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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Island or Maui Vacation

Maui or Big IslandOur All-inclusive Hawaii vacation post got quite some attention from Best Hawaii Vacation visitors. It's great to see and hear when Hawaii visitors find our articles helpful for making the right decisions for their Hawaii vacation. Today, we contemplate the question 'Big Island or Maui Vacation?' Which one is best for you.

Most everybody who visits Hawaii for the first time is getting overwhelmed and confused, yes confused too, by figuring out which Hawaiian island they should visit first. We assume that you are already a step ahead by limiting your choices to 2 Hawaiian islands, Big Island or Maui. That makes things a little bit easier.

Here is what I recommend you to do for making your final decision which one it's gonna be, Big Island or Maui vacation. Think about and determine what it is you expect from this 'first' Hawaii vacation!

When asking Hawaii traveler friends for their favorite island, you will hear all kinds of different answers and reasons. It's good to hear those but it does not help you solve your problem, unless they love exactly the same things you do. So 'word-of-mouth' is not necessarily working in your situation. Here are my recommendations for deciding which island to visit:

Book your Maui vacation when/if

1. your are a surfer - Maui is a surfer's paradise
2. love white sand beaches
3. are young + like nightlife + don't mind crowds
4. prefer ocean view rental and don't mind a condo

Book your Big Island vacation when/if

1. you love adventure - 'live' volcano, snow in Hawaii on Mauna Kea
2. love laid back Hawaii with quiet beaches: white or black
3. like a peaceful Hawaii vacation
4. love healing vacations: spas, alternative healing

Be aware that I am totally generalizing. Best you complete my lists with finding pros and cons which apply exclusively to you. Plus: read, read, read about those two islands! You may do that right here on our Hawaii blog: Maui Vacation articles or Big Island vacation stories. Scroll down on right side bar and you will find photos, best things to do and so much more.

Hope this gets you on the right track. Have fun contemplating your options for your next Hawaii visit. Have a great Hawaii vacation on Maui or the Big Island. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
It's again sexy Amber from WahineStyle, who makes reading our Hawaii vacation post easy and entertaining. If you like the beautiful Hawaiian girls from Wahine Style, ask Kawika about his new 2009 calendar which I think is soon ready to be shipped.

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