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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Island Vacation Trip Report 2

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This Big Island Trip Report 2 is written by JoLoyce from Hana Maui Botanical Gardens

Did you know about the Big Island?

Hilo town is a great place to experience Hawaii. People are friendly and there are many places to enjoy yourself at a reasonable cost. There is the usual tourist places that are fun. The Candy factory with great samples, a short ride down past the pier area, you will find homemade ice cream with yummy tropical flavors (Lilikoi passion fruit and Lychee is my favorite and next door is a very interesting tropical Garden and along the road are quiet parks for lolling and enjoying the ocean.

I love to eat at local restaurants. Which are so tasty and so cheap. A favorite is Ken's Pancake House, you can't go wrong at any time. The oxtail dinner is so "ONO" (delicious). There is a Chinese take out or eat in place across the airport road on the Volcano Highway. You can order for one and eat for two. And in the back of Kuhio Mall is Kuhio Grill. Don't miss the one pound lau lau or Chicken Katsu. Mostly local people eating in here.

Driving up Volcano Highway, you have many stops that you shouldn't miss. The beautiful tropical landscaped zoo and the Macadamia Nut Factory. Definitely stop in at the DeLuz wood factory, they have a great restaurant there, too, with homemade pie.

Don't forget the Bakery at Mt. View, where you can get the very famous Stone Cookies. Now they make coconut and chocolate chip. You will be hooked on this.

Before Volcano on the left side is the most amazing Orchid Nursery and gift shop. And some smell wonderful.

If you want a home away from home, there are many in Volcano. I am partial to A'alani Volcano Heart Hawaii because I own it. Eco oriented with natural cedar walls and recycled furniture and CFL light bulbs. Cutesy decorated for fun. A good place to be located to explore this area and Hilo. You will find sweet Volcano Village with it's local store and gift shops, two great restaurants. Lava Rock Cafe, great food and Internet service and the special Thai Thai Restaurant. Order mild..........whoa.

You can spend all your time at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park exploring, ranger led hikes, and I am addicted to the Volcano Artists Gallery. I buy a Special Key Chain from local artists that I use as a necklace. If you like your wine, definitely go to the Volcano Winery. Tasting first. And if you are a golf nut, the Volcano Golf Course has really surprising good weather when the rest of the area rains. It is cooler so sweaters are recommended. It is 4,000 ft. elevation.

I also, recommend at least one day driving the entire road around the Island. Naalehu has a bakery that makes the famous Punaluu Sweet Bread and has a nice choice for light lunches or desert.

You will pass Ocean View which has a great take out or eat in for local food. Stop at any park you see, they are all different. You shouldn't miss the next national park. Used to be called the City of Refuge but has the correct name now. Hoonaunau. It is a really long drive down the mountain to it but really worth it. You can see the place where Capt. Cook met his fate with the Hawaiians. They thought he was a God until they borrowed a boat and he punished them.

Kona is fun but hot. Go on up the highway and check out the Kona Hilton Hotel. You can explore it even if you don't stay there. Waimea is a treat, especially the tour of the Parker Ranch. Some well known high end restaurants are here, so if you have a special day to celebrate, this would be the area. There is the most wonderful lady who makes Lilikoi pie sold on Sat. at the Hawi farmers market.

You can't miss Honokaa. Gracie has a fabulous antique store. I love her because she rescues cats. Drive to the lookout to see Waipio Valley. Back up on the Highway, you have to stop at TEX's. They have cream filled malasadas. Fresh and hot. And daily lunch specials. I love sweet sour spareribs. A couple more Gardens on the way back to Hilo and you are almost home again. It is only 25 miles up to Volcano and the road is straight and good.

Guess what, that is only some of the highlights, so you need to stay at least a month and do whatever you missed or need to do again. You gotta hit the Saturday Farmers Market in Hilo.

Happy vacationing and relaxing. JoLoyce Kaia

Mahalo JoLoyce for your insider Big Island Vacation trip ideas. It gives them great ideas where to go and what to do on their Hawaii vacation on the Big Island. Aloha, Pua
Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

5 Myths about Hawaii

Getting ready for your first Hawaii Vacation? Well, when you think of Hawaii, you probably remember some things other people told you about Hawaii and their Hawaii vacation. There are certain myths about places and people, which are mostly legendary stories but they are actually not true. Anyhow, Hawaii is a good one for myths. Here is what we, Keoki and Pua from Best Hawaii Vacations, came up with after having lived for many years in Hawaii:

Hawaii myth number 1:

Hawaii is white sand beaches and swaying palm trees

Remember 'Mutiny on the Bounty' with Marlon Brando and all the beautiful Hawaiian (or was it Tahitian girls), white sand beaches, fresh tropical fruits and hula all day long. To tell you the truth, that was my image of Hawaii. Can you imagine my shock when I landed at Kona International Airport in the middle of old lava fields? Later, when getting to know all the Hawaiian Islands better, I found out that the beaches and the palm trees are not everywhere (they are just a small part of the islands), that beaches are not always white (Big Island has probably a larger number of black sand beaches created from lava), that there is lots of upcountry ranchland on Maui or the Big Island, that there are rough areas where you have hardly any access to (see Napali Coast on Kauai). Well, be prepared, Hawaii is much more than white sand beaches and palm trees (actually a lot of those were planted with resort construction!).

Hawaii myth number 2:

Hawaii weather is always sunny and nice

OK we admit it. Hawaii is blessed with some of the nicest climates and weather around the world. But guess what, not each part of the Hawaiian Islands is pure sunshine all year round. A general rule of thumb is - east coasts are more wet and rainy and west coasts are more dry and sunny! And don't forget the elevation. It can be quite cold at upcountry areas. So bring your sweater and be prepared to close the roof of your convertible, which you rented under the misconception, that it will be warm and sunny everywhere. A sudden, unexpected downpour when touring Hawaii countryside is not that rare. Especially winter months can bring a rain storm in with flash floods, which can be pretty dangerous. Scary stuff !!!! Watch the weather news and switch your radio on when riding down the Hwy! By the way, in most cases, winter storms hit all the Hawaiian islands starting on Kauai and coming its way 'down' to the Big Island, which is sometimes lucky, as the storm might have lost its power by then.

Here we go with the most often asked question: "When is the best month to visit Hawaii for my best Hawaii vacation"? Believe me, it's not just the most asked but the hardest to answer. When potential guests at our Hawaii vacation rentals asked us, we mostly said something like: "It's nice all year around but we cannot make any prediction or guarantees for the best Hawaii weather at any time of the year." Read GoHawaii Travel Planner article on When to visit Hawaii

Hawaii myth number 3:

Flipflops are cheap and good for your feet

First thing I did when I arrived in Hawaii in summer 1991 was buying flipflops. Everybody was wearing flipflops, from Hawaiian dudes, to white tourists and residents. It seemed the best way to cope with the heat plus comfortable and casual. But that feeling did not last long. Soon I experienced leg pain and cramps in the foot which I first could not pinpoint where it came from. Did not take me long to find the cause. Getting some more expensive sandals, with arch support and straps to hold the sandel on the foot, immediately 'healed' my unexplained symptoms. Later on as a licensed massage therapist, I was able to 'heal' other Hawaii visitors from their new Hawaii pains. I call it the 'flipflop' syndrome. So rather spend some money on some more supporting sandals for walking at the resort. If the sand is not too hot, just walk bare foot on the beach in Hawaii.

Hawaii myth number 4:

Taking a lava rock from the islands brings bad luck

With so many years having run our Hawaii vacation rentals, it was not rare that vistors would come back from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with all kinds of lava rocks. They had never heard about the myth that taking alava rock from islands will haunt you and bring you bad luck because Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano got mad at you. It is a known fact that vacationers who took lava rocks home against better advice, were haunted by bad luck until they returned the rocks to Hawaii. That's why we would always share the myth or legend with our visitors, as we felt it's their own decision. Myth or superstition, who knows? What do you think?

Hawaii myth number 5:

What do you think is a Hawaii myth 5?????

1st Suggestion from Personal Development for Book Smart
Hawaii Myth 5 would be "There are only hot babes and hunks in Hawaii"

2nd Suggestion from Sheila from 'Go Visit Hawaii' Blog
Hawaii Myth 5 would be "Most people assume that all the beautiful beaches are completely safe. Some beaches have dangerous currents, but people just hop in the water without checking for any safety concerns. They ignore beach safety signs and then get in trouble. I like to encourage people to check the official beach safety website"

3rd Suggestion from Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha
Hawaii Myth 5 would be "You may or may not know this, but did you know that what we refer to as the 6 Hawaiian Islands comprise a total of 137 Hawaiian Islands"

4th Suggestion from Ideal Hawaii Vacation
Hawaii Myth 5 would be "Hawaii is Too Expensive for a Vacation."
"Over the years we have heard many people make the comment that Hawaii is too expensive. We have been going to Maui for the last 20+ years and so think we have the authority to dispel such a myth. Yes if you stay in an expensive resort you will probably pay $350 or more per night, so that is expensive. However if you stay in a vacation rental that you rent from an owner, you can find some very affordable Hawaii accommodations. If you choose to eat every meal in a restaurant, yes, Hawaii, just like my home town in Penticton British Columbia, is expensive. However if you rent from an owner and cook your own meals it is the same as anywhere else."

Find more about this myth in comments below. This is a great comment how you can save on you vacation in Hawaii and still have your best Hawaii vacation.

5th Suggestion from Hawaii VacationGifts
Hawaii Myths 5 would be "If you live in Hawaii you can wake up and pick papayas for breakfast and catch your own fish for dinner. (People actually told me this when I went to school in California in the early nineties!)"

5th Suggestion is from Blogatech (ever need any help for your blogger blog, go visit Stratman)Hawaii Myth 5 would be"I've always heard that in the islands marijuana plants grow to the size of palm trees and their seeds are the size of coconuts :)"
Well, what do people say when they get addressed with a question or statement, they don't want to deal with: "No comment!"

To all those who believed in the Hawaii myth of catching a fresh fish for dinner, don't rely on that. Even those charter boats which take you out for deep sea fishing in Hawaii, can come home without the big fish!

Make a suggestion for Hawaii myth number 5. What do you think is a good myth about Hawaii? Share it today and leave a comment. Sign in with 'Other' for your name + your URL. We will add all your suggestions right here.

We are very excited to hear from Hawaii residents and Hawaii visitors. Mahalo and aloha, Pua
Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

This post is open and will be continued with your suggestions. Please, bookmark.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Hawaii Vacation Blog 1st Birthday

Welcome to Hawaii with Best Hawaii Vacation BlogHooray, our first blog goal is achieved!!! We happily announce the first anniversary of our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog. One year of blogging about how to make your trip to Hawaii your best Hawaii vacation and save money! We feel we've come long ways from our first blog post on July 25/07. Now, more covering unique Hawaii vacation issues which the traveler to the Hawaiian islands does not find on the corporate sites and blogs! Our Hawaii Youtube videos, even used sparingly, found and find lots of readers.

This is a good time to make our Hawaii blog readers aware that you can sign up for our feed in a reader or just by email, which is still the way preferred by 'regular' people. Just click one of the links in the very top of our side bar and you will be connected. You can always unsubscribe if you don't like what you read.

It's also our intention to tell you about other Hawaii blogs for further reference on your vacation in Hawaii. Here is a random list of Hawaii blogs which hopefully comes handy when you get ready for your trip to the Hawaiian islands:

Let's start with this Hawaii beach walk video blog: Beach Walks with Rox - A little Aloha Every Day. This is a fun blog with lots of videos to watch. Here is a Hawaii beach walk video from July 23 about shark sightings. Want to know what happened, just watch 'Sharks in town' now.

When I started blogging on Hawaii vacation last year, I searched the web for other Hawaii blogs, just to see what is out there and how I can define my target group. There was no way that Hawaii-Aloha.com Hawaii Travel blog could escape my attention. I was impressed what comprehensive Hawaii travel information the founder Bruce has put together: from Hawaii Vacation Deals to all Hawaiian Islands, to Hawaii Hawaii Hotel Finder, Hawaii Crise packages and not to forget Hawaii wedding packages. Listen to the official podcast of Hawaii Aloha Travel for 'Hawaii Vacation Connection' with tons of information valuable information on pricing, trends, Hawaii vacation itineraries, Hawaii All inclusive packages, Hawaii cruises and more on Hawaii Travel.

Here is a Hawaii blog where you can find lots of miscellaneous stuff on Hawaii. On Alohaupdate.com you might just find something which might be of interest for your next Hawaii vacation.

When on vacation in Hawaii, on top of the list of Hawaii activities and things to do of Hawaii visitors are ocean activities like scuba-diving, snorkeling and whale watch. I found this very nice Hawaii Scuba Diving blog about scuba diving when vacationing in Kailua Kona On Hawaii Big Island. Nice photos!!!

If you visit Waikiki in Honolulu, here is a totally different blog to view Honolulu town. Evelyn, the owner, does a great job to introduce all facets of Life in Honolulu to Hawaii travelers. This is a well written Hawaii blogs with lots of love and aloha to Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.

Anther new blog in the Hawaii blog blog community is GoVisitHawaii by Sheila with interesting tips and news regards Hawaii vacation. This Hawaii blog offers quite a number of Hawaioi Vacation Specials at Hawaii Hotels and Resorts. Interested in Hawaii Fall Specials? Read about Kauai Hotels for Sale this Fall.

You get ready for your Hawaii vacation but don't own a Hawaiian Aloha Shirt yet, visit Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha Shirts. They might just have what you want.

OK it's our Hawaii blog anniversary but we cannot waste time celebrating. We are here for your Best Hawaii Vacation needs. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Homes
If you want to see more of Donna's photos, our today's blog post girl, visit wahinestyle.com. Mahalo again, Kawika, for all the beautiful Hawaiian girls, which make my blog so special.

If you know of other great Hawaii Blogs, please, share with our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog readers. Sign in with 'other', which allows you link to your website URL (don't forget http://).

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Save Money on your Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Affordable Kailua Kona Condos & HomesAloha and welcome back to Best Hawaii Vacation Blog,

where you find unique Hawaii vacation and travel tips to make your trip to Hawaii your Best Hawaii Vacation. Today, we start a series with links to Hawaii blogs and sites which we find a great resource for your travel plan. Vacation in Hawaii like Donald Trump but cheap! This one is a mix for everything...from saving big money on Hawaii hotel rooms, going camping on Maui, save money on Hawaii activities with gocard, Hawaiian Air fare Fall Specials, Discount Golf Hawaii Card and Hawaii Cruise package. See what we picked for your Best Hawaii Vacation but please, use your own judgement when booking with these companies.

How to save money on Hawaii Vacation Accommodation

When cruising Joe's blog, who frequently includes travel posts with tips where to stay, I came across a post about his stay at a Days Inn for $49. Regular rate at the Days Inn website was $141 but the Roomsaver Coupon made the rate $49.00! That was an impressive saving. So I went ahead and checked what Roomsaver has to offer for Hawaii. Roomsaver Travel Coupons are available for Honolulu, Kapaa and Lahaina. Good luck!

Did you notice that nobody talks about camping anymore, especially not in association with a Hawaii vacation? Here is a site which does. If you look for lodging on your Maui Hawaii vacation that are cheap, inexpensive, moderate, discount or economical, you've come to the right place! Maui for the Financially Challenged written by a former Maui resident trying to help you find inexpensive Maui, Hawaii Vacations, lodging, and activities. It never hurts to look.

You consider a trip to Hawaii Big Island but don't want to spend tons of money on your accommodation, Hawaii Affordable lists over 100 Big Island vacation rental homes from beach front condo rental to ocean view homes & cottages for your Big Island vacation with homes, cottages, condos in Kona, South Kona, Captain Cook, Puako, Volcano, Kapoho, Puna, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hilo, Waimea, Waikoloa, Hamakua Coast, Kohala Coast & North Kohala. Save money on your Hawaii vacation accommodation with your next trip to Hawaii!

How to save money on Hawaii activities

When you finally made it to Hawaii you want to have some fun and enjoy those unique Hawaii activities which you only can in Hawaii. If you have never heard about the HawaiiGoCards, here is an article by Luxury Resort Travel on 'How to save money on your Maui and Oahu vacation' with GoCard. GoCardOahu offers a multi activity pass for your Oahu Vacation with admission to over 25 of the best attractions, activities, and tours. There is even a GoMauiCard which offers Admission to over 20 of the best attractions, activities, and tours are included with your Go Maui Card. Do as much as you like each day for one low, affordable price. So start saving money on your Hawaii vacation on Maui and Oahu.

How to save money on your flight to Hawaii and Hawaii Vacation Packages

We found this great Hawaiian Airline fall sale: Free nights and Hawaii hotels room upgrades. Plus, save on Hawaiian Air flights to Maui, Oahu, Kauai & Big Island and island activities. Find more information on Hawaiian Air fare sale, exclusive on Expedia.
Have your best Hawaii vacation during beautiful fall weather in Hawaii. Book early on Expedia for the best fares, flights, and hotel rooms. Savings on Hawaii car rentals and Hawaiian island activities with 2-for-1 admission to local attractions. Book by August 10, travel to Hawaii August 25 - December 15, 2007.

What better way is there to get to know the Hawaiian Islands than a cruise? Have a hassle free all-inclusive Hawaii Vacation. Cruise Deals offers great Deals like this one 10 nights in Hawaii! Cruise from Honolulu for 10 incredible nights this fall. CruiseDeals.com rates start at just $499 pp! Personally, I am not a cruise person but if I'd not get seasick, I think a Hawaii cruise is a great way to have a relaxing vacation in the sun.

How to save money on Hawaii Golf

What is Hawaii without Golf? With beautiful, sunny weather all-year round Hawaii has become one of the top vacation destinations for golf players. Golf Hawaii with Hawaii Golf Deals. Their Golf Hawaii Card has been named by GOLF Magazine as one of the five best golf value cards in the nation! It is definitely the Hawaii golf discount leader. If you golf, give them a try and get access to Hawaii championship golf courses at discounted rates!

That's #1 of our 'How to save money on Hawaii Vacation' series. We try to keep our Hawaii blog posts as unique, challenging and informative as possible. Please, share your thoughts and ideas on Best Hawaii Vacation with our visitors. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

5 Top Secret Travel Tips For Best Hawaii Vacation

This blog post is proudly sponsored by Hawaii Affordable Vacations

These Hot Tips for your Hawaii travel are insider tips, which we learned from our own experience or our guests who stayed at our Hawaii Vacation Homes.
Hot List of Hawaii Travel Tips
1st Hot Hawaii Travel Tip

Pack a bathing suit, beach towel + sun screen in your carry on! That way if your bags get lost or delayed on the flight to Hawaii, you can at least hang out on the beach.

2nd Hot Hawaii Travel Tip

Book a direct flight to your Hawaii island vacation destination, so you don't have to hang out at Honolulu Airport and go through an extra security check-up again. Sorry there are no direct flights to Molokai.

3rd Hot Hawaii Travel Tip

Have your free Hawaii vacation package for your island destination Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Big Island mailed to you ahead of the time. You will find many coupons + discounts for island activities, restaurants, hotel specials, cruises and luau shows. If you forget, pick some flyers up at the airport upon arrival in Hawaii!

4th Hot Hawaii Travel Tip

If you like a little surf, go to Hawaii in the spring or fall! In winter, the surf can kill you, in summer, it's like a huge bath tub.

5th Hot Hawaii Travel Tip

Unless you are staying at a fancy 5 star Hawaii hotel or resort, pack casual. Casual is in at most Hawaiian restaurants. Hawaiian Aloha Shirts and Hawaiian dresses are perfect for the warm weather. Most Hawaii visitors pack too much anyway. Beach attire is trump.

Have fun in the sun of Hawaii. Aloha, Pua from Best Hawaii Vacations
You consider a LAST MINUTE Travel to Hawaii, check for vacancies and specials.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Molokai Vacation Trip Report 1

Hawaii Trip Reports are ‘surfing’ in. Best Hawaii Vacation visitors will appreciate it. Mahalo to Brigitte from BeBack Hawaii for this Molokai Trip Report

Enjoy Molokai for your Hawaii vacation"Take a special Hawaiian getaway vacation in Molokai. If you have run out of ideas on what to do and where to go in Hawaii, take a few days off and go back many years. In Molokai, time stood still. We would like to share some personal WHAT TO DO ON MOLOKAI tips and recommendations with Hawaii visitors.

What is there to do on Molokai?

There are beaches all around the island. Summer is a good time to swim on the West End and to the right of the Hotel you will find some beautiful beaches with golden sand, one cove after the other. In winter, surf is majestic and dramatic and too dangerous to swim. Unexpected high waves can be dangerous while walking the shore and there are strong currents in the water. NEVER swim alone. Ask for safe swimming places. These conditions change all the time. There are no Lifeguards on Molokai's Beaches!

To the left of the golf course is everybody’s favorite beach, Papahako Beach, 3 miles long and hardly a soul. You can easily walk to it across the golf course. Be very careful, as swimming at this incredible beach is dangerous most of the time. But what a great place to walk! Also a fun place to have a sunset picnic. For a great view, walk up to Kaiaka rock. Stunning views on all sides.

There is lots to do in Molokai, even if it seems very slow. The people are friendly and ready to help. Make sure you take a drive to the east end, or at least take a look from the Kalaupapa lookout over the dramatic North Shore where Kalapapa is located. It is breathtaking.

All along the East end are lots of pretty sandy beaches, which offer scenic palm lined swimming opportunities. Here the beaches are calm and protected by a reef. Perfect snorkeling and also great for kayaking
On the way to the east end take a break halfway at the old neighborhood store (now called something else) but you cant miss it - the only place where you find something to eat and drink. They have very good sandwiches!! Of course the lookout at Halawa valley is not to be missed. If you can drive all the way down and enjoy a walk on the beach. To get into the valley you need to sign up for a tour and the Fish and Dive shop in Kaunakakai

For land activities see Molokai Ranch Outfitter Center in Mauna Loa. They can set you up with bike and horseback activities and let you know about other planned events during your stay. For ocean activities (whale watch, sailing, fishing) you should call Mike Holmes at 567-6789. For organized Hikes into Molokai's Nature Preserves call the Nature Conservancy on Oahu (808) 537-4508. They have hikes on set days only. Plan ahead. These are fantastic landscapes you will be hiking through. Or call Off Road Tours at 553-3369. You can hike to Kalaupapa Peninsula on your own but you have to pay a fee and get the permit (from the same place where you take the Mule Ride). Once you reach the Peninsula you have to join the group to sightsee. Or you can fly in or do the Mule ride. Ph: 567-6088. Check with the Molokai Visitors Bureau for vendors contact numbers and vacation ideas.

In Molokai you can mostly plan your day as you go. No need to reserve this and that - but instead book an activity if the weather and mood is right. Or just go for a drive or walk and discover Molokai on your own. After all, this island is known for what it does not have…crowds, traffic, malls, noise or pollution! Only the Nature Preserve and Kalaupapa visit should be planned in advance. In winter you might also reserve a whale watch tour if you have only a few days to choose from.

Shopping and Restaurants on Molokai

If you arrive early in the day you might want to go to Kaunakakai first to get your groceries. It saves you a trip. Otherwise get your essentials in Maunaloa. They close at 6 PM and are closed Sunday afternoon! If you arrive very late, be prepared to eat out (in Maunaloa) since there are no shops to get groceries on the west end. Or bring something with you to make an easy dinner on your first night. Once you are settled you should do your big shopping in Kaunakakai. If you are lucky to be there on a weekend visit the farmers market in Kaunakakai.

The Friendly Market for general groceries, the Health Food Store (Outpost) has lots of healthy goodies and the Liquor Store in Kaunakakai a surprisingly fine wine selection and some cheeses & gourmet items! In Maunaloa, there is the Maunaloa grocery store where you can find most of the essentials Also there is the only Gas Station on the West end (which closes at 1 PM).

For a perfect Sunset experience enjoy a cocktail at the beautiful Maunaloa Lodge Bar. This impressive Hotel has created a very luxurious but country style environment in a beautiful setting. The Restaurant at the Lodge serves Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner and also a Brunch on Sunday. The setting is superb, the food first class. Please check with Hotel for hours. The most fun restaurant now is probably the Hotel Molokai Oceanfront Restaurant in Kaunakakai. Delicious and quite reasonable here meals are served daily for lunch and dinner, and what a great spot at Sunset also.

Enjoy a Mai Tai at the very tropical Bamboo Bar at this fun little Polynesian Hotel, and rub shoulders with some local folks. Friday nights they often have fantastic Molokai style entertainment that is not to be missed and frequented by locals as well as tourists!
Close by is the new indoor/outdoor Paddlers restaurant which is getting very good reviews.

Kaluakois Oceanfront Resort Golf Course across from Ke Nani Kai has been reopened and the 18 hole golf course is ready for you! The Ironwood 9 hole golf course in Kalae is a great and inexpensive alternative to play golf in a beautiful mountain setting. Bring your clubs! And don't forget your tennis rackets to play our recently redone Ke Nani Kai courts! At our pool there is a gas grill, and fish can be bought in town, if you don't catch one yourself!

We hope you have a wonderful time, make sure you tell your best friends about Molokai for their next Hawaii vacation. Molokai is still a great secret in Hawaii."

Bookmark this blog for hot tips from your Best Hawaii Vacation team. Aloha, Pua SAVE $$ HAWAII LAST MINUTE
We would still love to hear from your Best Hawaii Vacation. Oahu and Kauai Trip Reports and more reports on other Hawaiian Islands are much appreciated. Email us your Hawaii article and we will consider it for publication with link to your homepage URL.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Maui Vacation Trip Report 1

A big mahalo to Julie from Ideal Vacation Rentals Blog for this Maui Trip Report.

Maui Beaches are the Best"It just seems that everyone in the world wants to come to Maui. And why shouldn't they? The weather is fantastic with a year round average of 82 degrees, there are so many wonderful things to see and do, and the people are friendly and helpful.We have been coming to this magical island for over 20 years, so understandably we now consider it our second home and a welcome escape from the cold winters of Canada. As Kama'aina (or locals) we feel qualified to share with you, some of our cherished Maui experiences. The following is our Maui Travel Guide.

It is a fact that Maui beaches are rated among the best in the world, and water sports are unsurpassed. Kaanapali Beach is our favourite beach, and here you can either walk for miles on the sand, or take a leisurely stroll along a pathway through the many resorts and hotels that are strung along the beach. If you end up at Whaler's Village you may catch an outdoor concert of local performers, eat in one of the great beachfront restaurants, browse through a myriad of shops and boutiques or take in the informative Whaler's Museum, offering free admission.

If you keep going to the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, you will be treated to a free hula show each evening and later you can dance to a great Hawaaian band with the moonlight shining down through the Palms. Rudy Aquino, a native Hawaiian who has played there for years will leave you with a special memory when he plays "Phantom of the Opera" on his Vibra Harp. Also worthy of mention, and somewhere we have taken many of our guests, is a magic show called Kupanaha, also at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. The magicians are top notch, and you really go away with a new respect for magic.

One of our favourite Maui activities is snorkeling with the colourful fish and green sea turtles. If you try this you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an eel or octopus as you explore your own coral wonderland. Our favourite snorkeling spots on Maui are Airport Beach and Black Rock in Kaanapali, Honalua Bay (a marine reserve) north of Kapalua, and Le Perouse Bay out past Wailuku and the last lava flow on Maui (also a fascination drive through the lava).

If you visit Maui between December and March you will be sure to see the many humpback whales that come from Alaska each year to mate and bear their young. To watch a mother teaching her calf to breach is the thrill of a lifetime. For whale watching we recommend booking with The Pacific Whale Foundation. Their mission is to promote appreciation, understanding and protection of whales, dolphins, coral reefs and our planet's oceans.

A trip up to Haleakala National Park where you can see the famous dormant volcano, is a must. We even got up a 3:30 in the morning once to experience a spectacular sunrise from the summit. Do take warm clothes, and a picnic as there are many great hiking trails which gives you a chance to see the local flora and fauna first hand."

Read Julie's complete Maui Trip Report.

Please, share your own Maui vacation experience with our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Affordable Vacation Rentals

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Best Hawaii Youtube videos from Hawaii Vacation Blog

Watch Hawaii Youtube VideosDear Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors,
We try to make this Hawaii Blog as easy to navigate as possible for you to find the Hawaii information you are looking for.

As we include Hawaii Youtube Videos in our blog posts - helps to get a taste of Hawaii before your get on your actual vacation and gives you something to look forward to - we decided to display these Hawaii Youtube video articles in one post.

This allows you to choose easily which Hawaii video you want to watch before you go on your Hawaii vacation or email to your friends. Here is our current list of Best Hawaii Youtube Videos. If you know of really good other ones, please, share with us and our Best Hawaii vacation blog visitors by leaving a comment.

2011 Hawaii YouTube Videos on Best Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Hula Festival Videos Best
Big Island Beaches YouTube Videos

2010 Hawaii Youtube Videos on Best Hawaii Vacation

2010 Kona Hawaii Ironman Youtube Preview Video

2009 Hawaii Youtube Videos on Best Hawaii Vacation

Planning a Hawaii Vacation 2010
Share your love for Hawaii with your Friends
Sharks, Rays, Whales on the Most watched Travel Video
Secrets of Hawaii - Hawaii Blow Hole Diver
Hawaii Special Tweets with Monster Wave Surf Video
Humpback Whales are still in Hawaii
Tips to Visit Haleakala Hawaii Stretch DVD

2008 Hawaii Youtube Videos On Best Hawaii Vacation

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2007 Best Hawaii Videos

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Enjoy these Hawaii vacation videos. Have a great Hawaii Vacation. Aloha, Pua Best Hawaii Vacation p.s. Thanks WahineStyle for one of your new pretty Hawaiian calendar girls. Kawika don't forget to let our Hawaii blog visitors know when the new Hawaii calendar for 2008 is available.

Best Hawaii Vacation Destination

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Aloha Hawaii visitors,
We get asked again and again which Hawaiian Island is the best Hawaii vacation destination. To tell you the truth, nobody can answer you that question. It all comes down to your expectations what kind of a vacation do you want to spend. Luckily, we all have different ideas of our Hawaii vacation.

Let's name a few:

Hawaii beach vacation - beach bums don't even rent a car but take a shuttle to their Hawaii hotel or resort vacation condo and don't move, maybe just picking up a Mai Tai from the beach bar...
Hawaii adventure vacation - explore all the famous sights of an island, like seeing an active volcano on the Big Island...
Hawaii activity vacation - scuba diving, deep sea fishing, whale watching, sunset ocean cruises, helicopter flights, horseback riding, mountain biking
Hawaii golf vacation - the passionate golfer just moves twice a day...to the early morning tee-time and back to the hotel from the golf course
Hawaii relaxing vacation - this group of Hawaii visitors just wants to have peace and serenity, away from the big Hawaii hotels and resorts but on their private peaceful tropical piece of Paradise (just like Oprah's special getwaway).

Best Hawaii vacation Home in KonaHere is 'the' Hawaii vacation home which offers you a nice combination of all the above in lovely Kailua-Kona of the Big Island, near best beaches. We'd like to introduce the unique Lako House in Kalua-Kona on the Big Island. 'Lako' is to replenish! With incredible panoramic ocean views, a cool dip in the pool, just hanging with friends/family pool side or on the lanai, Lako House in a quiet part of Kona truly embraces a complete fulfillment of 'lako'. Visiting Lako House picture gallery makes you want to be there, right now!

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And for those who are not familiar with Kailua-Kona. This is the town which is known all over the world for the famous Hawaii Triathlon - Big Island Ironman in October. But there is so much more...just a few miles from downtown Kona, one can find the best snorkel and scuba diving spots on the Big Island, in Kealakekua Bay and at City of Refuge. From Kona it's a short 1 1/2hr trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which provides more excitement and adventure than any of the other Hawaiian islands. If you want to know more about Kona, visiting Kona and the Big Island, visit KonaWeb. Find more Kailua Kona vacation rentals.

As usual, we'd love to hear from you, about your Hawaii experience and Hawaii vacation plans. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide
Last but not least, with Hawaiian Airline one-way special rates at low $25, it's time for island hopping again. Hawaiian Airlines even offers special car rental packages.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Best Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Dear Best Hawaii Vacation visitors,
It's time to get the excitement going for your vacation in Hawaii. Hawaii helicopter tours will just do that. Additionally, they are a way to see those hidden waterfalls, remote Hawaiian valleys, rough cliff coasts like the Napali Coast on Kauai or flying over a lava oozing Volcano (sorry guys Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island is taking a break at the moment but it's still exciting).

We've put together a number of Hawaiian helicopter companies which cover most of the Hawaiian Islands with their tours.

Here is what National Geographic says about Blue Hawaiian Helicopters in 'The Ten Best of Everything' (Hawaii section): "Blue Hawaiian is the premier helicopter tour company in Hawaii, with a great safety record, flown by the best and most experienced hilicopter pilots. The tour is a unique blend of cultura; excursions to some of Hawaii's most remote and breathtaking beautiful places."

Sunshine Helicopters offers aerial tours of Maui, Molokai and Hawaii (Big Island). Over 90% of the State of Hawaii is accessible only by helicopter. Take a tour in the blue skies above the Hawaiian Islands aboard their "Black Beauty" state-of-the-art helicopters. Hawaii air tours by Sunshine Helicopters offer spectacular aerial views of erupting and dormant volcanoes including Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui and Volcano National Park on the island of Hawaii. Tours include Molokai's world's tallest sea cliffs, Maui's Kapalua, Kaanapali coast & Upcountry Maui, and Big island tours cover Kilauea Volcano, Hamakua Coast, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

When enjoying a vacation on Hawaii Big Island, you might want to take one of the helicopter tours by Tropical Helicopters which offers a Volcano Adventure and Hilo Fire and Falls Adventure Tour.

Kauai Helicopter Tours are offered by Safari Helicopters. A helicopter tour of Kauai will take you on a tour of Kauai’s dramatic wilderness areas which are only accessible by air. Safari Helicopters leaves from the Lihue Heliport. They also offer Big Island helicopter tours which leave from Hilo Heliport.

For your island fun and entertainment we have included another Hawaii youtube video. It's a helicopter video about a Kauai helicopter ride on the Napali coast. Enjoy! Aloha Pua Hawaii Affordable and Kohala Coast Web