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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indoor Plants for Decorating

Plants can really bring life into a room. They look great and can be very easy to maintain. The trick is knowing which ones are easy to maintain so you don't have to put much time into them.

Cacti can be wonderful for decorating. They require almost no attention and they look quite interesting. They can be purchased in pots with several types for a varied look. Cacti do like bright light and won't do well in a dark area. They do well and look great in windowsills. They should not be watered very often.

Chamaedorea Palms are elegant and exotic looking. They can grow up to six feet tall and really add a tropical look to your home. They do like bright indirect light and won't do well if they don't get it. They don't need a lot of water; they should be watered only when the soil gets very dry. These plants look perfect as accent pieces in corners.

Chinese evergreens are a plant that likes low light. They can even survive with just a reading light. The leaves are a beautiful silver gray mixed with dark green. The soil needs to dry out totally between waterings. This plant likes warm areas and won't do well if the temperature is below 45 degrees.
Braided Ficus Trees are very popular for indoor use. The leaves are dark green and the stems twine together in a pretty way. They are several feet tall, so they can really be a nice decorating piece. These trees do well with low light or bright indirect light. The soil should be kept moist.

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