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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 Best Tips for Hawaii Vacation Rental Owners

Dear Best Hawaii Vacation Blog visitors,
Our post today is written for the people who are doing everything to provide their guests with your Best Hawaii vacation, namely the owners of Hawaii vacation rental homes or condos. When you had a closer look at our About Us page of this blog, you read about our many years in the Hawaii vacation rental business. The following information is for all the vacation rental owners, whether on Maui, Kauai, Oahu or the Big Island, who want to improve their vacation rental business.

3 Best Tips for Vacation Rental Owners to make your Vacation Rental business a big success!

1. LONG DISTANCE with VONAGE at an affordable rate

With more and more inquiries coming in through our own homepage and from our listings with the big directories in the vacation rental industry like vrbo.com and A1 vacation.com, we were facing not only long distance calls within the USA and Canada but also calls to Europe, Japan and Australia. The long distance calls became an expense issue. This is when we heard about vonage.com. At that time we had already broadband Internet access for our computers and thought we'd give it a try. It is unbelievable how much money Vonage calls can save you when in the vacation rental business. All long distance calls within the United States and Canada are free for your flat rate of $24.99/mo. It helps so much, when you talk to a potential guest and are at ease about the time you are spending on the phone providing more rental information. It makes you relaxed and your guest happy! A lot of the International Calls are extremely cheap too. No MCI or AT&T can beat those rates.
Visit Vonage for more information.
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2. ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS for your Hawaii vacation rental reservations with PAYNET SYSTEMS

The more inquiries you will get for your Hawaii vacation rental home, the bigger the chances are that potential guests want to pay with their credit card. Personal checks work fine within the United States but as soon as you get inquiries for your rental from abroad, accepting credit cards are the way to go. Otherwise, you might lose some good rental business to other rentals which accept credit cards. Just one little warning here, whether you take a check or a credit for the vacation rental reservation, make sure that you had the guests sign a contract which states clearly your cancellation notice. You want to protect yourself and not having to face a sudden cancellation with having to return the deposit money. Banks can charge a lot of money for you accepting credit cards. Paynet System does not.
Visit Paynet Systems for more information.

3. Affordable WEBHOSTING for your HOMEPAGE

The majority of Hawaii vacation rental owners still don't have their own website or homepage. They depend on listings with vacation rental directories. We actually recommend to have one. Admitted, it takes some time till your vacation rental homepage will show in the search engine results of Google, Yahoo or MSN. Look for a website designer (we did ours ourselves which worked well for us but takes lots of time for designing and learning the trade) who really knows what he is doing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meaning designing your homepage, so it will come up in SE results. It's not the fancy sites which come up in the top of Google search, it's the ones which are best designed in regards to SEO. So don't just ask the webmaster for his portfolio but also ask where the sites come up in the searches. Best is to pay some extra money for having the webmaster transferring the files to your local harddrive. Dreamweaver is a great program to do your changes with. Anyways, long story short, whether you take care of your vacation rental site or a webmaster does it, you will need an affordable but reliable webhost. We have been with 1and1.com for many years and have 3 sites hosted at $7/mo.
Visit 1and1.com for more information.
Most affordable webhosting: 3 free domain names at 1 low rate $9.99 a month. The 1&1 Business Package is a complete hosting solution for business websites. Build your own website today.

We hope Hawaii vacation rental owners found this information useful for making their vacation rental business more efficient and successful. Many Happy Rentals, Pua Hawaii Affordable Vacation Rentals

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