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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Hawaii Vacation Blog 1st Birthday

Welcome to Hawaii with Best Hawaii Vacation BlogHooray, our first blog goal is achieved!!! We happily announce the first anniversary of our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog. One year of blogging about how to make your trip to Hawaii your best Hawaii vacation and save money! We feel we've come long ways from our first blog post on July 25/07. Now, more covering unique Hawaii vacation issues which the traveler to the Hawaiian islands does not find on the corporate sites and blogs! Our Hawaii Youtube videos, even used sparingly, found and find lots of readers.

This is a good time to make our Hawaii blog readers aware that you can sign up for our feed in a reader or just by email, which is still the way preferred by 'regular' people. Just click one of the links in the very top of our side bar and you will be connected. You can always unsubscribe if you don't like what you read.

It's also our intention to tell you about other Hawaii blogs for further reference on your vacation in Hawaii. Here is a random list of Hawaii blogs which hopefully comes handy when you get ready for your trip to the Hawaiian islands:

Let's start with this Hawaii beach walk video blog: Beach Walks with Rox - A little Aloha Every Day. This is a fun blog with lots of videos to watch. Here is a Hawaii beach walk video from July 23 about shark sightings. Want to know what happened, just watch 'Sharks in town' now.

When I started blogging on Hawaii vacation last year, I searched the web for other Hawaii blogs, just to see what is out there and how I can define my target group. There was no way that Hawaii-Aloha.com Hawaii Travel blog could escape my attention. I was impressed what comprehensive Hawaii travel information the founder Bruce has put together: from Hawaii Vacation Deals to all Hawaiian Islands, to Hawaii Hawaii Hotel Finder, Hawaii Crise packages and not to forget Hawaii wedding packages. Listen to the official podcast of Hawaii Aloha Travel for 'Hawaii Vacation Connection' with tons of information valuable information on pricing, trends, Hawaii vacation itineraries, Hawaii All inclusive packages, Hawaii cruises and more on Hawaii Travel.

Here is a Hawaii blog where you can find lots of miscellaneous stuff on Hawaii. On Alohaupdate.com you might just find something which might be of interest for your next Hawaii vacation.

When on vacation in Hawaii, on top of the list of Hawaii activities and things to do of Hawaii visitors are ocean activities like scuba-diving, snorkeling and whale watch. I found this very nice Hawaii Scuba Diving blog about scuba diving when vacationing in Kailua Kona On Hawaii Big Island. Nice photos!!!

If you visit Waikiki in Honolulu, here is a totally different blog to view Honolulu town. Evelyn, the owner, does a great job to introduce all facets of Life in Honolulu to Hawaii travelers. This is a well written Hawaii blogs with lots of love and aloha to Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.

Anther new blog in the Hawaii blog blog community is GoVisitHawaii by Sheila with interesting tips and news regards Hawaii vacation. This Hawaii blog offers quite a number of Hawaioi Vacation Specials at Hawaii Hotels and Resorts. Interested in Hawaii Fall Specials? Read about Kauai Hotels for Sale this Fall.

You get ready for your Hawaii vacation but don't own a Hawaiian Aloha Shirt yet, visit Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha Shirts. They might just have what you want.

OK it's our Hawaii blog anniversary but we cannot waste time celebrating. We are here for your Best Hawaii Vacation needs. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Homes
If you want to see more of Donna's photos, our today's blog post girl, visit wahinestyle.com. Mahalo again, Kawika, for all the beautiful Hawaiian girls, which make my blog so special.

If you know of other great Hawaii Blogs, please, share with our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog readers. Sign in with 'other', which allows you link to your website URL (don't forget http://).

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