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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When is the Best Weather for Hawaii Vacation?

With fall weather taking over the mainland, winter is closing in, brrr, and makes everybody long for some warm weather in Hawaii. We can't blame you. When running our Hawaii vacation rental business, the most often asked questions were "Where are the best beaches?" and, equally important, "When is the best weather for our Hawaii vacation?" And guess what these are still the most asked questions by people who are planning their Hawaii vacation.

When people finally make their dream of a Hawaii vacation come true, everybody wants to stay next to the beach, most favorably, to see the sun set over a splendid Pacific Ocean and going to sleep to the whisper of palm trees and the soothing sounds of the waves hitting the shore. And if the Hawaii ocean front resorts are beyond your budget, you want to be at least a short drive from your hotel or vacation rental to the beach. We do understand!

Same applies to the the weather! You worked hard to make this special vacation in Hawaii happen. You deserve the best weather when you finally make it to the Hawaiian Islands and breathe the Hawaiian air, which is different all together to where you are coming from...full of sweet fragrances of tropical flowers, tender with warm breezes and caressing your 'white' body with warm sunshine. To enjoy all of that, you want to make sure that you visit Hawaii at a time or season which guarantees you the best weather for your Hawaii vacation.

Let's talk about the weather some more. Here is what we Hawaii residents use to say when waking up in the morning to this gorgeous day of blue skies and beautiful sunshine "Another beautiful day in Paradise. We are soooo blessed!" And believe it or not, we say that all year round! BUT...as with everything in life, there are exceptions to the rules. However sorry we feel for those guests who experience the rare bad weather in Hawaii - and we do feel sorry - but at the same token, our plants and flowers need the rain to thrive and show their full beauty. Sprinkler systems are not the same as the rain from the sky!

Hawaiian FlowersWith the 'snowbirds' getting ready for their Hawaii vacation over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, our busiest season lasting actually all the way into March, let's see what's the weather like over Christmas in Hawaii, generally! As summer can be really hot in Hawaii and the ocean has warmed up to bathtub temperatures, the summer crowd are the families with children who have to plan their Hawaii vacation around the kids' holidays from school. Fall and Spring weather in Hawaii promises nice warm temperatures, with probability of rain and sprinkles. Hey when it's raining where you are staying, drive a few miles up or down the coast, you will be amazed how different the weather can be there. The Hawaiian Islands have their own microclimates. Look for the sunshine, and in most cases you will find it.

OK Christmas in Hawaii is soooooooo special, even more so when you left a state where it was freezing temperatures or nasty cold rainy Mainland weather. It's like a time travel. Christmas in Hawaii is like an ongoing dream. You see the same Christmas decorations with trees, and gingerbread houses or toy railroad tracks for the kids to watch but the temperatures are warm and pleasant. Early mornings might require a sweater but as soon as the sun is up, you want to just get in your bathing suit. Well, be aware that our winter months in Hawaii December - March are, meteorologically speaking, the ones with the highest probability of rain but who cares, not the vacationers, we noticed. The air is still warm and the rain will pass. Actually, tourists still keep sitting in the warm jacuzzi with drizzle rain on their heads talking about what the weather is like at home. They know, rain or not in Hawaii, they have their best Hawaii Christmas vacation. There is no place like Hawaii!!

Mauna Kea Beach view from Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

We are looking forward to your comments, residents or Hawaii visitors. Let us know what your experience about the Hawaii weather is. Our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors appreciate your feedback. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Affordable Vacation Rentals
Christmas weather brings high surf to all Hawaiian Islands, more so to the north shores. Be really cautious. Before going out snorkeling or diving, read first our Hawaii Diving Tips from a scuba diving expert!

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