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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Decorating with Quilts - Room by Room

You know cuddling up with a quilt is one of life's small pleasures. A good book, a cup of hot chocolate, a roaring fire - the picture just isn't complete without a comfy quilt to wrap yourself in.

But quilts can be so much more. Including custom quilts as part of the decor is one of the easiest ways to add warmth to your home's design. In addition to the obvious benefits of color and pattern, quilted fabric accessories add genuine physical, and even emotional, comfort to the rooms in which we live.

Quilts in the Living Room

Today's homes often have cathedral ceilings in the living or great room. Such high ceilings can make the home feel spacious, but sometimes leave it feeling a little cold, too. Plus, it can be hard to find art work large enough to balance the grand walls and make the space feel welcoming.

An oversized quilt can be the answer. Its considerable size can fill in a blank wall while it color and design complements your decor. (As an added bonus, the cost of quilt will often be less than the cost of a painting of equal size.)

Quilts in the Family Room

The family room got its name because it's the room your family comes together in - it's where you gather to relax, talk about your day and shut out the world. But what if your family room windows open right into the neighbors' family room windows? Just close your quilted curtains - insulated panels and roman shades are two types of window coverings tailor-made for quilts.

Think about what else you do in the family room. You watch TV, maybe even play games. Now, imagine a cute, colorful quilt covering the table that you all collect around for Scrabble. It'll make banging your head after losing - again - so much more comfortable.

Quilts in the Dining Room

Whether you are sitting down for a quick bite, a romantic meal or a Thanksgiving feast, consider dressing your dining room table with a table runner to match the spirit of the moment. It's not only one of the best ways to add a little color and cheer, but a quilted table runner or table cloth can protect your table from hot dishes and accidental spills, too.

Quilts in the Bedroom

Nothing can be better than getting ready for a good night's sleep than by slipping under a quilted bed cover made just for you. Having brightened your room all day, it now offers comfort and warmth for the cold night ahead.

And don't forget the fun, new trend in bedroom decorating today - bed toppers. These smaller quilts, designed to coordinate with your existing comforter, can be made in various colors or themes (for example, a holiday topper). It's an easy way to update or freshen a bedroom without replacing your expensive current bedding or buying lots of comforters that you then need to find a place to store.

Quilts in the Nursery

From the minute you bring baby home, you want your precious new family member to know he or she is wrapped in love. Of course, a soft, warm quilted blankie is a given. But you can show your love with a quilted crib set designed especially for the nursery, too.

Add quilted toys to complete the picture. Fabric blocks, dolls, stuffed animals, even cloth books are safe for baby to play with and easy to clean - just toss them in the wash.

Quilts in the Bathroom

The master bath is probably the last place you'd expect a quilt, but why not? Just remember to use a plastic liner and a quilt can make one of the most sophisticated, and unique, shower curtains you've ever seen.

The ways that quilts can be incorporated in interior design don't have to end here. No matter the number or size of the rooms in your house, you can consider custom quilts as the perfect choice practically anywhere fabric is called for!

About the Author:

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