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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finding A Color Scheme

If you feel helpless when it comes to picking and blending colors, your answer could be as far away as your nearest pillow. Here is a quick way to create a color scheme for your home with PICK - SEE -LMD .

PICK a Pattern: Starting with a pattern is the easiest way to create a color palette for your decor. Choose a pattern from any object you already have and love such as a pillow, picture or piece of furniture. This will be your color palette !

SEE 3 Colors
: Select a light, medium and dark color from your pattern to be used as your foundation. You may want to go to a hardware store and select color chips from the paint department that match your pattern to carry with you in case you come across a great find and need to know if it matches.

LMD: Light, Medium and Dark - How you use these colors can affect the overall appearance of your room.

* Light- Is the Background- this is usually easy to achieve since most rentals
are equipped with light to off-white walls.
* Medium- Large furniture and windows - Since the color of these objects will
blend with the above lighter selection, the medium furniture will ground the
room and give it a foundation.
* Darker- Accessories. Since your eye is drawn to a darker more intense color you
will be able to arrange you accessories in a manner to guide the eye flowing
through your room.

PICK - SEE - LMD Use it whenever you are trying to pull together a color coordinated room!

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