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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Home Lighting Design

The lamp and lighting industry in the more resent years are showing a greater interest to interior decorating. Lighting and lamps are not just for function any more they can play a big part to the interior design of your homes lamp and lighting plan, as well as offer function too.

The lamps and lighting in your home can make huge difference to the perception of your home. Lighting chandeliers, wall sconces, vanity strips, floor lamps and table lamps etc. as you are selecting the various types of lighting fixtures for your home lighting, you want to keep in you mind that you need to carry out a main style and theme in order to have a complete total home design. You can very a little bit for interest but be consistent, the over all main theme needs to remain constant. Remember you want to enhance what is there already and in doing so it will bring renewed value, charm, grace and beauty to your home.

Many lamp and lighting manufacturers are now hooking up with designers form other industries, by teaming up, with these designers from other industries; the lighting manufacturers are bringing in new influences from the outside industries to its own industry, to the lighting industry. This is allowing these newly designed lighting styles to flow and fit together as never before with today's most popular looks for home fashions.

To name a few Murray Feiss has teamed up with Bob Mackie, he bring a new type of glamour to his lighting designs. The Minka Group has teamed up with Jessica McClintock; she brings romance and her own special flair to her lamps and lighting designs. Cristina Saralegui has mostly recently joined the team in the Ambience division of the Minka Group she brings a Latin flair with her Casa Cristina collection of table lamps and floor lamps. Hi-Lite Mfg. has teamed up with the Sara Lee Semi-Homemade, Sara Lee has concentrated on kitchen island lighting and pot racks she bring magic once again to the kitchen. Tracy Porter and Savoy House have teamed together to create the Tracy Porter Collection, Tracy is creating enchanting designs from her studio in Wisconsin. Maxim Lighting and Doug Wilson are teaming together to offer something new; many of you may know Doug Wilson from his designing on the Trading Spaces television show. These are just a few of the lighting manufacturers that have teamed up with designers from other industries, and it has proven to be a great success. Designers from outside the lighting industry bring an entirely new fresh appeal to today's home fashion and lamps and lighting fixtures.

When beginning your interior decorating project, remember start with a main theme and be consistent with that theme. Carry it on through out the entire house, if you have chosen a Tuscan theme, have that be your inspiration. Always keep that Tuscan theme you have chosen in the back of your mind at all times whenever you are making any type of selection to use anywhere in your home. Especially with your home lighting, Chandeliers, Bath and Vanity lights, Exterior Lighting and your Table Lamps and Floor Lamps etc.

Don't stop just at the lighting; carry it on into everything you select. Select your Door Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets with your main theme in mind. Again I can't stress enough be consistent it really pays off.

You don't want to start with Modern Entry Pendant Light, then use a Tuscan Chandelier in the living room and move to Craftsman Ceiling Fan in the family room and have Modern Kitchen Island Pendant. Using all the different styles makes for to much confusion and chaos. It is the consistent flow of one main theme, which brings a complete design, to your interior decorating project.

About the Author:

Dennis Romano is a lighting store owner and writes about Home Lighting and Light Fixtures.

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