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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jeita Grotto Wonder of Nature in Lebanon

Jeita Grotto Wonder of Nature in Lebanon

Jeita Grotto stalactite limestone caves located in Lebanon. Located in the valley of Nahr al Jeita - Kalb, about 18 km from the capital Beirut. Jeita Grotto is the longest cave in the Middle East. The entire complex consists of two caves. This cave was inhabited in prehistoric times. Created as a result of the dissolution of limestone. Jeita Grotto Cave at lower discovered in 1836 by William Thomson. Jeita Grotto a popular attraction until the recent Lebanese conflict forced it to close in the mid 1970’s. Upon the initiative of Minister of Tourism Nicolas Fattouche, the Ministry charged the German company "Mapas" to renovate and re-equip its facilities by the most modern techniques and to operate the complex. On July 6, 1995, this natural wonder was again open to the public.

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