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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Humpback Whales are still in Hawaii

A warm aloha to all our Hawaii visitors,
Happy to hear that you like your new Hawaiian T-shirt from Crazy Shirt and even bought several Hawaiian shirts for family and friends as an aloha gift from Hawaii. Believe me they will the shirts. Maybe you even bought a shirt with a Hawaiian humpback whale - or should I better say Alaskan humpback whale - on it, which is a favorite theme for T-shirt makes in Hawaii. Especially the kids love those.

What better experience is there to see the gentle ocean giants, not just on a Tshirt, but in true nature on a Hawaii vacation! It's amazing how many Humpback whales we spot recently and it's already middle of March, time to go home to their Alaskan cold waters. I have a feeling they are gathering for getting ready for their big journey home.

If you have never seen the Imax movie 'Whales', which includes the many dangerous encounters Humpback whales with their new babies are facing on this long trip from Hawaii to Alaska, do it next time you are near an Imax movie. It's a whale experience I will never forget.

Yes, the Humpback whales are everywhere around the Hawaiian islands at the moment. Beach visitors don't just pack towels, beach chairs and sun screen these days but a pair of binoculars belongs to beach equipment in Hawaii for many people as well. It's a funny thing to watch: as soon as one lifts his binoculars, everybody follows with pointing and screaming. Beach visitors get totally excited when seeing a pod of whales or 'just' a whale mama with her newborn calf.

The Humpback whales seem to enjoy the warm Hawaiian ocean waters just as we humans do. It's so much fun to watch the Humpback whales to splash their fluke, blow theirs spouts or even do a breach, the ultimate joy for us people, and I guess for the whales too. If we only could manage to get a photos of the whales! We bought a new fancier digital camera in order to catch more Hawaii photos for our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors, according to the motto 'A photo speaks a thousand words'.

But I tell you it's so hard to take a photo of a Humpback whale because you never have the camera ready when they suddenly start performing their 'magic tricks'. I admire everybody who has taken a decent Humpback whale photo from shore. I guess from a whale watch boat is somewhat easier but I have to admit I don't go on boats as I get terrible seasick. Well, if your belong to the lucky Hawaii vosotors or residents who have a great Humpback whale photo. please, share with our Hawaii blog visitors.
Mahalo for your photo and comment. Aloha Pua Hawaii Vacations
I can't believe my luck when I searched youtube for Humpback whale videos 2009 and found the one above from Paul Hugel Humpback Whales from The Frogman 2 charter boat in Maalaea Maui. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Mahalo Paul!

I was also totally captivated by the this story 'Whale watchers witness possible birth in Kohala' which was published yesterday in West Hawaii Today. Several Big Island residents claim they have witnessed a humpback whale give birth Tuesday morning! A Humpback whale story worthwhile reading!

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