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Sunday, August 31, 2008

All-inclusive Hawaii Vacation

After pondering the popular question 'Is Hawaii a good place to live', Best Hawaii Vacation blog is about to reveal what we think about the claim of 'All-inclusive Hawaii Vacations'. As Americans got so much used to all-inclusive vacation packages in Mexico at bargain price, including air fares, hotel room and free meals three times a day and even alcohol and cigarettes, there is no surprise that the average traveler, who is not that familiar with Hawaii travel, is looking for an all-inclusive vacation in Hawaii!

Relax on your Hawaii vacation
Vacation advertisers are well aware of this ever alluring search term all-inclusive vacation. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of Hawaii travel websites using the all-inclusive Hawaii vacation term for attracting customers or guests, which is to my mind quite misleading. Sorry to have to disappoint you but there is not such a thing for all-inclusive vacation in Hawaii in the sense as in Mexico, including meals and drinks and entertainment 'all-inclusive'. Don't mix up Hawaii with Mexico.

However, there are different vacation packages available, combinations like: Hotel + Air fare, Hotel +Air fare + Car rental, which are mostly offered by the leading Hawaii airlines: Hawaiian Air or Alaskan Airlines (with promo deals for Big Island, Kauai, Mauai + Oahu) and of course, by the big online vacation and travel companies as Expedia Hawaii, TravelocityHawaii Deals and Orbitz Hawaii Specials. By now, we all know that it's worthwhile spending some time to check out those online companies for special Hawaii vacation packages, get quotes and compare rates.

If you made up your mind and want to stay at a hotel in Hawaii instead of renting a fully equipped vacation rental with kitchen and other 'all-inclusive' amenities (free Internet, free beach stuff, welcoming tropical flowers or/and fruit basket), it might pay off to check with the Hawaii hotel website what special amenities packages they offer. Most quality Hawaii hotels offer special hotel room packages, combining room + breakfast, room + spa, room and golf! Those offers also save you some money on your stay when you compare to paying individually for these amenities. You will be very lucky, if/when your hotel offers breakfast with your room rate. And believe me the hotel figured those expenses into the equation.

Hawaiian island tours, like your intended trip to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or snorkeling, scuba diving or sunset cruises will have to be paid for by yourself. The Hawaii hotel concierge will help you to arrange it. It won't be wasted money.

Well, it all depends what Hawaii visitors want to do on their Hawaii vacation and how much they can afford to spend. You can have a wonderful vacation on Waikiki's white sand beach at an affordable rate. You don't need or want to go anywhere, just hang out on the beach, have a great dinner (sometimes offered 2 for1!) at the hotel restaurant but definitely not all-inclusive and have a wonderful time in Hawaii.

You can also have a great Hawaii vacation and save money by booking air fare and car rental through one of the big travel companies and then decide for a Hawaii vacation rental on your favorite island which meets your budget and expectations. Fall Hawaii accommodation rates are the lowest in a long time!

Hope this helps our Hawaii visitors and was not too disappointing. There is no place like Hawaii! It's worth every penny you pay. Have a great vacation on the Hawaiian Islands Maui, Big Island, Kauai or Oahu. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacation
Our today's Hawaii post girl is beautiful and sexy Hawaiian girl Amber from WahineStyle.com

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