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Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you looking for a Hawaiian Gift?

Not just any Hawaiian gift. A special Hawaiian gift better than Kona Coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts or a fancy T-shirt from Crazy shirt? OK , no need to look any further. We have this unique Hawaii gift for you, your family and friends, young and old!

We were excited to see that our recent post about 'Hawaii Vacation Deals April' found a lot of attention by our Best Hawaii vacation blog readers, Hawaii vacation rental owners and Hawaii visitors alike. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get the same huge response with this post about a gift of Aloha from Hawaii?

Before we share our Hawaiian gift idea with you, we want to let you know that we the editors of Best Hawaii Vacation blog don't claim to be 'unbiased' with our Hawaii vacation tips because we don't believe that there is such a thing like giving unbiased Hawaii vacation recommendation. When I see hotel specials advertised through code on certain Hawaii vacation blogs, then I know the blog owners get paid for it. Nothing wrong with that. That's totally legitimate but definitely not unbiased as claimed!

New Hawaii Stretch DVDBottom line: we are all biased to some degree when we blog about our favorite Hawaii places to visit, things to do in Hawaii or gifts to buy. well, here it is, my not so unbiased gift idea about a wonderful vacation gift from Hawaii. It's Keoki's new 'Hawaii Easy Stretch DVD - Body Mind Relaxation'! Keoki has been teaching his Easy Stretch routine in Hawaii for many years - is still teaching it today - and has been selling the Easy Stretch video at Hawaii Gift Shops, Health Food Stores and our Hawaii websites.

Now, for his 70th birthday his NEW 'Easy Stretch - Body Mind Relaxation DVD' is here. We, and the stretchers of his Easy Stretch class, love the new design and DVD format, which allows stretchers with the help of the menu to choose from DVD Menu options: Introduction, Stretching and/or Guided Relaxation to the sound of gentle Hawaii ocean waves.

In our hectic lives these days and the additional stress of the economic slowdown, don't we all want to be in Hawaii, relax our body and mind and feel our best? OK then, Keoki 'beam me up to Hawaii' with Easy Stretch DVD, the unique Hawaiian gift - better and cheaper than Kona coffee at $18.50 a DVD (free shipping) - which keeps you in touch with Hawaii and your body.

Keoki on his 70th Birthday
Stay in your best shape ever and 'rock' like Keoki who just turned 70. We love to hear from you with your comments about Hawaii Easy Stretch DVD as a gift for yourself, your friends or family. Happy Stretching with Keoki's Hawaii Stretch DVD. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations
Here is how you can buy Keoki's Hawaii Easy Stretch DVD NOW with your credit card through PayPal secure server. We will mail you the Stretch Video as soon as we receive your purchase order.

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