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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Island or Kauai

Aloha Hawaii travelers,
After we recently answered the question 'Is November a good time to visit Kona Hawaii?', we are about to talk about choosing the Hawaiian Island best suiting for your vacation in Hawaii. With Aloha Airlines not being available anymore for flying to Hawaii or for Interisland flights and rising gas prices, cheap airline tickets to Hawaii or between the islands are hard to get for your Hawaii vacation, especially for high seasons like summer or winter season.

In the past, Hawaii traveler loved to do some island hopping on their Hawaii vacation, especially when it was their first time visit to Hawaii. This allowed them a few days on each Hawaii island, get a first impression of best beaches, things to do and to see and find out which island they will come back for a longer vacation. As Hawaii hosts, we always recommended to 'just' visit two islands in order not to be rushed and enjoy each of the island as much as possible.

Big Island or Kauai Vacation?Now, this recommendation of limiting your Hawaii visit to two islands or even just one, becomes even more a necessity when you are a budget traveler and don't have unlimited funds available for your Hawaii vacation. Extra Interisland flights can be quite expensive. If you have to choose for one, the early and late flights are offering the best rates. Here are a few Hawaii travel tips:

Yes, the Superferry can help Hawaii visitors somewhat but it's really limited to island hopping between Oahu and Maui and vice versa. Rates are affordable, tourists don't have to deal with early check-in at Airports in Honolulu and Kahului and you can enjoy a voyage with lovely Hawaiian island scenery. Ocean conditions are very calm in summer.

Try to book direct flights into Maui or Kona or Hilo Big Island in order to avoid having to pay for an extra Interisland flight. When you have a direct Hawaii flight into Maui, you might want to plan your Maui vacation and forget about visiting other islands, except maybe a family outing to Oahu with the Superferry. You've got some really nice beaches right there, on Maui. It's a little touristy and not that easy to find that private corner on a beach but definitely beautiful. Maui is the paradise for surfers, windsurfers or board surfers.

Quite a number of Hawaii visitors cannot make up their mind whether it will be a Big Island vacation or a visit to Kauai. Well, making a decision between Kauai and the Big Island is like deciding between oranges and apples.

What are major differences? Kauai is the Garden Island, meaning it's green and lush because it has frequent rain showers but they don't last long. You can walk on stretches of white sand beaches for ever, at lot of the times even without meeting any people! Meaning no Maitai or restaurant either. Pack yourself a picnic and you will be happy as could be. Kauai hiking is great as well. We loved to kayak the Wailua River and combined it with a hike to a spectacular waterfall. It's definitely a laid back island and when getting away from the tourist places like Poipu, you will still find old Hawaii at many Kauai locations.

The Big Island is the island of adventure. Beaches are not as endless as on Kauai but the West Coast spoils visitors with white sand beaches and sunny dry weather all year round. Even if you are not into activities, at least you have lots of options to choose from. Big Island things to do include many beyond the ordinary: Stargazing on Mauna Kea Summit, watching a live volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, visiting Waipio Valley on the Hamakua Coast and Pololu Valley Lookouts on North Kohala (even the walk into the valley is easy and the most amazing ocean and cliff scenery awaits you), or attend one of the Hawaiian luaus (I like the one at the Marriott at Waikoloa Beach Resort) .

If you decide for a Big Island vacation, the big question is where to stay on the Big Island. The West coast, the Kohala and Kona Coast, is the sunny side with lots of white sand beaches (most famous Hapuna und Mauna Kea Beach). Hotels on this coast can be expensive. If you are on a budget, I recommend a vacation rental with a short drive to the beaches. When deciding for a rental on the East Coast (Hilo side, Hamakua Coast, Puna), anticipate more rain but beautiful tropical rainforest will reward you. Hawaii vacation rental rates are considerably cheaper on the East coast of the Big Island.

Hope this helps planning your Hawaii trip. Have a wonderful stay in Paradise. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Which Hawaiian Island, Big Island or Kauai, did you spend your vacation on? Amber, our today's beautiful Hawaii post girl from Wahinstyle, is from Hawaii the Big Island.

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