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Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 Things to Pack for your Best Hawaii Vacation

Welcome back to Best Hawaii Vacation blog,
How did you like all those beautiful places from our last post 'Where to Stay in Hawaii this Summer'? You still have time to check out these vacation rental places and find something matching your budget and expectations. Remember it has never been cheaper and easier to visit Hawaii this summer.

Are you wondering what to pack for your Best Hawaii vacation to the Hawaiian Islands?

5 Things to pack for your Best Hawaii Vacation this Summer:

1. Bathing Suit(s)

Pack it in carry-on. Your check-in luggage might arrive a day later. Have your suit available right away. It would be too sad to have to watch your friends jumping in the ocean to cool off.

Visit Hawaii this summer photo
2. Casual light summer clothes

Casual Hawaiian light summer clothes work fine for going out dining. Outdoor seating at night is wonderful in Hawaii. Avoid the strong AC of restaurants, if possible. Also pack a pair of long pants, sweater for Hawaii island adventures when going upcountry or visiting our higher elevation areas: volcanoes like Haleakela, Mauna Kea summit or Volcanoes National Park. Walking shoes instead of flipflops are recommended for hiking.

3. Sunscreen

First thing when you arrive is heading to the nearest beach. Who wants to shop for your favorite sunscreen when the beach waits for you?! A hotel shop might be around but believe me sunscreen is not cheap there and your favorite sunscreen and SPF might not be available.

4. Camera

Upgrade the memory card of your digital camera. You will take lots of photos in Hawaii and don't want to run out of memory. Same applies to your camera battery. Don't forget the recharging cable!I won't ever forget our Hawaii visitors from Germany whose camera battery gave up in Volcano Park. They went all the way back to Hilo, bought what they needed and took the most spectacular photos of a lifetime! Take the memory of your Hawaii vacation home with you through your photos!

5. Snorkel Gear - yes or no?

Bringing snorkel gear with you has been and still is a big question for our Hawaii visitors. We recommend to pack your own snorkel gear if you have prescription glasses or are very particular with your masks and fins. Most Hawaii visitors, especially those who snorkel a lot, just buy snorkel gear after arriving in Hawaii at Costco or WalMart. With luggage weight restrictions not a bad idea.The ones at the snorkel gear rental places can be somwhat funky. Depends all where you rent the snorkel gear.

Any suggestions what things Hawaii travelers should pack for their trip to the islands? Our Hawaii vacation blog visitors and we'd love to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacation
We don't want to forget to mention that our beautiful girl from Hawaii is Toshua from WahineStyle. BTW Kawika, the photographer is currently inviting Big Island girls to become models for the new 2010 Hawaiian Girls Calendar and his wahine (girl, woman) website.

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