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Saturday, June 9, 2007

How to have a great Maui vacation and Save Money!

Save Money on your Maui VacationHave a great Maui Vacation and Save Money

Our Best Hawaii Vacation Blog provides you with comprehensive information about all the Hawaiian Islands to make it easier for Hawaii travelers to decide which island they want to visit for their Hawaii vacation, whether they were looking for a cheap Hawaii vacation, coast inexpensive vacation condo Kona Hawaii, family Maui vacation rental Hawaii or a Kailua Oahu Hawaii private home.

Hawaii vacation means to most visitors relaxing on white sand beaches and swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean when the Mainland is haunted by cold or rainy weather. The best Maui beaches are located on the West Coast from Kapalua to the historic port of Lahaina with lots of Maui resorts. South Maui is another beach attraction area. Kaanapali is the big family oriented resort area with about 3 miles of white sandy beaches. Whalers Village, a seaside mall with about 48 shops and restaurants is very popular among all Maui visitors. For budget accommodations, Maui condos in Honokowai, Kahana and Napili (built in the 70s), offer excellent bargains at a great location, in a short distance from Kapalua and Kaanapali resort areas.

South Maui can be considered the driest and hottest area on Maui. So, it’s very popular with sun lovers. Kihei on a 7-mile stretch of white sand beaches provides Maui’s best vacation bargain. It’s just the opposite of a Maui vacation at Wailea 5-star resort hotels like the Four Seasons and the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa. Wailea is the ‘playground’ for the celebrities. Wailea has warm, clear water with lots of tropical fish and year-round sunshine and clear blue skies.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, then Makena might be right for you. You can spend a quiet, relaxing vacation on Makena beach. It’s long ways to drive though to any kind of Maui activities. So make sure serenity is what you want for your Maui beach vacation.

As most everybody rents a car for their Maui vacation (there is no public transportation on Maui!), except from the few visitors who take a shuttle to their Maui resort and don’t move from the beach, unless they get a Mai Tai at the beach bar, a trip to famous Haleakala Volcano in Haleakala National Park is a must.

When arriving at Maui Airports Kahului Airport or Kapalua Airport for your Maui vacation, pick up vacation brochures for Hawaii right there. If you want to be better prepared for your best Hawaii vacation, order your free vacation brochures for Maui ahead of your trip or buy the ‘Maui Revealed’ book as your travel companion for your Maui travel.

You want to know what the weather is like right now on Maui, check here:
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For your best Maui vacation, we recommend the book 'Maui Revealed', which you can buy at Amazon very cheap. Take it with you as your travel campanion on your Maui vacation.

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