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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Exciting tips on lighting design

Some time we do not know why we like or dislike a particular room or interior. Proper lighting and illumination is the most important factor in designing an attractive environment. Today there are many villa lighting applications, which can be used to meet up specific lighting needs.

General or Ambient Lighting: It refers to an overall level of light that makes a room or space more comfortable and safe for intended use. Recessed lighting is very popular and comes in 3 to 8 diameter. Recessed lighting is available in hundreds of styles and colors to control the spread of light in particular decor or theme. House is an actual enclose that is installed into the attic and connected to power system. In the office environments, general lighting is offered in form of luminous fluorescent ceiling panels.

Task Lighting: It refers to the higher level of light offered specially at work areas such as kitchen islands, countertops and desks. Additional light could be redirected to these areas using recessed or pendant fixtures. Fixtures with either low or line-voltage halogen offer a whiter, warmer light. 5 watt xenon or halogen lamps spaced 6 inches apart are most suitable for task lighting purposes where the fixture is within 24 inches of the work surface. The transformer is as well included in many low voltage fixtures but it is sometimes separated depending on the particular fixture and style.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is approximately four times the level of ambient light in any area. Same again, Halogen lighting type fixtures offer a whiter, brighter look than standard incandescent or florescent type of fixtures. The chosen fixture needs to be directional on swivel type fixture to aim the light exactly where it is required. For further museum-type effect, some fixtures could include a focusing lens for pinpoint accuracy. Wall Washing: It is again a type of Accent Lighting, which creates an area of uniform illumination, which might desirable for a series of photos or further artwork. Wall washing typically reduces the texture of wall surface. Often the reflected light could even create ambient light in the remainder of the room that appears pleasing and restful.

Wall Grazing: It is just opposite to Wall Washing, it creates a dramatic highlight and shadow effect on surfaces such as draperies, stone or brick. Ceiling light fixtures for Wall Grazing are placed near to wall in order to highlight the three-dimensional effect.

Lighting that is perceptively measured and organized could make a real difference and will bring an improvement that lasts for years together. Many home improvements Stores also have sample displays of different lighting systems and fixtures. As today there are huge variety of appliances and electronics, lighting fixtures available, be sure you purchase from reputable company. There are numerous online retailers, which offer name brand fixtures delivered to your door at very competitive prices.

About the Author:

Subhash is an experienced professional lighting designer who has brought life in to various houses, bureaus, films etc... He has also made various live shows alive through his lighting techniques. For further queries on villa lighting, home improvement and outdoor lighting Contact Subash at samsubhash.rk@gmail.comand to buy attractive an.

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