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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Closed!

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is closed!

Yes, you read it right. Now, it’s final. One of the most favorite Big Island hotels on the Kohala Coast is temporarily closed for repair due to more structural damage than originally assessed from the Kohala Coast earthquake in October. Some hotel employees anticipated this move; others were totally caught by surprise. Hotel management waited with this announcement till the last minute.

Last Saturday, the official day of closure, was a very sad moment for employees (we feel with all the employees being laid off at a time when they need their jobs the most!), guests and residents alike but safety comes first. It’s hard to comprehend that this oldest of the Kohala Coast hotels won’t be open for their regular busy Christmas crowd over the holidays. Current guests were moved to Mauna Kea’s sister hotel Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel will do everything to find appropriate accommodations in other Kohala Coast hotels for guests with future reservations.

Good news for Golf players who stay at Hapuna Prince Beach Hotel or belong to Mauna Kea golf club. Mauna Kea golf club and clubhouse restaurant will stay open. As will the beach restaurant ‘Hau Tree’, which is great for Mauna Kea beach lovers who like to have lunch on the beach. Mauna Kea beach will attract Kohala Coast visitors just as before or even more, as we expect the number of beach passes issued per day to increase with much more beach parking available. Stay tuned for more on Mauna Kea or Kohala Coast news. A hui hou. Pua
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