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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Break 2009 with Kids in Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii visitors,
You have had enough of the snow or rain and cold on the Mainland and look at taking a short Hawaii vacation with your kids during Spring Break 2009. I just did a search for spring break dates in different states. Spring Break 2009 is different from state to state and can even vary from school to school. This is good news.

It looks like the lucky families with kids are those where spring break goes together with the Easter Week 2009 4/6 - 4/12/09. Wrong, guys! Easter Week in Hawaii has been extremely busy in the past. So Hawaii destination airlines, Hawaii car rentals and hotels in Hawaii take advantage of you when wishing to have a Happy Easter in Hawaii. Plan your Hawaii Spring Break vacation before or after week! We wrote several posts in the past about Hawaii family vacation like this one Hawaii vacation with kids. Today, we will add more tips for parents on Spring Break vacation with young children in Hawaii.

7 Best Hawaii Vacation Tips for small children in Hawaii

1. Build sand castles

I know toddlers actually love to smash them as soon as they are made but if you made them really different, they might not. I used to make a slide for a small ball going all around a big sand castle.

2. Go shell hunting on the beach

Give the kiddos a little bucket and look for very special shells or 'ocean treasure', like colorful sea glass which got washed and smooth by the ocean or any special ocean treasure. You won't believe how much your kids love when you admire their special ocean treasure!

3. Go gecko 'hunting'

Whether you stay at a hotel or a vacation rental, you will find and see the geckos on ceilings and in hallways. You don't want to really 'hunt' them. You can't anyways, they are too fast. We would make it a game and count how many we'd find at one night. Tell the kids that the geckos come out at night and eat little insects. They don't go close to people! That's why we people in Hawaii are happy to see them!

4. Look for chameleons in the bushes

Lots of tourists don't know the difference between geckos and chameleons. Chameleons can change color and hang out on palm tree stems and any of our bushes. Kids love to see them!

5. Learn how to hula

Even if you don't stay at a hotel, your kids can have fun watching daily or nightly hula entertainment at Hawaii shopping centers, which is free of charge and includes hula, even keiki (children) hula! The Hawaiian hotel hula dancers often invite kids to join learning the hula, mostly to the most popular kids hula song 'Hukilau Song'. You can't beat the fun your kids have doing the hula and you watching them!

6. Read Hawaiian stories

If you want to spend a little money and give your kids something which lasts for ever: a book about Hawaii. One of my favorite ones is the 'Good Night Gecko'! Great text and lovely illustrations. But there are so many more. Check with a Hawaiian gift store or general store in your area.

7. Hawaii activity books

Hawaii activity are perfect for taking a lunch break with the kids from the hot sun. They are fun and educational with lots of animals who live in Hawaii or the Hawaiian waters or hula girls or Hawaiian flowers. Even if your kids coloring is not yet skilled. They will love it. If you have colored pencils at home, bring them with you. Best tip for your travel with the kids to Hawaii. Get one or two Hawaii activity books before getting on the plane. This is a great way to keep your kids busy on the long flight to Hawaii and get them excited about Hawaii.

I tell you, I could go on and on but this should do for today. There is no need to spend a lot of money for keeping your kids happy in Hawaii. Hey this is Hawaii with lots of sun and white sand beaches! Let your imagination create new and fun things to do. We shared with you a few activities you can do with small kids on any Hawaii island. Let us know your ideas for a fun vacation with your kids on Spring Break in Hawaii! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations + Big Island Vacation
And remember keep the activities with small children simple and age related. A visit to Haleakala on Maui or Mauna Kea Summit on the Big Island would not work for young children.

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