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Monday, December 3, 2007

Why rent a vacation rental on Hawaii vacation?

More and more Hawaii visitors don't use travel agents any more when they plan their Hawaii vacation. With the World Wide Web, the answers to FAQ about all Hawaii, Hawaii vacation, Hawaii weather and best hotels are just a few mouse clicks away.

Next to the questions "which island is the best for Hawaii vacation" and "when is the best weather for a Hawaii vacation", the most often asked question is, where Hawaii visitors should stay, whether to book a Hawaii hotel room with hotel amenities or rent a fully equipped Hawaiian vacation rental home or condo with kitchen.

A short time ago, best Hawaii Vacation Blog offered its unbiased opinion, when we think staying at a Hawaii hotel or resort would be right for your Hawaii vacation. Today, we continue with Part II: When is booking a vacation rental home or condo meeting your expectations and needs for your Hawaii vacation?

1. Save money on restaurants when staying at a Hawaii vacation rental

First things first for those visitors who travel to Hawaii for the first time. There are no all-inclusive hotels in Hawaii like in Mexico! Any Hawaii visitors expecting those cheap rate will be disappointed. Naturally, you have to figure spending money on restaurants and food in your overall Hawaii vacation expenses. Even when you got a hotel room special, there are still the three meals a day you need to go out, and believe us it all adds up - faster than you think. So, if you want to save money, choose a vacation rental with fully equipped kitchen. This will save you big money on your stay in Hawaii and will still allow you to eat a nice dinner at a Hawaii restaurant, for a night or two.

2. More Saving money in Hawaii by sharing a vacation home or condo

Certainly, an oceanview 3-bedroom house with pool does not come cheap for your Hawaii vacation bt when you split the costs between friends or family, you will be amazed how much it cuts back with the accommodation cost per person. Best of all, you and your family or friends are enjoying top 'hotel' amenities at the privacy of your vacation rental. A vacation rental home is the way to go for a family reunion in Hawaii!

3. Hawaii vacation rental guarantees top privacy

Most of the Hawaii vacation rentals are a 'home away from home', which guarantee top privacy.
Certainly, in most cases there will be other houses in the neighborhood, unless you rent a vacation cottage in the 'backwoods', but your vacation rental owners will make sure that any interference with the outside will be limited. You will definitely not have to deal with other guests coming home from a party, slamming doors, talking loud and just ignoring other guests' privacy.

4. Vacation rentals offer peace and serenitity for your Hawaii vacation

Staying at a hotel does not only mean, one has to cope with other guests habits - smoking on the beach or permanently talking on their cell phones - it also includes the steady noises a hotel 'produces' for keeping the grounds well maintained and the hotel nice and clean. Weed eaters and lawn mowers can start as early as 7am. Your good night's sleep is over in an instant. The owner of a private vacation rental will do everything to take care of property maintenance and house cleaning when you are not around. Though House keeping, room service and maintenance are great amenities at hotels, they can be quite distracting and annoying when interfering with your private vacation schedule. Then it's time to book a vacation rental for your stay in Hawaii.

We are looking forward to hearing from our Hawaii blog visitors where they prefer to stay and why, Hawaii hotel or vacation rental?

Mahalo for your feedback and ideas. Pua Hawaii Vacations

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