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Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitter about Hawaii Join Us

Dear Best Hawaii Vacation Blog visitors,
Yes, Twitter mania has reached us too. Who wants to miss out on its benefits? After decent reserach I noticed it's a great way to receive daily updates on Hawaii and share the valuable ones with you, our blog visitors interested in their best Hawaii vacation deals. The start is made. Within a short time of two days we got 27 followers, mainly from Hawaii related businesses like Hawaiian Airlines, which promise daily tweets about air line specials.

Admittedly, I don't intend with my Twitter account to compete with Ashton Kutcher and his record of over a million followers. To be honest I really don't see any sense in joining Britney Spears or Ashton Kutcher on Twitter like other blog visitors who proudly report when they receive their follow notice from Britney Spears or Ashton Kutcher. Guys, get down to earth again. Being followed by Ashton Kutcher on Twitter is not like winning the lottery neither is to twitter like Ashton Kutcher. Ashton probably pays somebody to do the twitter business for him anyways. Oh well that's the big difference of us to the celebrities.

Bottom line of this 'Twitter about Hawaii Join Us' post is that I'd like to invite anybody who has great Hawaii vacation and travel info to share with Best Hawaii Vacation blog to join me on twitter. I myself will not go overboard with tweets but you will find my daily Hawaii tweet on my side bar under the 'Follow me on Twitter' invitation. So, let's twitter! Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacation

Join my Hawaii Twitter Ohana
FYI: We had to take steps to ensure the copyright of our 'Best Hawaii Vacation' blog after several attempts made by blog owners to 'steal' entire posts, index page and photos for top search results in Google. Google took immediate action after we reported the fraud and removed the blogs violating copyright. Now with our copyright notice on the blog, we are able to take legal action against blog fraud.

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