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Saturday, November 17, 2007

When to stay at a Hawaii Hotel for your Hawaii Vacation?

High season for Hawaii vacation is approaching fast. Many tourists will celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawaii next week, and in another 3 weeks, the Christmas holidays will be the the highest season week with most hotels having 100% occupancy. Hawaii as top vacation destination is in the talks. Ever wondered whether to book a Hawaii hotel at a beach resort or make a reservation with a fully equipped vacation rental for your Hawaii vacation? If you answer with 'Yes', then continue reading because this blog post is for you.
Hawaii Hotel, Hilton Waikoloa Beach Resort, Big Island, Dolphin Quest
First of all, let me assure you that you are not the first or the last one, who is contemplating the pros and cons of these Hawaii vacation options, Hawaii hotel or vacation rental. And once having decided for the wrong one, might be quite devastating and totally spoil your Hawaii vacation. So let Best Hawaii Vacation blog, based on our knowledge and experience, help you make the right decision for your visit to Hawaii. Let's focus in this post on 5 best reasons when staying at a Hawaii hotel is right for you:

1. Hawaii Vacation Packages for hotel, air fare and car rental

When you want to save big on your trip to Hawaii, the big Internet travel agencies like Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz offer unbeatable Hawaii vacation packages for hotel with airfare and car rental. Try to book all these things individually, and you will soon find out that it's very hard to beat the deals, not to mention all these hours you spend on your computer to find the best deal for the hotel, the flight to Hawaii and the car rental on the island of your choice.

2. Short term stays in Hawaii

For a 3-night stay in Hawaii, Hawaii hotels and resorts are the best solution for your visit. In many cases, you don't even need to hassle with a car rental. Just take a shuttle froim the Airport to your Hawaii hotel (forget about complimentary that was in the old days) and hang loose on the beach, in the pool and the jacuzzi. If you get the urge to do something, join one of the ocean activities or luaus organized by the hotel.

3. Last Minute Hawaii Vacation Deals

If you are flexible with your Hawaii travel dates and can decide for Last minute deals at resorts or hotels, that's the way to go on Hawaii vacation. OK admitted there are not many people who have the freedom to decide for a a Last Minute deal, but Hawaii resorts and hotels are definitely right for these folks. Check with the big travel companies and Hawaii vacation package links above for Last Minute deals about 1 week before you want to get on the plane to Hawaii.

4. Hotel Amenities

Hawaii hotels and resorts are right for those travelers who love hotel amenities: beach chairs, towel service, swimming pool, jacuzzi, room service, house keeping, breakfast with ocean view, hotel luau, concierge service, nightly Hawaiian music and hula dancer, massage with spa service and much more. It's all there, right at your finger tips. Not all free but definitely easy to take advantage of.

5. Travel to Hawaii with kids

Parents need sometimes a little break from their kids for some privacy on their Hawaii vacation or a round of golf or spa visit. Check with the hotel whether they have a kids program. It doesn't cost a fortune. Kids can be signed up for an afternoon. Sometimes, kids even like it more than hanging out with the parents because many hotel kids' programs are well designed with lots of fun adventure. For lunch, kids have diffent options to choose from. The hotel kids' program allow you as a parent to fully enjoy your Hawaii vacation knowing that kids are sound and safe and have fun!

When preparing this blog post, I came across the Marriott Hawaii website. Rates for the Marriotts in Hawaii are pretty decent for ocean front and other amenities. Not everybody can afford the luxury of a 5-star resort. Check it out. This might be an option for you. Just an idea to help with your next Hawaii vacation - I am not an affiliate! If you like that post, stay tuned for the next post when we tell you "When to stay at a Hawaii vacation rental for your Hawaii vacation?". Will be coming soon!

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