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Friday, November 6, 2009

Why bloggers steal our blog posts?

Thanks to all our Hawaii blog visitors who checked out our recent post about 'Visit Hawaii for Thanksgiving 2009'. Well, we know a short notice Hawaii vacation is not for everybody's budget and family schedule but we are happy to share Hawaii vacation rental vacancies and deals with all those who are still looking into a Hawaii Thanksgiving visit.

Hawaiian girl KahiauSo, what's on today's blog agenda for our Hawaii visitors? Well, it's a post I never thought I'd have to write. Alas, it's not for our Hawaii visitors and even takes time away from our original blog goal sharing our and other visitors experiences to make your best Hawaii vacation possible. It's about bloggers who want to save themselves time and money by taking original blog content from other bloggers who put all the hard work in.

Blogging about our favorite topic Hawaii is a labor of love and commitment. When writing our Best Hawaii Vacation blog posts, we write them with the intent that the people who are searching the web for this Hawaii vacation information will find our posts. Believe me there is a lot of efforts, time and research going in each post!

Unfortunately, not all bloggers respect that. For quite some time, we have experienced that bloggers copy and paste entire of our top Google ranked Hawaii blog posts to their so-called 'vacation' and 'travel' blogs - without quotation marks, using our exact post title and without giving us, the original blog author, any credit for the post and without asking permission.

Why do bloggers steal our blog posts? Easy answer. They take advantage of top ranked Google posts under popular search terms for traffic boosts to their site and financial benefits. Good news is that Google really supports the real bloggers and helps us in keeping the search results clean from 'sploggers' with the Google spam report form. Each time I used it, Google removed the splogger from Google SERPs. However, I'd rather use my precious time to write about Hawaii + Hawaii vacation than having to report bloggers who steal our blog content!

Last but not least, a word to all our Hawaii or vacation blog friends who'd like to use content of one of our posts on their blog. We love you to do that! Please, make sure to give us credit in the very top before quoting us, limit the quote to 2 - 3 paragraphs with a continue reading link to our blog, include quotation marks and create your own post title. Thanks for spreading the word about Best Hawaii Vacation within the copyright terms. Mahalo and aloha, Pua & Keoki Best Hawaii Vacation Blog Editors
Kahiau, one of the beautiful girls from Hawaii Big Island is our today's post girl with courtesy from WahineStyle.com.

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