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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bathroom Furniture Pedestal Sinks

In choosing your bathroom sink, several points must be considered: bathroom size, usability, and function. This is probably why pedestal sinks have amassed such popularity. Aside from their practical and space-saving design, countless varieties have been offered by manufacturers to fit every need and budget. Due to the high regard received by consumers, pedestal sinks are probably the most frequently found type of sink in a lot of countries. It is also the sink of choice not only when building new houses, but also in bathroom renovations.

Just as with any bathroom sink, pedestal sinks must be firmly attached to the wall. The sink is then fitted to a column or pedestal, usually ceramic, not only to provide some support to the sink itself but also to conceal most of the plumbing. Aside from the functionality of the columns or pedestals, they now come in an assortment of styles and colors that will definitely complement your bathroom's over-all design. Interesting shapes and lines define contemporary pedestals that would fit your bathroom theme.

Sink shapes are no longer limited to the more conventional round or oval. More modern shapes, such as semi-circular or rectangular, are also available. Whatever shape you later decide on, the perfect pedestal exists for you.

Due to the columns that go with the sinks, the average sink size is only 55?65 centimeters wide. It may seem quite awkward if pedestal sinks go any wider. No matter what shape you choose, remember that the sink's bowl depth is also very generous. There are also different added features such as molded soap dishes and decorative moldings that are meant to complement either flat or upright taps.

Whatever your taste and budget may be, you are sure to find the perfect pedestal sink for your bathroom. Pedestal sinks will definitely live up to your expectations in proving their practicality and stylishness through time.

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