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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Share your love for Hawaii with your Friends

Dear Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors,
After our recent visits to Kihei Maui 'Is Kihei a good place for a Maui Vacation?', we are ready to move on with more Hawaii blog posts enticing our visitors to plan their next Hawaii vacation, sooner or later. Actually, we'd recommend better sooner than later because Hawaii vacation rental hosts still make unbelievable special accommodation offers for fall months and so does Hawaiian Airline. Air fare rates + Hawaii vacation rental rates will go up for the busy holiday season 2009.

Let's get straight to our today's post 'Share your love for Hawaii with your friends'. I love to read Hawaii tweets from my Hawaiian friends. If I come across one which I feel is of special value for our Best Hawaii vacation blog visitors, I retweet it. My Hawaii tweet will be displayed on my blog side bar where all my recent Hawaii tweets show up with links to Twitter friends or Hawaii sites of interest.

One of my favorite Hawaiian sites is HawaiianRainbow.com I wrote about my friends in my post 'Hawaiian Music' and told our blog visitors how they can listen to Hawaiian music 24/7 for FREE. Just add this site to your favorites and whenever you are in the mood to get in the relaxed Hawaii mood, go visit Hawaiian Rainbow and click the link 'Listen to Hawaiian Music NOW'.

Close your eyes and get transported to the Hawaiian islands. Feel the warm Hawaiian ocean breeze and hum to your favorite Hawaiian songs. Best way of releasing stress through this special Hawaiian meditation! Not to forget to mention 'Keoki's Hawaii Easy Stretch Video', which also includes a guided relaxation to the sounds of gentle ocean waves!

Besides Hawaiian music, I love Hawaiian hula whether it's the lovely hula ladies of a hula halau like the ones on our Hawaii youtube video or the powerful warrior hula of the guys, hula is food for your soul and your spirit. So sit back and relax with this wonderful Hawaiian hula halau 'Hula Halau O Kamuela', Merrie Monarch 2009 Women Auana Winner - a treat for your ears, eyes and soul. Don't forget to share your love for Hawaii with your friends by telling them about the magic of Hawaiian music and Hawaiian hula. Aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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