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Monday, July 6, 2009

Secrets of Hawaii - Hawaii Blow Hole Diver

Aloha to all our Hawaii visitors,
Yes, the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon is special, unique and fascinating but wait till you have watched our today's you tube video. It will take your breath away, just like the surfing of Hawaii monster wave video, which we posted recently on 'Hawaii Special Tweets'.

Twitter is still a big secret to me with all the possibilities to connect with like-minded bloggers and twitterers. I am on the steady alert for those Hawaii tweets, which our Best Hawaii vacation visitors might love to read or see. Here is one youtube Hawaii tweet which I came across from @Aimforawesome just last week on Twitter. To tell you the least, it is more than aweome. It's about Hawaii blow holes, a secret not many Hawaii visitors know about, unless they visit the special area and location where the blowhole location is.

However, this is not 'just' one of the many blow hole videos from the Hawaiian islands. It's about a blow hole diver. Yes, you read right. Blow hole Diver it is! Somebody diving into this narrow blow hole with the strongest ocean current you can imagine. Here is what the guy who posted the blow hole diver video on youtube said with it. This makes it even more mysterious, spectacular and absolutely unique:

"I walked up to look over the edge of a blow hole, forty plus feet deep. The ocean comes in and out of it through a keyhole cut into the cliff side. A local guy sees me, walks up and out on a rock ledge-claps his hands twice, makes a prayer, and times his jump with an incoming wave. At first I'm not sure where he's at and then he shows up on the ocean side of the sea cave, swims back in and waits for a surge to catch a rock to climb up and out like a spider man."

The video was taken at the blow hole at South Point of Hawaii Big Island in June 2009. To tell you the truth Keoki and I have never been there in all our many years of living in Hawaii. My online research also showed that each year people even die for their curiosity to see the blow hole action close-by. As ocean surf on a beach is not predictable, the same applies to the blow activity, which can easily blow as high as 30ft at winter surf and get visitors by surprise. We recommend for your safety to view the Hawaiian blow holes from a safe distance or lookout.

If our youtube blow hole diver video does not satisfy your fascination with Hawaii blow hole videos, I found 25 video clips of Hawaii blow holes on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island on Ocean Footage like the famous Halona Blowhole on Oahu, Sandy Beach blow hole on Maui, Spouting Horn on Kauai or South Point Blow Hole on the Big Island. BTW, blow holes developed on the volcanic Hawaii islands by lava tubes running into the ocean and at high surf ocean water is forced through the tube and pushing it out to the top with great pressure, sometimes up to thirty feet high. I found an interesting article about Hawaii blow holes on this Hawaii website.

Any Hawaii blow hole adventure to share with our blog visitors? We'd love to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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