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Saturday, December 9, 2006

More about Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Aloha again to our Kohala Coast visitors,
After you followed our last post about Mauna Kea Beach Hotel closure, we have a little bit of new information from our Mauna Kea tennis club friends. Here is what they told us: The big guest parking lot will be serving for the hotel construction crew. Too bad for Mauna Kea Beach lovers but it does not look like there will be more beach parking and passes available. Sorry guys! It’s not quite sure where the tennis club members will be parking in the future. The ladies locker room and the storage room next to it were converted into the ‘new’ beauty salon. Air conditioned and newly carpeted, it looks pretty nice. Reason for this necessary change is that Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel never had its own beauty salon and Hapuna hotel guests always used the Mauna Kea salon.

It's also going to be interesting to see how much the Hapuna guests continue to shuttle over to use the Mauna Kea beach and the Hau Tree beach restaurant there. They are, supposedly, going to be dropped off at the tennis center, to walk across the lawn and down the stairs to the beach, which is an easy beach access and was used in the past by quite a number of beach visitors. That’s the latest for today on Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. If you had planned a stay at the hotel and are still looking for some adequate accommodation on the Kohala Coast, have a look at these private luxury Kohala Coast Vacation Homes as an alternative option. You won’t regret it. Warm aloha for all our Kohala Coast blog visitors from Pua.

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