reason why you need to suffer from dish pan hands. There are compact dishwashers that will fit your cabin, apartment, trailer, mobile home, or RV counter space with no problem. So are you ready to get convenient?

About the Author:

Dan is a part-time appliances repairman and with his dishwasher website at http://www.alldishwashers.com , he gives reviews of both commercial and residential models and states common problems that he encounters with each one, with solutions! To learn more visit the portable dishwasher website.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finding Curtain Patterns

If you are one that is interested in sewing your own curtains, you might be on the look out for the perfect curtain pattern. Having a pattern for the curtains that you want to make will it make easier, and maybe even make the process of curtain making a lot smoother. However, you will find that when you are looking for a particular pattern for your curtains, there are many styles for you to choose from. From valances to panels you are going to find the styles to be quite intriguing to make as well as choose from. Many places sell patterns that you can look through for curtains, if you know where to look.

If you are lucky enough to have a local fabric store, you are going to find that they carry curtain patterns. Going to the fabric store and flipping through their pattern book just might lead you to the perfect pattern for your curtains. After you have flipped through all of the books you will then go to the huge filing cabinet to search for the pattern number that you are wanting. This will let you know if the pattern is available or not, and they should be in the cabinet in numerical order. It is always best to choose more than one pattern you are interested in, in case one is not available.

Another great place that you will find curtain patterns is online. By doing a simple search you are bound to come up with many places that will sell patterns so that you can make your own curtains. However, just be warned that a pattern is very light so shipping should not be much for any pattern that you are having mailed to your home. Also make sure that you are able to see a good picture and details of the pattern before you purchase it online. It is also not a bad idea to know your measurements, and make sure that the pattern you buy will accommodate the size curtains that you need.

You can always make your own curtain pattern out of muslin material for a few bucks. Using muslin as your pattern, you can play with that material until you get it just the way that you want it before you actually sew a real curtain. Muslin is often used for mock patterns of dresses as well as many other things. This is a great idea, and you will not have to buy a pattern any longer when you know how to do this.

As you can see, curtain patterns are available in many places. Wether you go out shopping for one, shop online, or make your own. You are sure to end up with the curtains that you have been wanting.

About the author:

Gayle is an independent interior designer in his local community. He had worked in a local fabric store for more than 10 years before starting his own venture. Currently, he specialized further by jumping into the home curtains industry. At his weekly updated website, http://www.anycurtains.com, he shows home owners simple ways to use your curtains to spruce up the look of your interior. Visit the curtain ideas website to learn more.

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A Look at Carpet

Carpets are one of the most romanticized consumer items which have a long history dating back to 4th millennium BC. The romance still lingers on in the Arabian world which is evident from the value they place on owning expensive carpets. A gold laced pure wool carpet was among the wedding gifts received by the reigning Sheikh of Saudi Arabia in 1978.

Carpets and rugs are not the same as is confusedly interchanged by some people. While carpets are generally used as floor coverings rugs are used on beds and tables.

Types of Carpets

Carpets can be classified into three categories regardless of their end uses, either domestic or industrial.

1. Loom produced woven carpets: You can have multicolored carpets having intricate designs, woven to cut pile. The multiple color and intricate designs are woven by using different colored yarns. Woven carpets command the highest price in the market.

2. Tufted carpets: These are produced by high speed tufting machines in single colors yarns. Only basic patterns are possible in tufting machines and are sold as low end carpets.

3. Needlefelt carpets: These are used in high traffic places such as hotels etc and are made on high technology machines by synthetic fibers. These are of high quality and cost a lot more than the other two.

Carpets are generally rolled open from wall to wall covering the entire area of the room. They are always exposed to dust and stains such as inks and tea. Carpet cleaning is a specialized service you can hire for cleaning and removing tough stains. But there lot many things you can do to take care of them.

Carpet Care At Home

Since carpets enhance the looks of the room, maintaining them calls for utmost attention. Here we are not talking of cleaning carpets after they are stained. Dirt and sand damage the tiny fibers if they are allowed to stay there. Use rugs outside the front doors which remove maximum dirt there. Avoiding shoes over carpets help a lot. Vacuum clean the carpets regularly.

Don’t allow stains to dry, rinse immediately using a stain remover and after you did it, remove the stain remover too. These solvents, if left over, will affect the fibers and colors slowly but surely. How will you remove stain remover? A domestic vacuum cleaner will do. Soak the spot where the solvent is applied and extract it repeatedly until you are satisfied.

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Alan Ross is a regular article contributor on many topics. Be sure to visit his other websites Carpet Cleaning, Atkins Diet and One Stop Information.

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Change The Look Of Your Room With Decorative Wall Mirrors

The rooms in our homes aren't always quite what we want. Sometimes we'd like the illusion of a longer room or a larger room. Great news! You can change the look of your room with decorative wall mirrors.

Pictures and mirrors help create the room's ambience. When you place your wall hangings strategically your room can take on an entirely new look. Your wall décor plays an important role in your home décor:

1. Mirrors, pictures, and other wall hangings give your room the feeling of being lived in. They add a personal touch.

2. Connect your room using color in frames.

3. Wall hangings help absorb sound creating a form of sound proofing.

4. Change the room's ambiance using pictures and mirrors.

1. Make Your Room Longer

Your home may have small rooms but it is very easy to give the illusion of length by either painting horizontal lines in a really bold color or by using wall art.

If you strategically place your wall art - photos, paintings, mirrors - you create the illusion of a longer room. Choose horizontal lines. Pictures such as mountain or ocean scenes or other types of landscapes will give good illusion. So will square mirrors or mirror that have a bold horizontal frame. Keep the amount of furniture minimal and don't overcrowd the room.

2. Make Your Room Wider

Sometimes rooms are just a little too narrow for our liking but this can easily be fixed. Well at least the illusion can. Some paint, a huge painting, and a bright bold decorative wall mirror and the problem will be solved.

The paint you pick should be dark and it should be a contrasting color. While it should be dark it should also be colorful and cheery. Now take that fabulous painting you purchased and hang it right square in the middle of the room. On the wall that is adjacent to the picture take your decorative wall mirror and hang it.

The mirror is going to reflect the painting and the dark color of the wall which will provide your room with depth. It's a quick and easy way to make your room feel wider and create balance.

3. Make Your Ceiling Higher

Low ceilings can make you feel confined but a room that has high ceilings will feel larger and more open. There are a couple of decorating techniques you can use to make low ceilings feel higher.

Start by putting down dark carpeting or wood floors then apply a light colored paint to the walls, finished with a bright white ceiling.

Now all you need to do is use wall hangings with vertical lines to give the illusion of height. A tall narrow mirror works great! Especially one that has a decorative frame or some hand painting on the mirror.

Your room should be about you and your personality. No rooms perfect but it can be by the time you are done and decorative wall mirrors are the perfect way to change the look of your room!

About the author:

Janett has worked as a home interior decorator for more than 10 years, so she knows the importance of a well placed mirror in your bedroom or your bathroom. Janett will give you a list of answers to questions on http://www.mirrorguide.com, in order for you to find the best contemporary mirrors that is best suited for your room.

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Bedroom Furniture

It's a fact that most of us will be spending a third of our lives in our bedrooms. We start the day inside the bedroom, and we will end the day sleeping in our beds. Why not make the most of it and make our bedroom furniture as comfortable and durable as we can.

Shopping for decent bedroom furniture can really become a difficult and expensive task. By knowing what and how to choose for your bedroom, shopping can turn out to be really fun and entertaining.

It is highly advised not to sacrifice quality for affordability. However, that case may be that you cannot sacrifice affordability. Therefore, you must set standards when you're shopping for your bedroom furniture. Be wise in choosing your furniture; you don?t want to clean out your savings account just for a couple of pieces of bedroom furniture. Be warned that there are plenty of furniture manufacturers out there who will easily convince you to buy a very expensive, but not so durable piece of furniture.

It is important to remember that in choosing bedroom furniture you must take into consideration good craftsmanship. Because of the fact that bedroom furniture will be used more often than any other household furniture, it is only practical to buy furniture with the highest craftsmanship to ensure durability. By doing so, you will be able to save money on repairs or buying a new set.

In looking for bedroom furniture, remember that you can find both good quality furniture and bad quality furniture being sold under the same roof. It is highly advised that you inspect every piece closely to ensure that both good craftsmanship and quality materials are used. Quality materials go hand in hand with good craftsmanship in making lasting furniture.

Remember, you'll be spending a third of your life using bedroom furniture, so it's advisable that wherever you decide to buy your bedroom furniture, make sure that it is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tips Before Buying a Coffee Table

For a long time, the coffee table was viewed as an also-ran in the glittering world of living space furniture. In the shadow of furniture pieces such as sofas, love seats, and chairs, the utilitarian coffee tables character was barely ever acknowledged.

Since then, homeowners have changed their position. Most of us now recognize the real aptitude of the coffee table. An important part of the living space in its own right, this piece of furniture is now accepted as a critical piece of furniture that sets the atmosphere of living area decor.

What to Remember

The style, shape, and size of your coffee table should be based on two critical criteria: the current style of your interior decor and what usage the table is going to have within the space. If young children are at home, the table should be robust and functional, whereas if you entertain often, you should keep functionality as well as appearance in mind.

What Style to Choose

The ideal table should not only become part of your living area setting, it should also be functional and sturdy. While choosing a coffee table, you must take into account its usability and convenience as well as the style of your living space.

Traditional Coffee Tables

Traditional coffee tables can either be elaborately carved or have a plain, understated appearance. These coffee tables are usually crafted from wood, hardwood solids, veneers, or a combination of wood components. They typically have sumptuous details, vertical lines, rigorous symmetry, and high-gloss finishes that accent formal home interior decors.

Some traditional coffee tables include a decorative metal or wrought iron base with a glass top. Striking a balance between classic styling and trendy look, these tables are consistently gaining in popularity.

Contemporary Coffee Tables

Contemporary coffee tables typically present clean lines, bold colors, and a spare, minimalist design. Modern coffee tables are regularly made from metal, glass, leather, or stone and may sport geometric or other artistic shapes. Contemporary designs in wood are in addition really prevalent.

The right-sized coffee table

A standard coffee table height is typically between 16 to 18 inches. If you entertain frequently, you may like your coffee table to be higher so your guests won't be inconvenienced while setting down their drinks.

One prevalent guideline is that your coffee table should be about the same height, or about 1 to 2 inches lower than the seat height of your sofa. The perfect length of the coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa.

However, the right size and height of a coffee table should be determined by the dimensions of your other living space furniture in conjunction with your comfort level and convenience.

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Browse a large selection of tables at http://www.symphonycoffeetables.com. You will be able to view the style of coffee tables that fits your needs.

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Sisal Area Rugs And Sisal Carpets - Decorate or Reinvent Your Home

Sisal Area Rugs and Sisal Carpets are one of the best choices to decorate or reinvent your home. Using Sisal rugs is the latest trend in the world of interior designing. Its magical touch gives a beautiful look to the living room, bedroom, office etc. Sisal Area Rugs can be used as the focal point or just to accessorize and compliment different rooms.

About Sisal

Sisal is extracted from the leaves of Agave plant. It has sword shaped leaves and the plant grows about 1.5 to 2 meters tall. Its fiber is strong and long and yellow in color. It is used for the production of various goods especially twines and ropes. The best grade Sisal is used for rug and carpet making. To maintain its natural look, the Sisal fiber is often left undyed. Since it has great affinity to dyes, it is dyed as well to add a new dimension to its versatility. Though it is not grown in Yucatan but the fiber was first commercially exported from the port of Sisal in Yucatan. Hence it got its commercial name. It is grown worldwide from Florida to Brazil, the Caribbean and in Africa and Asia

Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets are the preferred choice since Sisal does not build up static electricity and it does not trap dust, so vacuum cleaning is the only maintenance required. Another advantage of Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets is that they are resistant to deterioration in salt water. They are naturally stain resistant so with pets and children around you do not need to use chemicals for cleaning. It is stronger than many other natural fibers like flex, jute or hemp, hence Area Rugs and Carpets made from Sisal are the ideal ones.

Characteristics of Sisal Rugs

· Sisal is naturally stain resistant. · Sisal rugs are a smart choice. They are extremely strong and versatile, ideal for high traffic areas like hallways. · It is warm, soft, and durable. · Sisals come in accent sizes on up to room sized. · Anti-static, sound absorbing, flame retardant. · Available in a wide variety of classic colors and styles. · Sisal Rugs are designed for heavy wear.

Care of Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets:

· Sisal is highly absorbent so liquid spills on Area Rugs and Carpets need to be taken care of immediately. Do not apply the cleaning agent directly. Use a blotting paper or clean cloth. Do not rub, as it will spread the spill to a larger area. Blotting is the only way out. Use vinegar or laundry detergent diluted with lukewarm water. · Solid stains from the Sisal Area Rugs or Carpets can be removed by scrapping with the blunt side of the knife. · Sisal expands and shrinks depending on the humidity in the air. So, to install wall to wall Sisal Carpets, it is recommended to unroll carpets at least 24 hours prior and always keep a margin of 2% to allow in the expansion and shrinkage. · Vacuum cleans your Sisal Area Rug and Carpets regularly. · Sisal is highly absorbent therefore Sisal Area Rugs and Sisal Carpets are not a good choice for areas that have high spills, rain and snow.

Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets will revitalize and give a fresh look to your interiors and with proper care can be a source of comfort and beauty for your home.

About the Author:

Article was contributed by Natural Home Rugs - Best Value Collection Rugs at naturalhomerugs.com. Natural Home Rugs are the preferred choice of interior designers and homemakers across the nation of beautiful area rugs of many sizes.

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Choosing A Futon For Your Home - Should It Be Traditional Or Western?

A futon, simply put, is a small couch which turns into a bed when unfolded. It is actually one type of mattress that makes up a Japanese bed, sold at specialty stores called futon-Ya in Japan and other department stores. A Japanese futon set usually costs under 10,000 yen (around $83).

Traditional Futon and Western Versions:

A traditional Japanese futon set generally consists of a mattress called a shikibuton, a comforter called Kakebuton, blanket called mōfu, and a pillow called makura. The makura is usually filled with beans, buckwheat chaff, or plastic beads. The 4 to 5 cm thick futon itself is flat, having a fabric exterior stuffed with cotton and/or synthetic batting.

Futons are designed to be laid on Tatami - a traditional Japanese flooring created from individual woven straw mats of uniform size and shape, bordered by brocade or plain black cloth, and packed with straw. Styrofoam may also be used with the recent ones. The futon can be folded away and stored in a closet called oshiire when not in used.

There is also a futon alternative called a "zabuton" (za, sitting + futon) which is a cushion for sitting, on tatami floors.

Western futons are thicker and larger than Japanese traditional futons, typically filled with foam and batting in a number of layers, and closely resembling conventional furniture that most people would not know if a western futon is actually a "futon". Unlike traditional futons, western versions are not designed to be stored away when not in use. It is actually a bed –cum- couch to be placed on a configurable frame for the dual purpose.

The western style has also gained some popularity in Japan. These futons are constructed primarily out of cotton and usually handmade. Though having close resemblance with conventional mattresses, they lack the same type of springs and synthetic casings. The western futon version is a cheaper and more convenient substitute to conventional beds.

Basic Elements of a Western Futon:

There are three main elements of a western futon – the frame, the mattress and the cover and pillows.

The frame is the foundation for strength, durability and ease of use. It has to be made of a strong, dense wood which can withstand the stress of frequent conversions. The Futon frames are of three types – Bifold, Trifold and Loveseat frame.

In the Trifold frame, the mattress folds in thirds the long way while in the Bifold frame, the mattress folds in half and is best for couches and everyday conversion from bed to couch. In the Loveseat frame, the mattress comes in two parts - couch and ottoman – and is best for small spaces.

The mattress is the seat cushion to provide comfort for both sitting and sleeping. Futon mattresses have to be of good quality in order to avoid hard and uncomfortable futons.

The cover and the pillows are the finishing touches for looks and protection. The futon cover is supposed to be essentially decorative but it is also the component which protects the mattress from dirt and spills.

Futons http://futonshq.com/ are stylish, functional, and versatile; they can be integrated into nearly any setting.

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Curio Cabinets: Beauty, Grace, and Sophistication

Nothing is as marvelous and inventive as a well made cabinets. Some cabinets have a better reputation and a better purpose than other cabinets. I like having a cabinet that is functional and beautiful at the same time. This is not always easily accomplished. I know that I have a ton of those knick knacks that are forever popular. I store them in number of the curio cabinets that I have in my home. Of course, some of these beauties are more useful than others; some are better constructed than others.

How do you find the perfect curio cabinet? Well, that answer is not always an easy one. For instance, some curio cabinets are antique and cost a small fortune although they may not look like they should be worth that much. Other times, you can get newer models of curio cabinets that are relatively cheap, but look like they should cost a small fortune. Obviously, I prefer the latter. I want a cheap cabinet that looks like I spent a lot of money on it.

Just because it is cheap does not I want it to fall apart. When I want something cheap I want something that is still durable and functional. Lower price does not equate to falling apart. I want something that will last and last and last. I do not think anyone wants to buy something that will fall apart no matter the cost.

You can get curio cabinets at almost any retail store, department store, and often you can get lucky and find them at secondhand stores and rummage sales. There are so many of these beauties that it is easy to find them almost anywhere you go. Thrift stores are a great way to save money and get the best product for your needs. They are great for home and office; I even have a curio cabinet in my camper. That's right, no matter where you want to add a few extra collectibles, a curio cabinet can make that space all the better.

Curio cabinets are a great weekend project for that do-it-yourselfer as well. Never before has something been so easy to create than one of these wonderful cabinets. You can get free patterns via the Internet and often you can get them sent to your e-mail box at no charge. You can get fancy ones; you can get plain ones. Whatever you want, you can get with curio cabinets. All you have to do is open your eyes to the endless possibilities offered with each cabinet.

They serve a useful purpose either being decorative or plain. You get a great deal regardless of the price you spend. Curio cabinets just seem to get more beautiful as time goes on. These wonderful creations are amazing and brighten our lives with their beauty, grace, and ultimate sophistication.

About the author:

Delbert has been a co-author of many cabinet making books such as "Cabinet Making Magic". For more than 14 years, he had taught workshop classes at his local community high school. At http://www.i-furnitures.com, Delbert will take you through a step by step guide on how to make ideal, space saving, and inexpensive bathroom vanity cabinets that is right for your home.

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An Introduction To Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are decorative covers for lamps. They are used to diffuse and direct light coming from a lamp or light bulb. Shades can be conical, cylindrical, or take on other forms. They can fit floor, desk, or table top lamp models. Suspended lamp models are also very popular. Some lamps come with their own shades; others can be fitted with shades that can be bought at home décor stores. Shades can also be custom-tailored to fit lamps of all sizes.

Some lamps come with their own shades; others can be fitted with shades that can be bought at home décor stores. Shades can also be custom-tailored to fit lamps of all sizes. Many artists specialize in custom-made lamp shades.

Lamp shade crafter's handbooks are also widely available on the market. These contain instructions for creating complete lamp shades from scratch. They also have techniques on improving or repairing lamp shades you may already have at home. A common technique in refinishing old lamp shades is decoupage or pasting patterns over existing plain shades.

Maintaining lamp shades

Lamp shades are quite easy to maintain. Before attempting to clean your lamp and its shade, be sure to unplug the cord first. Take off the shade from the lamp. If it is made of fabric, use detergent and warm water to wash it (check if the fabric is color-safe). Just dip the shade in sudsy water and then rinse in clean water. Use mild detergents only; dish-washing liquids are fine. The cloth will stretch and sag while wet. It should tighten up again when it gets dry. To dry, hang over a bathtub or hang from an outdoor clothesline. You can also pat dry with a thick bath towel until it is almost dry and put it back over your lamp. The heat from the bulb will finish drying it out. If you are cleaning a plastic, plastic-coated, laminated, parchment or fiberglass shaded, merely wipe it with a lathered up cloth or sponge. Rinse with a clean damp cloth and then wipe dry.

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Silk Floor Plants

Indoor plants are one way that you can liven up your home or your office. Lovely plants such as Heliconia, Lily, Hiberian Ivy, Dieffenbachia, Dracaena Massangeana, Evergreen and Schefflera are only some plants that you can find decorated in places you have visited in the past.

But trying to maintain a plant or two inside the office or your home can be tedious and expensive. Though it livens up your mood, it can eat up your time and might even put a strain on your wallet. Plants wither and die and having soil indoors can be very messy.

If you do not mind decorating your place with synthetic silk floor plants as an alternative to the real thing, the indoor plants that have been aforementioned all have silk plant counterparts. You can find some with the same vibrant colors, but without the hassles of maintaining the live plant. Although some of these silk plants can be in the same price range as a live plant, in the long run you would find it more economical to have silk plants looking bright and new by simply wiping away the dust, as opposed to having to repurchase a new one because your live plant has withered and died. A synthetic silk floor plant would have the same feel as the real one, and you can choose from the existing sizes without the fear that it will grow too large.

Silk floor plants can cost as little as $40 to around $125. And, similar to the live versions of these plants, you can also accessorize these synthetic plants with wonderfully made pots. There are pots that are baskets, but there are also those that are made of fiberglass or chrome or rattan wood, with different colors. The investment for these accessories can also be expensive, costing you as little as $15 to as much as $60.

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How To Create A Visual Balance Using A Living Room Set?

A typical living room set consists of sofa mostly 3 seats, a sofa with 2 seats (commonly called as "love seat"), a coffee table and an end table(s).

It is up to the manufacturer of the living room set, to include or exclude a particular furniture element from the set he is selling.
So before finalizing on a furniture set first study the actual space where the set is going to reside.

But how to study a living room for better placement of furniture for best visual experience? It all depends on volume of the furniture that the space will occupy. For example imagine a large wardrobe in your bedroom. The wardrobe seems to occupy a lot of space, but if you remove all the side faces and the shutters of the wardrobe and make it into an open shelf, the perception of the heaviness disappears and the wardrobe gives a light experience. But it is very important to remember that the actual floor are covered by the wardrobe always remains the same. To view a visual presentation of this, visit

So the volume of the furniture, irrespective of it's shape, matters a lot. For creating visual balance study all faces of the living room. Look for entrances, exits to other rooms. Draw a rough sketch plan of the living room and draw possible furniture placements.

After this select furniture pieces that best fit into the space without obstructing the circulation flow and most important create a "balance" of vision in the space. By balance of vision I mean that all the walls of the living room should look equally occupied. Where you find loop holes use small elements such a end tables with flower arrangements etc. This is the reason why they have been provided. Also a coffee simple table is used to create a focus in the living room. Since all the people who sit on the sofas are going to face in the center of the room, a coffee table add a point of "concentration" in the living room.

Also if a particular wall looks unoccupied after placing a sofa against it make use of "wall painting" to balance it. More better effect can be created by using artificial lighting on unoccupied walls. In the daytime creative use of sunlight and shadows can be made by studying light patterns.

So in decorating of any space a lot of things come into considerations. As mentioned above it's not just placing furniture in a room and calling it a "design". The possibilities are endless and if used wisely can easily transform your home into a wonderful and amazing place to

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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Kitchen Trash Cans

It may not be the most attractive piece of kitchen utility, but a kitchen trash can is still one of the most utilized and therefore most necessary pieces of equipment in your kitchen. Trash, such as an empty box of cereal, a teabag, used paper towel, egg shells, broccoli stems, banana peelings, milk and coffee cartons all ultimately end up in the kitchen trash container.

Kitchen trash cans should be tough, easy to use and attractive at the same time. Trash cans made of stainless steel materials are among the most popularly used, primarily because they are easy to clean. Such kitchen trash containers can look great in a contemporary kitchen, are very durable, and almost maintenance-free. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Most stainless steel trash cans come with colorful plastic inserts to go with the overall look of any kitchen. They are also perfect for use in bathrooms.

If you want a more bucolic look, then go for kitchen trash cans made of woven straw, which are perfect for kitchens with country-casual themes. These trash cans look great, but they have one big inconvenience; they need more care and attention to their stainless steel counterparts. More often than not, you need to cover them with a plastic trash bag if only to preserve their original look, and air them out regularly because they tend to absorb and retain odor.

If you want a discreet kitchen trash can, go for the cans that can be hanged or built into your kitchen bead board. Many hardware stores sell them, but you can also hire a carpenter to make one that is custom fitted to your kitchen.

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Hardwood Furniture

Hardwoods are not utilized for flooring purposes alone. They are also widely used for furniture. Hardwood furniture is remarkably sturdy and has been serving many households for many generations. Its quality has always been outstanding, but its main drawback, however, lies in the fact that furniture gets easily stained, scratched, and nicked even from just a very minor accident. While hardwood furniture is classically elegant, when it suffers damage that has not been addressed properly it will soon acquire an old and ugly look, resulting from the quick fading of its polished finish.

Taking care of your hardwood furniture should start by keeping the room in which it is situated at the proper temperature. Although furniture is designed to acclimate to the humidity level inside your house, it cannot properly adjust to continually changing moisture that will shrink and expand the hardwood elements. You can avoid this, however, by using a humidifier during the winter season and air conditioner during the summer. This way, the moisture is retained, keeping the furniture always in its best condition.

Simple preventive maintenance will protect and enhance the natural beauty of the hardwood furniture. Follow the care directions in the manufacturer’s manual that came with the furniture upon purchase. Dusting the furniture with a moistened cloth lightly after spraying with a furniture spray product will remove the accumulation of abrasive particles. You can also substitute it with water and mild non-alkaline soap mixture using a damp sponge or cloth. Make sure to dry it immediately and buff lightly. Regular practice of these simple methods will maintain the furniture’s high-performance finishes and will prevent them from acquiring unsightly marks.

If the furniture is spotted with dirt stain, it can be tough to remove it. There are different products of do-it-yourself furniture first aid in the market but if you’re not at all sure to do it effectively, it is best to call a professional refinisher.

Hardwood furniture is constructed for everybody to use and enjoy it. But if is not properly cared for and maintained, its purpose is defeated. However, if you have been giving it proper treatment, it will last not only last through a lifetime but will be enjoyed by generation after generation.

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Halogen Floor Lamps

Halogen light technology is a step forward for floor lamps.

Tungsten-halogen technology surpasses the traditional incandescent lighting in both energy efficiency and in the ability to focus the light. While halogen bulbs aren’t as energy efficient as fluorescent lighting, they are very efficient at pin pointing their light in a specific direction, thanks to their parabolic aluminized reflector that redirects light that previously would have been scattered in undesired directions. Thus, halogen lights are ideal for galleries and gardens where specific items need to be showcased through spotlighting. Halogen lights are also perfect reading lights.

Note that halogen floor lamps should be chosen as a reading light or a spotlight only – not as a primary source of light for a room. Primary halogen lamps shine their light directly on the ceiling and depend on the usually white ceiling to reflect that light throughout the room. Due to the inefficiency of this process, these lights must be much more powerful than a more specialized lamp. Also, this application wastes the halogen lamp’s ability to accurately focus light in a tight beam, and they are restricted to rooms with white or light color ceilings that lack texture.

Halogen lights have a very long life – anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 hours. Also, they give off a very crisp white light that eases the strain on the eye. Add to this the fact that they don’t fade over time like their incandescent predecessors, and it’s easy to see why halogen headlights are becoming more popular.

They are now more affordable, so halogen floor lamps become the ideal lighting selection for many rooms. With your new appreciation of halogen lighting, you can only wait excitedly for the availability of the more energy efficient fluorescent technology in a floor lamp. With the halogen lamp for reading and spotlighting and the fluorescent lamp for primary lighting, the incandescent light may eventually be rendered obsolete.

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Does your kitchen need a new look?

Have you been looking at the same kitchen walls for too long? Does your kitchen paint or wallpaper have you in a funk? Do your cabinets or countertops need repair? Or is a simply a matter of "does your kitchen need a new look", that your current style went out in the 90's. Think that this type of work is beyond your ability and requires a contractor? Well think again, I can offer you an easy, cheap, do it yourself solution. Have I gotten your attention yet? Well read on for the easy "do it yourself" tips.

First you need to get some ideas for what you want to do, my suggestion is to look at some home interior magazines for ideas on color schemes to go with. Try picking one or two colors that will blend into the connecting rooms, unless you have "bolder" plans to expand your redecorating to the rest of the house. Once you have an idea on the colors you want, go to your local remodeling store, (I recommend Home Depot, but Lowes is good also) and look at the color swatches that are available. It helps to bring your example with you to make the selection easier and don't be afraid to ask the salesperson for help, they can be a great aid in providing instructions on your project, plus, that is what they are there for.

First off let me start by saying that painting is probably one of the easiest "do it yourself" things to do around the house, all it requires is a couple of rollers, 2-3 paint brushes, a drop cloth and paint pan and you are ready to go. You are going to want to use a latex paint and more than likely either semi-gloss or gloss, as they are the easiest to keep clean. If you go to places like Home Depot or Lowes, you should ask the sales person if they have "return paint", they will sell this paint at a big discount (maybe 50% less) and if you are lucky, you can find a couple of gallons of the color you need and save some $$ at the same time. Depending on the color you are painting over, and your new color, you will probably need to get a gallon of "Primer paint" to cover the old paint. If you are replacing wallpaper, you will need to get some "Dif", which dissolves the wallpaper paste and makes it easier to remove the wallpaper. Another tip I can offer is that if your walls are currently smooth, and you would like to add some texture to them. There is a product called "Paint and Tex", which is colorless and can be added to any type of latex paint and will give your paint surface the same texture as if you had sheet rock from the beginning.

At this point you may be saying, "Gosh, what is this going to cost"? Well if you are not able to find any "return paint" and have to have it mixed, I strongly suggest using Behr paint. It was recently rated as the best paint on the market by Consumer Report, and I have been using it for more than 10 years and frankly would not use anything else. You may find other brands of paint for a cheaper cost, but take it from me; you will save money in the long run by using Behr, as it will last longer and clean up better. A 1 gallon can of semi-gloss paint will run you about $18-22 at Home Depot and a gallon of "Primer paint" will run about $10-12, which should be enough to cover a 10-12' X 16-20' foot room with a single coat of each. If you need or want a second coat then figure $40 for 2 gallons of paint. If you are adding the texture mix a box of "Paint and Tex", which comes with 2 packages and you use one package for a gallon of paint. That will run about $15. Also the "Paint and Tex" will thicken your paint, which may reduce the amount of paint you need. Your painting kit, which should consist of a couple of rollers, 2-3 paint brushes, a drop cloth and paint pan will run another $15-20, for a total cost of $85 to maybe $100 tops.

Now all that is left is for you to actually paint your room. If you do not have to remove any wall paper, you will need about 2 hours in order to apply the first coat of paint, then maybe 1-1.5 hours for the second coat. If you do have to remove wall paper, that job will probably take a one day on its own, as it involves the spraying of the wall paper and then scraping. Once you have finished the project, you will receive a sense of gratification in your do it yourself project.

If all of the above sounded easy and if you would like additional information on home designs, you can get some great ideas from the following eBook at; http://bugeater.stepublish.hop.clickbank.net or you can visit my website listed below.

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I am a happly married mother of 4. I have been married for 10 years and hope that I can give you help and advice relating to keeping a happy home. you can visit my home page at http://helpful-homemaker.blogspot.com/

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Designing A Kitchen To Suit Your Needs

Many people dream of owning a massive kitchen with every possible feature to aid food preparation imaginable contained therein. Seating room is also a common desired feature that many people simply do not have the space to provide in their kitchens. Though it may take some extreme and consequently expensive renovating, creating the kitchen your dreams is quite easy. Since the project may be rather demanding, hiring a contractor may be a wise decision. If you consider yourself a handy individual and are confident in your abilities as a carpenter, then you can certainly go about this project by yourself. Keep in mind that remodeling your kitchen can an enormous task and you may require a little help throughout, thus you should not be too proud to accept help when it is offered. With the aid of another person or group of people, the job will simply take less time and likely be of much better quality.

Those unsure of exactly what they wish their new kitchen to look like may benefit from doing a little research. Viewing home and garden magazines, browsing the internet and attending seminars held at hardware stores and the like, are excellent ways through which one can formulate ideas about the design of their new kitchen. Attending seminars in particular can be rather advantageous as it is likely that you will be able to see up-close how to go about doing certain things, such as installing cabinetry and counter tops.

For those who simply cannot develop their own kitchen concept, consulting an interior decorator or designer can be quite beneficial. Not only will this individual work hands-on with you develop an appealing kitchen design that may incorporate elements from several designs, but they will also be able to offer tips on how to keep the area looking fresh, new and stylish.

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If you need House and Home information or have articles on House and Home issues, visit our House and Home section for more in-depth resources. Free website content.

Contemporary Floor Lamps

Contemporary furniture design is becoming a popular style choice in interior design. What was previously seen as simply utilitarian and even as “too sterile” has grown into its own design theme.

Floor lamps with rectangular lights and lamps modeled after fountains are replacing the more traditional designs. Using sharp lines and unusual shapes, designers create abstract art with functional value. Some designers are exploring the idea of multi-colored light instead of plain white. In modern design, simplicity is also making a comeback as a statement of cleanliness, embracing the openness of the room instead of a busy, ornate floor lamp.

Another contemporary technique is to play with the finish of a lamp. Floor lamps can come in polished steel to accompany a room full of chrome and glass, or an antique finish may be used to bring a touch of elegance to a room. With an antique finish, a contemporary design can segue into a room with antique furniture, or just as easily be incorporated into a more modern room.

The idea of contemporary design and the functions of a floor lamp can embrace each other. Adding a floor lamp to a room can create a depth of light and contrast of brightness that shifts a visitor’s attention and directs their eye to interesting details of the room. The combined effect of layered lighting can also make a room appear larger or smaller than it is in reality.

No matter what your reason for the purchase, contemporary lighting can be your answer. It’s chameleon-like adaptation and the endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors ensures that there is a floor lamp perfect for enhancing the colors of your antique den furniture. A simple black floor lamp is perfect for the corner of your bedroom to help with reading at night. Contemporary floor lamps are the most versatile piece of furniture in any room.

Floor Lamps provides detailed information on Floor Lamps, Halogen Floor Lamps, Contemporary Floor Lamps, Antique Floor Lamps and more. Floor Lamps is affiliated with Floor Lamps.

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Ideas For Decorating Your Home

Believe it or not but decoration your home can be very therapeutic. Everyone gets a bit fed up from time to time and we don’t always know why. Quite often, our stale and familiar surroundings can play a subconscious roll in our general mood. The great thing about decorating your home, or rooms in the home, is that it can lift our mood. Now that doesn’t necessarily have to mean a full blown face lift is needed to get that fresh new look. This is good news to many, as a full makeover can be a both a time consuming and costly exercise.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and I’m not just talking about impressing visitors to your home, I’m talking about impressing you impressing yourself. It is you that needs to be in love with your living spaces whether that’s a studio squat, or a stately mansion, it has to feel right for you. I’ve outlined a few tips below which I’ve picked up over the years, and most of these are quick and easy tasks which can make a huge difference to your living spaces. Okay, here goes:

Purchase a few cushions and throw them around the chairs and sofas. Have contrasting colors and sizes. Always have odd numbers though. A set of 3 or 5 across a sofa will work much better than 2 or 4. The instantaneous difference this makes will amaze you.

Try painting just one of your walls. It doesn’t even have to be the biggest or main wall, but it can be if you like. The different color that you add to just one wall can completely transform your room beyond all previous recognition. You can also attempt a specialist paint affect too. Dabbing a contrasting color on top of the base coat using a Mediterranean Sea sponge can give a real professional finish to any wall. What I usually do is paint the base color (say mid blue), then dab all over the wall with a sea sponge using a different color (say light blue) then dab over the mid color using the base color again to mute it. Absolutely beautiful effect that anyone can achieve with a little patience.

Break a large wall up with a big mirror or a painting of some sorts. Wall decorations, whatever you choose, can really smarten up the style of a room. I’ve always had a big mirror on at least one wall and a set of choice paintings or prints on another.

Place a rug on an otherwise barren floor space and it will also give your room a whole new look. If can be of any size at any angle, you will need to experiment a bit to find a look that appeals to you. My favorite is to place a rectangular run under a coffee table. I like the way the 2 items compliment each other.

Musical instruments make for great décor. Even if you don’t play an instrument, a guitar for example sitting neatly on its floor stand can look fantastic and either break a corner or cover up a unsightly pipe, plug, or damaged area.

A throw over the settee (sofa) can transform a whole space and add a real cozy feel to the room in general

My favorite room décor has to be house plants. 1 or 2 big plants of varying sizes placed strategically around a room and a few smaller potted plants added to compliment them, can really bring a room into its own. For me personally, there is no single transformation that impresses me more than bringing the outdoors indoors.

I could go on forever but I hope if nothing else this short piece has given you a few ideas on how to decorate your home without really having to decorate. Good luck!

About the author:

Roger Wilson is a proficient writer and webmaster for SituationHome dot com where he writes on such issues as The Home Security System and The Home Improvement Loan. He also has many other house & home related pieces on the site.

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Room Dividers

You have a room in your home that is really large, or you’ve rented a large venue for a function. Your problem is that you need to have these big rooms divided for varied uses.

There are many different types of room dividers available. Whether it is for decorative reasons in your home or for privacy, you can choose from a wide variety of dividers. Room dividers are an inexpensive way to separate a large room into smaller private areas.

If you are looking for a way to separate a small area from the rest of a room, you can choose from many different types of fine-looking dividers. They come in both three- and four-panel screens with many different types of designs to compliment the rest of your room. Choosing the right design is only a matter of taste.

Perhaps you might need something bigger than a four-panel dividing screen. What you probably are probably looking is a large room divider that can separate a very large area into smaller ones. If this is the case, then you can use sliding room dividers. Using sliding room dividers will give you more versatility in a room by allowing you more options. Sliding room dividers will turn a very large room into many smaller rooms.

Room dividers are usually portable, and using them is a great way to increase the versatility of a room by dividing it into smaller, more useful rooms. The main advantage of using simple dividers is that they do not require any special training to install them. All you will need to do is to unfold them and roll them into place.

Another advantage of using room dividers is the savings in construction costs. Dividers are far less expensive than having a wall constructed to separate a room. So, if you require more privacy and versatility from your large area, then room dividers are the way to go.

Room Dividers provides detailed information on Room Dividers, Room Divider Screens, Curtain Room Dividers, Sliding Room Dividers and more. Room Dividers is affiliated with Braided Rugs.

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Modern Rugs

The modern look is a highly admired form of interior design. The word Modern is a broad term that encompasses many different techniques and styles of design. Abstract Expressionism is one popular designation, which has a profound impact on interior design, particularly in the use of color and materials. The term Abstract Expressionism was first used by Robert Coates in the March issue of the New Yorker in 1936.

Abstract Expressionism does not describe any one particular style, but rather a general attitude. It can be applied to design using famous artists paintings and rugs inspired by the grand masters. Most painters of the movement favored large canvasses, dramatic colors, and loose brushwork that have motivated designs of modern rugs and other home accessories.

The general opinion is this form of art and rugs are expensive far beyond the budget of the average person. However, one does not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to own these paintings. Fortunately for the art enthusiast these artists paintings are available in the form of prints; a 20x 40 inches costs as low as $80.00.To complement this dcor one can source modern rugs that are inspired by abstract paintings. At Exquisite Rugs one can source modern rugs stirred by the main exponents of the genre; Pollock, Marc Rothko, Guston, Kline, Newman and Still.

In fact, modern rugs are increasing becoming the choice for a number of designers and buyers alike. When one visits the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim or other reputed museum one will be surprised to find modern rugs that are a replica of these paintings. There are a variety of abstract rug designs available based on the works many abstract artists who painted in these styles, for example painters like Kadinski, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque to name a few.

Exquisite Rugs carries modern rugs with circle design that are distinctive of Kandinskys work. The importance of circles prefigures the dominant role they would play in many subsequent works, culminating in his cosmic and harmonious image Several Circles. The circle, claimed Kandinsky, is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions. It combines the concentric and the eccentric in a single form and in equilibrium. Of the three primary forms, it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.

Jackson Pollocks paintings are all-over patterns of linear details, more or less similar in kind and size rectangles of luminous color placed symmetrically one above the other on a somewhat more opaque vertical ground. Jackson Pollocks mature abstract compositions created by the pouring, dripping, and splattering of paint on large, unstretched canvases are what inspired the modern rugs sold at www.exquisiterugs.com

In short Abstract Expressionist paintings consisted of shapes, lines, and forms meant to create a separate reality from the visual world. Technically, most abstract expressionists paid attention to the surface quality and texture and used large canvases. The modern rugs available at Exquisite Rugs resemble these artists paintings and are truly a work of art. Visit Exquisite Rugs to find a modern rug.

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Tasneem Mirza is the Managing Partner of Exquisite Rugs LLC. and member of AWBA, NJWA and Beta Gamma Alpha- honors society for business students. Under the leadership of Tasneem Mirza, Exquisite Rugs launched in April 2002 has gained increased recognition. Tasneem Mirza has indebt knowledge of the rug industry. For questions related to rugs or Exquisite Rugs products please feel free to contact her.

Modern Area Rugs inspired by Grand Masters
Tasneem Mirza