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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hawaiian calendar girls

Hawaiian calendar girlsThis post is sponsored by Hawaii Spring Break Specials

Have you ever wondered where we got those beautiful photos of Hawaiian ladies from?

When we started our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog July last year, we originally had no photos with our Hawaii vacation posts. Oops, that did not work well. Soon visitors to our blog told us to include Hawaii photos because the beauty of Hawaii, the Hawaiian beaches and the Pacific Ocean make people want to come for a vacation to Hawaii.

Well, we contemplated our options and decided for a combination of photos showing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian girls. Having lived in Hawaii ourselves for so long, we had no shortage of photos of Hawaii and tropical images. And we were lucky with the Hawaiian girls photos too. Our good friend Kawika had started his WahineStyle.com website where he has been posting his photos of Hawaiian girls for about two years. We liked his Hawaiian girls calendars a lot and so the idea was born to promote his site by publishing WahineStyle girls as post girls on our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog.

Well, coincidence or not but all the posts with the Wahine Hawaiian girls as post girls are doing great and show up in Google's search engine results. It must be the perfect combination of interesting Hawaiian topic presented by a beautiful Hawaiian girl. This post is meant as a big mahalo to Kawika and the girls from Hawaii. The 2008 calendar is under production. Banners and wallpapers are available as well. Good luck Kawika for your WahineStyle success.

For all those who missed our Hawaiian post girls, see our top posts from Best Hawaii Vacation Blog. Please, vote for the best post and post girl!

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We would love to hear from you which Best Hawaii vacation post and Hawaiian post girl you liked best. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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