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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where are the dolphins in Hawaii?

Where are the Dolphins in Hawaii - "MYSTICAL MOLOKAI"
Today it's island hopping from our recent Maui vacation to Molokai! When we name the Hawaiian islands, we mostly think of Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. Lanai and Molokai seldom get mentioned. We are grateful to Molokai traveler Sabine from Germany, currently living in Maryland, for this Mystical Molokai story. Together with our Molokai Trip Report, it might just entice you to plan a Molokai vacation for your next Hawaii visit. It definitely sounds tempting:

"Last year, on New Year's Day on a long walk through winter wonderland, I decided to go to Hawaii. My friend, Petra Gabriele from Aloha Coaching, had in the meantime spent a lot of time there and she kept telling me: "Come to Hawaii, and you'll find the answers to your questions." I asked my daughter, Yana, 10 years old, if she'd like to come with me - so, we all went: Me, Yana and my husband, Michael.

We decided to fly to Maui, stay one night in Lahaina and then take the ferry to Molokai, which is called "The Friendly Isle", the heart of the Hawaiian Islands and the most original of all and where Petra Gabriele, spends most of her time with her OHANA/ means Hawaiian family, and of course with her clients/ guests.

Hiking on Molokai

It was a wonderful journey to Molokai. Slowly we approached our destination, welcomed by numerous whales, birds, the sun and the ocean. And I deeply felt this was a good way to go there because our souls had a chance to follow up. We spent two wonderful weeks on Molokai, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, walking the Halawa Valley trail and swimming in the pool at the base of one very special Waterfall, visiting some very old heiau, the beaches on the Western coast of Molokai, and meeting people like Waimaknui, a great musician & guide and PomaiAloha, an expert hunter and fisherman. Together with all of them, the three of us had a wonderful day on the ocean, one of our most memorable experiences.

Where are the dolphins in Hawaii?

My daughter Yana loved the ocean, in good or bad weather, rough or tender, with all the animals and shells. That's why after a while we called her "YANA MOANA/ ocean." And Yanas biggest wish was to see the dolphins and so we went out on the ocean with PomaiAloha to find them. Together with Petra Gabriele, she called the Dolphins: "Dear Dolphins in the sea, please come to me, I wished to see you for so long. Where are you?" She kept on singing, but no dolphins. She was very close to tears, and everyone could feel her sadness and disappointment. And so we joined her singing the song for the Dolphins.

Dolphin encounter on MolokaiYana was nearly giving up, when suddenly the first dolphin appeared, then another one, and another one, until an enormous number of them followed the boat, jumping and spinning around so countless that even PomaiAloha and Waimaknui were surprised and had to admit that they'd never seen something like this before. This was a very special moment, for Yana, who traveled around the world to see this, for us, the parents, seeing her so happy and for the crew, PomaiAloha, Waimakanui and Petra Gabriele, who still today feel deeply touched when thinking about this day.Sabine with Hawaiian friendsWe spent a wonderful time on Molokai, but this moment truly was the most memorable of all. One day, however, we had to leave Paradise, but we were pretty sure we would return. And what can I say: It's only 30 days now until we go back to Molokai, the "Friendly Isle", where we once were so in touch with our souls and, I'm sure, will be once again."

Mahalo again, Sabine, for this sharing this wonderful journey to Hawaii with our blog visitors. If you do follow up with a visit, please, let us know what your trip to Molokai was like and what you liked best on your vacation.

Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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