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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hawaiian Flower Leis Symbol of Love from Hawaii

After our recent post about '5 Best Things to do on Big Island vacation', it's time for the Monday 'Hawaii Photo of the Week'. What is our photo blog post about today? How about a beautiful Hawaiian girl with an orchid flower lay!

Hawaiian girl with orchid flower leiThe Hawaii flower lei is part of an ancient Hawaii tradition. Most of the Hawaii leis are made from beautiful Hawaiian flowers like the sweet smelling Plumeria - one of the most popular leis in Hawaii - Tuberose, delicate Pikake (jasmine) blossoms, orchids - like the ones in our today's photo - white ginger, little rose buds or colorful carnations. Naturally, we women love the looks and intoxicating scent of those flowers. Men choose the traditional Hawaiian lei made from glossy Maile leaves, which usually drapes around the neck. See our wedding photo. These days, you don't need to have friends in Hawaii for being greeted with a beautiful flower lei at your Hawaii airport destination. Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings will arrange that for you and your sweetheart.

In traditional Hawaiian weddings both the bride and the grooms wear flower leis. If you missed our Hawaii wedding photo with wearing Maile leis around the neck and myself wearing a beautiful flower head lei, you can find the photo on our post 'What you should know about getting married in Hawaii'. Today you can enjoy the smell of a lei even at home on the Mainland. There are many Hawaii companies which sell flower leis online and ship it directly to your home.

Keoki with Hawaiian leisLast but not least, Hawaii leis can be made from all kinds of materials, even feathers, shells or fabric. This way they won't fade and will keep as a symbol of love or appreciation like the people in Keoki's Stretch made for him. To be honest it's an art and most of the women have learned to make leis from their mothers or grandmothers. Let's hope that their will always be Hawaiian people who stay in touch with their Hawaiian heritage and know how to make leis, not just flower leis!

Which Hawaii lei is your favorite? Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Mahalo to WahineStyle for beautiful flower lei girl photo of Alise.

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