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Monday, April 7, 2008

Maui is the Best More about Maui Surfing

Aloha to all of our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors,
Guess what we are still on vacation ourselves. As you can imagine writing blog posts is not on the top of our priority list plus there are no Hawaii photos available when working on a computer away from home. However, as our Hawaii blog stats show the number of our blog readers is steadily increasing, we feel we don't want to disappoint our readers. So here it is, another blog post about Maui, the favorite island for best Hawaii vacation when surfing and wind surfing is on your top list of best things to do in Hawaii.

You probably know that surfing was 'invented' in Hawaii. Just like in the old days when the call 'Surf's up', got all the passionate surfers to the best Maui surfing beaches, the tradition keeps up strongly and hundreds of tourists join the Hawaiian residents in this passion of 'sport of the kings'. Take your turn on your Maui vacation. There are lots places to rent a surfboard and plenty of surfing teachers who get beginners on a surf board. Start with a Maui beach where the waves are gentle and low. Standing up on a board for the first time, even on the top of a one-foot swell, is a big thrill for beginner surfers.

The world's best windsurfers fly through the waters at Hookipa. Hoopika Beach is known as probably the best place in the world for windsurfing. It is the site of two major world-class competitions. Due to the strong surf, windsurfing at this beach should be limited to the experts. The regular person interested in learning how to windfurf on Maui can sign up for lessons and practice at the gentler waters of Kanaha, Kihei and Spreckelsville beaches. Kitesurfing has also become very popluar among Maui' s surfing community adding a new level of acrobatics to surfing.

As my Hawaii surfing knowledge is quite limited, I tried to find a site which provides the best Maui surfing beaches or sites at one glance to Hawaii surfers. Check this Maui site for links to all major Maui surfing sites. The same site displays a list in alphabetical order of Maui windsurfing companies I noticed in both lists that a few sites are not working anymore. I also came across a few sites which just display Google ads and don't provide otherwise good content related to Maui's best surfing beaches, surfing schools or Maui stores for buying surfing products. So be selective as usual when cruising those sites. Windsurfing School Maui is worth a visit as well.

Well, last but not least for getting you in the surfing mode for your next Maui vacation - don't forget to arrange for a Hawaiian flower lei greeting for Kahului Airport -, have fun with this Maui Wind surfing video from youtube. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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