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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beautiful Rice Field of Jatih Luwih

Beautiful Rice of Jatih Luwih :
Jatiluwih, first time i see this place, just one word "WOW". this place realy great, Jatiluwih is groups of rice field that looks like stairs. this rice field use terasering concept. in around of Bali, we can only see this beautiful terasering concept in this place. its great place for our eyes. this is a great place to for landscape photograper.
beside rice field, the landscape include mountaint and forest behind the ricefield make this landscape more beatifull. this place 700km above the sea, thats make the air of this place so fresh, and also its cold there. where is this place, not to far from tabanan city Bali, its only about 24 kms from Tabanan, and all of tabanan people know this place. so dont be afraid if you lost, just ask the people there. if you go there by car, plis use car that has high suspension coz the road there not so good.
if i can describe this place, this place around the street, so you dont need to go inside the forest or walk so far. you can see this place from the car too. Jatiluwih acctualy is the name of this vilage. this village has great view of of ricefield. but there is a great spot there, near the Jatiluwih restourant.
so dont forget go here.

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