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Saturday, March 24, 2007

5 Best Secrets for Your Hawaii Spa Vacation

Best Secrets for Hawaii Spa VacationThis blog post is sponsored by Healthy Living

Picture this...warm tropical breezes caressing your body while receiving a healing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage to the soothing sounds of gentle ocean waves of the Pacific Ocean. How better can it get?!

The Hawaiian Islands provide a perfect setting for healing your body, mind and spirit. Hawaii is one of those rare places in the world where the environment itself has a soothing and calming effect on vacationers. Many spa treatments in Hawaii make use of ancient & modern healing modalities. Hawaii Spa professionals help you rejuvenate, revitilize & regenerate. Take time to relax and recuperate in the serenity of exotic, tropical environment Hawaii has to offer.

Let's share our 5 best secrets with Hawaii travelers interested in a Hawaii Spa Vacation:

Secret #1
Better check websites of Hawaii Hotels and Resorts for special Spa vacation packages. In most cases you save $$$ when making the reservation for the Spa vacation package instead of paying for your room and spa service separately.

Secret #2
When in need for a massage and staying at a Hawaii resort or hotel, check the local phone book for Outcall massage therapists. It will save you $$$$$. If looking for other holistic treatments like acupuncture or naturopathic doctor, do the same.

Secret #3
You don't need to stay at a Hawaii resort or hotel in order to make use of their Spa facilities. Resorts will appreciate your call. When you know that you will come back for several spa tretaments, ask what discount you will get when buying several treatments.

Secret #4
Make your reservation for your therapeutic massage at your Hawaii hotel for the morning hours, when the therapist is fresh. Most therapists are full-time employed by the hotels in Hawaii. When you think 4pm is the best time for your massage, it's actually the 6th or 7th massage for the therapist! Not good.

Secret #5
There are more and more Hawaiian retreats available which don't only offer spa services customized to your needs and wishes but also affordable vacation rental accommodations. You just need to find them. Search for Hawaii Retreat Maui or Hawaii Retreat Kauai or the Hawaiian island you prefer.

As with all our posts on the Hawaiian Islands and your vacation in Hawaii, we include a few links to your Hawaii Spa Vacation:

Hawaii Health Guide Whether you are a visitor or resident of the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaii Health Guide is designed to help you make informed choices about resources available for personal health in Hawaii.

Kekukui Health Directory Hawaiian Healing Therapies, Spas & Retreats

A Healing Island - Five Mountain Hawaii Many ancestors, residents and visitors believe that the Island of Hawai`i is a special place of healing.

If you know of more best secrets for a Hawaii Spa Vacation, please, share with us in your comment. Mahalo and aloha, Pua
Hawaii Healing Vacation
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