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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Vacation In Hawaii

Hooray it's Monday and time to post the 'Hawaii photo of the Week' on our Best Hawaii vacation blog. Our bonus photo post with the 'Maui golf photo' last Friday found the immediate attention by the search engines and by Hawaii visitors who come to the islands more or less for golfing our world-championship golf courses. Are you ready for more? Let's get into the Christmas mood!

Christmas Vacation in HawaiiCan you imagine it's just one week till Christmas. No way that we'd miss Hawaii Christmas in our 'Hawaii photo of the week'. For all those, who have never been to Hawaii for Christmas, get prepared that this will be the most special Christmas you've ever had. Hawaii photographer Jennifer Crites found some typical Hawaii Christmas photos in her huge files of Hawaii stock photos.

We decided Christmas vacation in Hawaii is so special and deserves more than one photo. The above photo shows Santa with a big crowd of Keikis (Hawaiian for children) with Christmas leis and hula outfits. In the next photo the keikis gather around Santa, who has just arrived by canoe. It's a big spectacle on all the Hawaiian islands when Santa arrives by canoe. Remember there are not too many chimneys in Hawaii. You will find plenty warm weather in Hawaii for your Christmas vacation (the rain spell from beginning of December is over).
Santa Claus arriving in HawaiiNow, we are back on schedule, stay curious for our next Monday Hawaii photo of the week. It will be a photo of one of those special places on earth, which make you hold your breath because of its rare beauty. Your memory (or camera) will store it for times to come. Maybe we should do a guessing contest - well, you won't guess. Just come back to Best Hawaii Vacation Blog. We'd love to see you here!
Mele Kalikimaka from HawaiiMele Kalikimaka and Merry Christmas to all of you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations Vacancies January 2008
Sorry guys but to get to Hawaii on a LAST MINUTE Christmas vacation is like doing a magic trick. That is the time when not only Hawaii Resorts and Hotels are booked at a 100% occupancy but also Hawaii vacation rentals are hard to get. Not to mention Hawaii air fares and car rentals being way out of reach with exorbitant rates. Want to visit Hawaii for a Christmas vacation, plan now for the 2008 holidays! The following link will take to a Hawaii site with beautiful images and music for a Merry Christmas in Hawaii.

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