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Monday, July 14, 2008

Is November a good time to go to Kona Hawaii?

Aloha Hawaii lovers,
For all those of you who are planning a Hawaii visit for the fall season 2008, here is my answer to Yahoo Hawaii travel question: Is November a good time to go to Kona Hawaii? Hey, it got chosen as best answer and I got 10 points for it. What a deal!

I guess 'When is the best weather for visiting Hawaii?' is one of the most asked question. Well, compared to the rainy cold mainland weather in winter, starting with late November, any time is good escaping to Hawaii. Of course, snow birds prefer the winter months for their Hawaii visit. Why visit Hawaii in summer when it's nice and warm weather even in Canada or Alaska?

Snow-covered Mauna Kea Summit, View from Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Golf Course
What can you expect for visiting Kona Hawaii in November? Kona and Kohala Coast are located on the west coast of the Big Island and are blessed with sunny, dry, warm weather all year round. Kona can be extremely hot during summer month. November weather will be very pleasant, provided no winter storm is passing through. It can happen though. All Hawaiian Islands are more prone to those during the winter months December - February.

Hey, guys believe it or not, Hawaii needs to get some rain from time to time, even though Hawaii vacation rental hosts feel sorry for those unlucky visitors who get hit by the rare rain.

Mauna Kea Beach, Kohala Coast, Big Island
I also tell Big Island visitors how else can they experience those most impressive pictures of Mauna Kea (White Mountain) and Mauna Loa (Flat Mountain) volcanoes covered in snow and sparkling in the tropical sun??!!! So, have fun in Kona in November and also go north to the Kohala Coast too...great white sand beaches, easy access to Mauna Kea summit with stargazing and visit spectacular Waipio and Pololu Valley.

Well, one amendment needs to be made: If you are on a budget for your Hawaii vacation, best stay away from Thanksgiving week 11/24 - 11/30/08. No airline, car rental company, Hawaii hotel or vacation rental host will make you special offer then. Over the years, Hawaii hotels, Kona and Kohala Coast vacation rentals are booked 100% during Thanksgiving. If you want to book a hotel or Kona vacation rental for Thanksgiving 2008, you'd better book your vacation NOW.

Please, share your Hawaii vacation experience with our Best Hawaii vacation blog visitors. If you ever spend a vacation in November or for Thanksgiving in Hawaii, we would love to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
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