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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sailing the Hawaiian Islands

Aloha to all our Best Hawaii Vacation visitors,
When we noticed that there is quite a number of visitors who want to get away to sunny Hawaii from rainy November weather on the Mainland, we decided to give these guys some help with our post 'Fly to Hawaii in November'. A few of our 'Best Places Hawaii Thanksgiving 2008' are still available. But remember restaurants and beaches are really busy during Thanksgiving week in Hawaii. But hey choose the other November weeks, and you will be king on the beach and other Hawaiian activities which book fast in advance like Whale watch or snorkel tours!

Today we welcome a new author to our Hawaii blog writers' guild of Hawaii lovers. It's Captain Howard from Kona 'Sail Holy Grail'. Everybody who loves sailing, whether himself being the sailing captain or going on a sailing cruise, might want to book a sailing charter boat after reading his 'Sailing the Hawaiian Islands' article.

Sail Hawaiian Islands with Sailing Charter
Just a few words about Howard before going sailing with him. Sailing has been Captain Howard's passion since he was a teenager. Reading all the classic stories about crossing oceans in small boats inflamed his desire to do the same thing. Over the years, Howard has crossed the oceans a number of times. He holds a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer Master license for 50 tons, sail and power. I guess we've found us the expert about sailing in Hawaii:

"Ahoy Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors,
It has happened! The first humpback whales of the season were spotted a little earlier than normal on October 9. The excitement took place in the afternoon offshore of Honokohau Harbor when sailing aboard Holy Grail, on our gentle and steady Kona breezes gliding through our calm waters.

Humpback Whale Sighting
Sailing is ideal for Whale Watching as the gentle giants are not frightened by our approach. Kona is especially well suited for sailing as the waters are so protected from Hawaii’s sometimes boisterous trade winds, which generally blow from the northeast. Kona and Kohala are on the West side of the Big Island, so you can see that the fetch of ocean swells that roll across the pacific onto Hawaii’s shores break mainly onto the Hamakua (east) Coast, creating spectacular shoreline views.

During Whale season, which varies from as early as October to as late as April a whale encounter might occur at any time of the day. It is calmer in the mornings, though, which makes it a little easier to see whales in the water. They have a characteristic "footprint" on the water, as their great mass causes sort of a slick when they rest just below the surface. They may "breach," or hurtle nearly out of the water, or slap their tails one or more times, or you may just see the hump or a pectoral fin come up. Whatever you see, it is a great thrill as they are 50 feet or longer, about the length of our sailing boat.

We are often asked, “what if there are no whales that day. What will we see?” Kona has quite a bit of nature on view. Today, I dove right in the harbor to check our mooring chain and was greeted by a huge green sea "Honu," Hawaiian for turtle, visible right from the deck. You might see any of several varieties of dolphin, or pilot whales, or jumping schools of "Aku," skipjack tuna feeding on schools of small fish. You can be certain that the view of our island from just offshore will inspire and delight. Aloha and good sailing in Hawaii, Captain Howard and Admiral Stephanie, Sail Holy Grail"

Much mahalo Howard and Stephanie for sharing the fun of Hawaii whale watch from a sailing ship. A sailing charter seems like a great idea for a private family outing on a unique vacation in Hawaii. As usually we'd love to hear from visitors who sailed the Hawaiian Islands. Have you ever booked a Hawaiian sailing charter and how was it? Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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