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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Volcano Watch Big Island of Hawaii

Volcano Watch Big Island

With the recent reports on the big
Kohala Coast earth quake still in the minds of Big Island residents and Big Island visitors to the 2006 Ironman Triathlon, the connection from the earthquake to our active Big Island volcanoes is easily made.

We figured some basic information on volcanic activity in the past and present cannot hurt, especially since a visit to our Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is on everybody’s agenda, however short their stay on our island. Besides a Mauna Kea Summit adventure, visiting a live volcano on the Big Island is one of the most fascinating experiences.

Have you ever sat outside on a warm summer evening and gazed up at the moon wondering what it was like for the astronauts to land there and walk around? I have and I tell you except that there is no atmosphere on the moon, parts of Volcanoes National Park remind me of pictures I’ve seen from the moon. It’s eerie driving around the Park, seeing all the desolation of recent lava flows, yet the beauty of new life sprouting from cracks in the lava and seeing up close new land being formed from ongoing lava flows.

One can easily spend a day or two exploring
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, so if you are staying on the sunny Kohala Coast take a couple days and rent a beautiful Volcano Vacation Rental. We gathered useful park information for our Kohala Coast visitors including a short history of the park, safety tips, information on helicopter flights over an actice volcano, link to daily lava flow update and lots of photos. Enjoy the fireworks of nature. Listen to the Park Rangers and read the signs, and you will be safe plus have an experience of a lifetime!

Will be back soon with more from the Kohala Coast. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast Vacation Guide

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