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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Get a Taste of Hawaii!

Get a Taste of Hawaii now!

Hoping you read our last post about keeping Hawaiian culture and traditions alive, as this post will take it full circle. Our dear friend Sue from Missouri, who has fallen in love with the Kohala Coast of the Big Island many years ago when visiting the island for the first time and has come back 3 times ever since, likes to stay in touch with the island on an ongoing basis through our blog and website and all what is out there on the World Wide Web, told us about this great Hawaii feature of the Kohala Coast by the Savvy Traveler. Here is a short part from Hal Cannon’s and Teresa Jordan’s visit to the Kohala Coast:

“Teresa: We touch down in Kona on the Big Island. Swaying palm trees line the open-air airport and everywhere we look is deliciously green. It's hard to believe that just a few hours ago we had to dig our car out of a snowdrift to get to the airport.

Hal: A lovely Hawaiian woman places a strand of flowers around my neck and gives me a shy peck. The fusion of floral scents on this heavy air is intoxicating. We gather our luggage and proceed to the rental counter. Of course, I sucker for the manager's special and upgrade to a convertible, only 15 bucks more a day.

Teresa: We're off to the hotel.

Hal: We got a great deal booking the room in advance, $100. Again, I sucker for the manager's special for the room with a partial sea view, only $25 more. Sunken gardens, silk Hawaiian shirts, fountains, music in the air. We have arrived and if we hurry, we can make the luau.” ...

There is no better way to get a ‘Taste of Hawaii’ than following those two people on their way from their arrival at Kona International Airport, to attending a Hawaiian luau at their hotel and their further journey along the Kohala Coast to beautiful Pololu Valley. Most important, before you start reading ‘The Beginning of the Road’, click the link to ‘Listen with RealAudio’, which will immediately immerse you in the magic of Hawaii Big Island with Hawaiian music and chants and more.

Enjoy getting your 'Taste of Hawaii' now! Your comments on our blog, this post and our beautiful post girl Lovia are most appreciated.

Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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