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Friday, March 2, 2007

Hawaii Flower Leis - Hawaii Lei Greetings

Wainani invites you to a Vacation in HawaiiDear Hawaii lovers,
It has been fun so far taking you on a 'Hawaii vacation' online, showing you Poipu beach on Kauai and sharing Hawaiian Gift ideas with you recently. Hawaii is not just the image of swaying palm trees, white sand beaches along the Pacific Ocean, but moreover it's the symbol of the beautiful Hawaiian flower leis. Arriving at one of the big Hawaii Airports in the warm gentle tropical breezes of the Hawaiian islands and getting 'laid' not by but with a beautiful flower lei of fragrant plumerias, tuberoses, orchids or the green leaf Maile lei, makes everyone feel loved and special. You know your Hawaii vacation is about to start!

If you don't have friends or family in Hawaii welcoming and greeting you Fresh Tropical Flowers, Hawaiian Leis and Gifts from WithOurAlohawith a flower lei, why not arrange a traditional lei greeting for your arrival at the airport on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island of Hawaii! Your friendly island greeter from Hawaii Lei Greetings will welcome you with a warm "aloha" and present you with a beautiful fresh flower lei - a symbol of aloha, welcome and love in Hawaii. Each time we have family or friends come and visit, we'd pick plumerias blossoms and make beautiful flower leis. If it's a first time visit, you want to take a photo at this wonderful occasion.

The maile lei is the traditional Hawaiian wedding lei, created by intertwining two beautiful fragrant vines but it's also a wonderful present to take home to the mainland. The Maile lei leaves stay green for a long time and even drying after a while, you can smell Hawaii for a long time!

So, get greeted with a beautiful flower lei when arriving for your Hawaii vacation and take Hawaii home with a Maile lei!
Our Hawaii hula dancer with the beautiful flower leis is Wainani, photographed by Big Island photographer Victoria McCormick whose work features Hawaii's natural beauty, unique wildlife and sea-life.

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